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We are working, then returning home in caskets

President of Union of Construction Workers and Subcontractors speaks on the never-ending fatal work accidents.

Kıbrıs Postası

Transporting imaginary students to take hundreds of thousands of Lira

Kibris Postasi obtained inspection reports on school bus services and discovered that certain companies increased the numbers of students on forms and billed the Education Ministry.

  • Both Akinci and Cavusoglu issued statements ahead of two leaders’ meeting – Akinci: “We will not sit back and wait in the Eastern Mediterranean.” Cavusoglu: “The talks will only resume if the Greek Cypriot mindset changes.”
  • Company director and contractor company director arrested – Two directors arrested by police as a result of fatal construction site accident.


Additional taxes on tons of products

As a result of amendments made to the General Agriculture Insurance Fund, new taxes imposed on agricultural products, including chemical products, and processed products to generate more funds for the Insurance Fund.

  • Two leaders will meet on Tuesday, four months later – Akinci and Anastasiades to meet in the buffer zone.
  • Two arrested in fatal construction site accident – Construction owner and director of the contractor firm arrested as a result of fatal workplace accident.


State is guilty

TRNC breaking records in fatal workplace accidents with three dead in the first two months of the year. Provider of safety equipment to construction sites says: “State is guilty.”

  • “If there were to be another crisis, the value of foreign currencies would increase” – ICU Economy professor Hasan Rustemoglu spoke to Havadis regarding TRNC economy, energy policies and devaluation of TL.
  • Kizilyurek: “We are in ideological agreement with today’s AKEL” – EP candidate Niyazi Kizilyurek spoke about his candidacy on Havadis Web TV.  


Support to 4-party coalition

Talat says the coalition government is blessed with holy water when compared to previous UBP government.

  • Now stronger – Anastasiades, who met with the Saudi King, Emir of Kuwait, Lebanese Prime Minister and Palestinian President, returned to the island happy.
  • He lost all of it – Turkish Cypriot who tried to smuggle hundreds of bundles of wild asparagus to the South was caught by Greek Cypriot customs.


Employer arrested

Owner of construction firm and director of sub-contracting company arrested after worker’s death. Hotel construction halted.

  • Akıncı and Anastasiades are meeting – Leaders to come together for an unofficial meeting on Tuesday.

Main News

Clarity from Anastasiades could help Lute’s efforts

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Kıbrıs Postası, Havadis, Diyalog
Negotiations Process, Energy


President Mustafa Akinci said his expectation from Tuesday’s leaders’ meeting is to get clarification on Anastasiades’ proposal on decentralization. He expressed readiness to listen to the Greek Cypriot leader’s ideas and recommendations.

Akinci noted that the Greek Cypriot side had always objected to the idea of granting more powers to the constituent states, adding that “now the Greek Cypriot side has come closer to the Turkish Cypriot side’s position on governance”.

Tuesday’s meeting cannot be perceived as the resumption of talks, he stressed, reminding that efforts to find a common basis between the sides are still underway.

However, a clear-cut attitude by Anastasiades could actually assist Jane Holl Lute’s efforts, he said.

Akinci said he did not expect any development in the Cyprus talks before June 2019 due to external factors.

He reiterated that political equality and a rotating presidency must be included in any federal solution with stronger constituent states.

Asked about hydrocarbons, Akinci said, despite the Turkish Cypriot side’s calls for collaboration, the Greek Cypriot side continued unilateral activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.

As a result, the Turkish Cypriot side will carry out its drilling on the basis of its rights in areas licensed to Turkish Petroleum (TPAO).

Akinci and Anastasiades are scheduled to meet at 10:30am on Tuesday at the official residence of the UN SRSG Elizabeth Spehar in the buffer zone.

>> Expecting clarification from Anastasiades on his decentralization views, which if clear could assist Lute’s efforts to find common ground for talks.
>> Tuesday’s meeting not to be perceived as the resumption of talks.
>> Political equality & rotating presidency must be included in any federal solution.
>> Not expecting development in peace talks before June 2019 due to external factors.
>> TC side will drill in Eastern Med in areas licensed to TPAO in response to GC unilateral activities.

Ergun Olgun: “Negotiations without hydrocarbons is simply beating the air”

Kıbrıs Postası
Negotiations Process, Energy


Former negotiator Ergun Olgun said developments in the hydrocarbons issue have surpassed the negotiations process, overshadowing the talks. Olgun added it was not possible for the sides to act on their own on the hydrocarbons issue and at the same time maintain a joint goal of partnership.

Therefore, an agreement between the two sides on the hydrocarbons was vital for the successful completion of the negotiations process, he said.

Highlighting that Cyprus is at a critical juncture, Olgun said the steps to be taken on hydrocarbons will determine the outcome of the negotiations process. As a result, Olgun concluded, “any negotiations process without hydrocarbons is nothing but beating the air”.

Asked about decentralization, Olgun said the Turkish Cypriot side should reject the proposals because they undermine the two constituent (founding) states principle.

>> Hydrocarbons must be included in the negotiations.
>> Sides cannot act unilaterally on hydrocarbons & maintain joint partnership goal.
>> Agreement on hydrocarbons vital for successful completion of negotiations.
>> TC side should reject proposals on decentralisation because they undermine two constituent states principle.

Tatar claims no consensus within government on Cyprob

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Kıbrıs Postası, Havadis, Diyalog
Negotiations Process


Main opposition National Unity Party (UBP) leader Ersin Tatar claimed on Monday there was no consensus on the Cyprus Problem either within parliament or the coalition government. He noted that even the foreign minister voiced different views on the issue.

Addressing parliament, Tatar said that a significant number of MPs supported a two-state solution in Cyprus. The UBP leader also questioned which political group Niyazi Kizilyurek’s candidacy in the European Parliament elections represented.

Reminding that Kizilyurek was AKEL’s candidate, Tatar criticised the fact that district heads of a party (Republican Turkish Party) in the TRNC were campaigning with Kizilyurek.

On the Cyprus negotiations, Tatar slammed President Akıncı, stating that he had no right to drag the public into a new process.

Tatar (UBP)
>> No consensus within parliament or government on Cyprob.
>> Significant number of MPs support a two-state solution.
>> Akinci has no right to drag TC community into a new talks process.

Cavusoglu says Greek Cypriot mentality needs to change

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Kıbrıs Postası, Havadis, Diyalog
Negotiations Process


Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says Greek Cypriots have difficulty coming to terms with the political equality of Turkish Cypriots, who have been suffering under unjust embargoes.

Speaking at the 40th Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Cavusoglu said that the Greek Cypriots’ understanding of a solution was integrating Turkish Cypriots as an ethnic minority within their current state. He added that a new negotiations process could only begin in Cyprus after this mentality changed.

>> Greek Cypriots struggle to accept TCs’ political equality.
>> TCs are suffering under unjust embargoes.
>> GC understanding of solution is to integrate TCs as ethnic minority in their own state.
>> New process cannot start before GCS change their mentality.

Bicommunal Famagusta Initiative calls on leaders to be constructive

Yenidüzen, Havadis
Negotiations Process


The Bicommunal Famagusta Initiative (BFI) has called on the two leaders, Mustafa Akinci and Nicos Anastasiades, to be constructive and take concrete steps when they meet on Tuesday.

In a written statement, the Initiative said that the two communities, as well as the international community, have grown tired of the status quo.

All aspects of the Cyprus Problem have been negotiated while the parameters of a settlement were clearly affirmed in UN documents, said the BFI. The only thing missing is the political will and determination of the two leaders, it added.

 The expectation of all circles in support of a federal settlement from Tuesday’s meeting is for the two leaders to show the necessary will and desire for the solution of the Cyprus Problem, added the Initiative.

The time has come for the two leaders to show that the two communities could have a common future on the island. Determined and constructive steps need to be taken on issues which constitute obstacles to a solution, such as political equality, guarantees, security and territory, said the BFI.

The Initiative also said that it expected the two leaders to produce new decisions that would contribute to building confidence and trust between the two communities, whether they be new crossing points, mobile phone interoperability, integration of the two electricity grids or the opening of Varosha to experts.

>> Two leaders should take concrete & constructive steps towards a solution, particularly on thorny issues like political equality, territory, security & guarantees.
>> Only need political will & determination to reach agreement since all aspects have been negotiated & parameters confirmed by the UN.
>> Leaders should show that communities have a common future on the island.
>> Leaders should take decisions aimed at building confidence & trust, e.g. on new crossing points, mobile phone interoperability, electricity grid integration or allowing experts into Varosha.

UniteCyprusNow expects concrete decisions

Negotiations Process, CBMs


UniteCyprusNow (UCN) calls on the two leaders to take concrete decisions when they meet on Tuesday, towards restarting negotiations and implementing confidence-building measures (CBMs).

In a statement, UCN said the terms of reference should be finalized without further delay, based on the agreements and convergences reached between the two sides until now, as well as the 30 June Guterres Framework.

The civil society movement said the two leaders should also implement the CBMs on mobile phones and electricity without further delay.

UCN stated that Tuesday’s meeting is a great opportunity to demonstrate true leadership and seriously reengage in the peace process.

UCN reiterated that poll after poll demonstrates that Cypriots on both sides of the island want an end to the division, which is becoming more entrenched and unsafe each passing day.

>> Calls on leaders to finalise Terms of Reference so as to restart talks & implement CBMs (mobile phone & electricity) without further delay.

Kizilyurek: “We are in ideological agreement with today’s AKEL”

EU Matters


European Parliament (EP) candidate Niyazi Kizilyurek said it is very important that AKEL, for the very first time, is putting forward a non-member as a candidate, adding that AKEL is very well prepared for the EP elections.

He said since there was no progress in the Cyprus problem and the island was divided ethnically, his candidacy as a Turkish Cypriot on AKEL’s roster was important, appealing to voters from both communities.

Asked about criticism of his candidacy, Kizilyurek said the initial reaction was due to not knowing accurately the EP formation. The two seats are allocated for the Turkish Cypriot constituent state, therefore, any European citizen living in the north could run as a candidate for these seats. EP elections are based on citizenship and residency. Kizilyurek added that the EP election goes beyond a show of support for him, it is a meaningful event for an isolated community to express its voice in such a platform.

Kizilyurek said the Turkish Cypriot community has been living without a state since 1963 and now is faced with problems of legitimacy, thus becoming the greatest victim of the Cyprus problem.

Over the years, the Turkish Cypriot community has lost its capacity of being an ‘actor’ and has become a community that is weakening by the day. This is due to the dependency issue the Turkish Cypriot community faces today. It is not able to self-govern, does not have its own economy and as a result, the community will eventually lose its position of being an actor.

The driving force behind the Turkish Cypriot community’s efforts to end the Cyprus problem and status quo with a lasting peace is the goal to increase the Turkish Cypriots’ capacity of being an actor, he said.

>> His candidacy with AKEL appeals to voters from both communities.
>> It is based on European citizenship & residency, not ethnicity.
>> As an isolated community, TCs must express their voice at a platform like the EP.
>> TCs without a state since 1963, facing legitimacy problems which make them the greatest victims of the Cyprus problem.
>> TCs losing capacity as an ‘actor’ since not able to self-govern or have own economy.  
>> Effort to end status quo is effort to increase TC ‘actorness’.  

Greek Cypriot customs seize ‘contraband’ wild asparagus

Yenidüzen, Kibris, Kibris Postasi, Havadis, Diyalog
Internal Security


Greek Cypriot customs officers seized 435 bundles of wild asparagus on Monday morning at the Metehan (Ayios Dhometios) crossing point hidden in the trunk, between the seats and next to the engine of a car belonging to a Turkish Cypriot.

The Turkish Cypriot driver paid a hefty penalty fee for trying to smuggle the wild asparagus in his car and handed over the bundles to Greek Cypriot customs officials. Some papers mocked the incident saying that the Turkish Cypriot driver had caught the eye of Greek Cypriot customs officers after overloading his car. The Greek Cypriot media reported the incident as “They came from the occupied areas with a car loaded with wild asparagus”.

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