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Capital shook by murder

They followed him, set an ambush and fired six shots. Well known foreign exchange office owner Gökhan Naim was gunned down in front of his house in Ortaköy (Ortakeuy) last night. He was rushed to hospital but succumbed to his injuries. The murder or murderers fled the scene.

Kıbrıs Postası

Big farewell to Küçük

Former leader of National Unity Party (UBP) and Prime Minister Küçük laid to his eternal rest.

  • Gesfi exchange office owner Naim shot to death – Gökhan Naim was killed with four bullets just outside his home in Nicosia.


Murder in Nicosia

Gökhan Naim, owner of Gesfi Exchange, died as a result of armed attack outside his home.

  • Gargınsu’s daughter also arrested – Gargınsu’s daughter Simge Alıcı also arrested by police.
  • Concern over restricting freedoms grow – Akıncı urged the authorities to take growing concern among the people into consideration.


Execution in the middle of the street

Gesfi Exchange office owner Gökhan Naim shot to death. The assassin got into a car and fled.

  • Mother-daughter in jail – Simge Alıcı, daughter of Bengül Gargınsu, surrendered to police on Wednesday.
  • Funeral held for İrsen Küçük – Küçük laid to his eternal rest with a state ceremony.


Bloody robbery

Owner of Gesfi foreign exchange office was gunned down and killed in front of his house. Masked gunmen ran off with 250,000 pounds.

  • Violence and robbery rank first – Rising crime rate in South Cyprus causing concern.



Owner of Gesfi foreign exchange office located next door to our newspaper, 52-year-old Gökhan Naim was gunned down and killed in front of his home yesterday evening. The attackers fired four shots at Naim, hitting him in the neck, chest and arm. The gunman also fired two shots at his wife, who rushed outside, but missed.

Main News

Tatar: UN fails to understand Turkish Cypriots

Kıbrıs Postası
Negotiations Process


Main opposition National Unity Party (UBP) leader Ersin Tatar accused President Mustafa Akıncı of refusing to be in harmony with UBP and Turkey, who both insist on tabling alternatives in the negotiations instead of a federation.

Speaking at a district meeting in Nicosia on Wednesday, Tatar said both Turkey and UBP wants the United Nations to show the Turkish Cypriots, who are the victims of the Cyprus problem, a way out but the UN does not want to understand the Turkish Cypriots.

Tatar added: “If only the UN were to try to understand the Turkish Cypriots as much as they understand the Greek Cypriots.”

Tatar (UBP)
Akıncı refuses to be in line with Turkey and UBP, who both want to table alternatives to federation in the negotiations.
>> UN does not show a way out for TCs, who are the victims of the Cyprob.
>> UN takes sides with the GCs and makes no effort to understand the TCs.

Arrest over book continues to stir reactions

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs Postası, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Afrika
Human Rights, Regional/International relations, Internal Security


The arrest of senior Republican Turkish Party (CTP) member Bengül Gargınsu on charges of being in possession of a book belonging to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) continues to draw reactions and statements from different circles in North Cyprus.  

President Mustafa Akıncı in a statement on Thursday reminded that a list of prohibited books did not exist in the North.

Attempts to directly link terrorism and book reading would have a negative impact on the community’s perception of freedoms, he said.

Akıncı urged the government and the state to refrain from actions that will cast a shadow over freedoms and democracy in the country while fighting against terrorism.

He pointed out that the Turkish Cypriot community adheres to universal concepts of democracy, freedoms and human rights.

Akıncı advised the authorities to work towards increasing freedoms rather than restricting them, warning that violence thrives in repressive and authoritarian environments.

He also said the authorities must be guided in their legislative process by the universal principles of human rights.

The pro-solution and reunification movement Unite Cyprus Now (UCN) also expressed its concerns over the arrest of Gargınsu for the possession of a prohibited book. In a statement on Thursday, UCN stressed the arrest created a dangerous precedent linking book ownership with terrorism.

UCN said it perceives the arrest as an attempt by Turkey to directly interfere with Turkish Cypriot democracy, adding that the status quo was no longer secure.

“As ‘talks about talks’ drag on, and ‘new models’ are openly or covertly put forward, we are slipping quietly, but inexorably, into a de-facto hard border with Turkey on Ledra Street. This means a more insecure future for all of us and especially for our children,” the statement read.

UCN also urged Cypriots to unite now as the future bears more threats for Turkish Cypriots than ever.

The General Secretary of the Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Union (KTÖS) Şener Elcil condemned the arrest in a written statement.

He described the arrest as a blatant violation of human rights and democracy, adding that the government’s weak reaction and helpless statements proved that the North was, in fact, Turkey’s colony.

Elcil also said that they will be taking the matter to international platforms.

The Trade Unions Platform also condemned the arrest and announced it will be staging a protest on Thursday in front of the court where Gargınsu’s hearing will take place.

The platform said that attempts were being made to actively implement the restrictive and undemocratic mentality of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) in North Cyprus.

Speaking to Yenidüzen, Gargınsu’s father Seyidi Alıcı claimed that her daughter was the victim of her Kurdish identity.

He said her daughter was innocent and that her treatment was unacceptable.

Meanwhile, Havadis and Kıbrıs report that the daughter of Gargınsu, Simge Alıcı surrendered to the police on Wednesday. Police had launched an investigation into graffiti on billboards on Mehmet Akif (Shakespeare) Avenue with the slogan ‘Leyla Güven 121 Days’ written on them.

Police, based on reasonable suspicion of Alıcı’s involvement, obtained a search warrant to search her home to find books and other materials promoting the PKK organisation. Police then detained Gargınsu and continued its search for Alıcı. Gargınsu and Alıcı will appear before court on Thursday.

Linking book reading and terrorism negatively alters public’s perception of freedoms.
>> Urged authorities to adhere to universal principles of human rights.
>> Violence thrives in a repressive and authoritarian environment.

>> Gargınsu’s arrest sets dangerous precedent linking book ownership with terrorism.
>> Arrest an attempt by Turkey to directly interfere with TC democracy.
>> Status quo no longer secure. Fruitless talks only serving to create hard border with Turkey on Ledra Street.
>> Cypriots should unite now in face of growing future threats for TCs.

Arrest a blatant violation of human rights and democracy.

>> Attempts being made to implement AKP’s undemocratic mentality in North.

EP approves report calling on EU to suspend negotiations with Turkey

Yeniduzen, Diyalog, Afrika
EU Matters, Regional/International Relations


The European Parliament (EP) approved on Wednesday a report proposing for the European Union (EU) to suspend accession negotiations with Turkey. According to Turkish news sources, the non-binding advisory report prepared by Dutch MEP Kati Piri was approved by the majority of MEPs.

A total of 370 lawmakers voted in favour, 109 against, and 143 abstained.

The non-binding advisory report drew reactions from Turkey, particularly on the Cyprus Issue.  

The Turkish press stated that the report, as in previous years, reflected mainly the positions of Greece and the Greek Cypriot side.

It criticised Ankara’s policies towards the Greek Cypriot side and called on Turkey to withdraw its troops from the island.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry rejected the recommendation, which is not legally binding, stating: “It is not possible for us to attribute any value to the one-sided and non-objective approach adopted by the European Parliament.”

“Turkey expects the new European Parliament, to be formed after the elections in May, will adopt a constructive approach to Turkey-EU relations in the upcoming period, take qualified and objective decisions and boost Turkey’s EU integration process,” the ministry added.

Turkish MFA
Report reflects views of Greece & GC side.
Not possible to attribute value to the one-sided approach adopted by EP.
>> Turkey expects new EP to adopt constructive approach to Turkey-EU relations.

15 Syrian nationals detained at Famagusta Port

Kıbrıs Postası, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog
Migration & Citizenship, Human Rights


A total of 15 Syrians (two women, 13 men) were detained at Famagusta Port. The migrants were hiding in a semi-trailer loaded with bricks. They had arrived on the island on board a freight ship named “Via Famagusta”.

Police detained the 15 Syrians and arrested the semi-trailer’s two drivers as well as two other individuals, who attempted to pass them through customs.