TCC Press Review 1 Apr 2019

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Suspicion of murder

The suspicious death of 47-year-old Alayköy (Yerolakkos) resident Hacer Ulaş, who was found lying in the living room of their home by her 18-year old daughter, has brought grief to the village.

  • When the waters recede – Residents of Taşkent (Vouno) try to dress their wounds following the flood disaster.

Kıbrıs Postası

Ankara and Istanbul changed hands but the ruling party got the same votes

Local elections in Turkey held on Sunday. People’s Alliance received 51.74% of the votes and the Nation’s Alliance 37.64%. Even though the metropolitan mayors in Istanbul and Ankara changed, the ruling party alliance received the same amount of votes compared to previous elections.

  • The process of saving Cyprus from the colonialists not over yet – Özersay defined the 1960 partnership state as a forced marriage of two in a speech given during a conference entitled, “Last 50 years in the Turkey-UK-TRNC triangle.”


Mother of two murdered?

46-year-old Hacer Ulaş found dead in her home in Alayköy (Yerolakkos). Police classified the death of Ulaş as suspicious and launched a murder investigation.

  • Election results stuck in Istanbul – Both People’s Alliance candidate Yıldırım and Nation’s Alliance İmmaoğlu declared victory but the counting of votes continues. 


Mystery death

46-year-old Hacer Ulaş found dead in her home in Alayköy (Yerolakkos). Police keep all possibilities in mind while her family members cry murder.

  • Local shock to Erdoğan – Even though the winner in Istanbul not yet known, Erdoğan and People’s Alliance lost all major cities in Turkey.
  • We want to live together – There are also Turkish Cypriots awaiting the Maronite Initiative allowing them to return to their villages.


Does this country not have any engineers?

Mukhtar of Taşkent (Vouno) expressed outrage after 28 homes were damaged due to heavy rains, blaming authorities for splitting a nearby lake by building a road across it.


Istanbul cheat. 48.71% (Yıldırım) 48.65% (İmamoğlu)

AKP (Justice and Reform Party), which received a heavy blow from the people in yesterday’s local elections despite all the pressures, locked the election in Istanbul. Vote counting continued late into the night. News stopped coming in, particularly from Istanbul, around 11 pm. The number of ballot boxes opened was 98.8% and the gap between the AKP’s candidate Binali Yıldırım and Peoples’ Republican Party candidate (CHP) Ekram İmamoğlu was extremely narrow. It was just at that moment that Binali Yıldırım, without waiting for the High Election Council, announced he had won. Shortly afterwards, CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu came out and announced they had won.  

Main News

We want to live together again

Human Rights, Migration & Citizenship, Property, Territory


The Gürpınar (Agia Marina) Association of Solidarity is working hard with its 15 members to contribute to the return of Maronites back to their villages also known as the “Maronite Initiative”.

Mehmet Hoca, president of the Association, said he wants to return to his village to die there one day.

He said the move was not going as planned because these villages were located within military zones.

The military officials have done their part and it is the government which is delaying the process, Hoca said, who added that the process had come to a standstill because the government was unable to allocate the necessary funds.

Hoca emphasized the unique characteristic of the former residents of his village, noting that both Muslims and Christians lived together back then. He added that Turkish Cypriots and Maronites are relatives; they are related to each other by blood.

Mete Hatay, a well-known scholar on the Maronite community emphasized that the Maronite Initiative has halted due to Foreign Minister Özersay’s desire not to upset or agitate right-wing voters.

Hatay noted that removing small-sized military facilities from the Maronite villages would not require much effort nor were there any concerns or disputes regarding property ownership.

He said the Maronite Initiative is an extremely important move in terms of human rights because it is unlikely that all the Maronites living in the south would want to return back to their villages.

Cyprus not freed itself from colonialism

Kıbrıs Postası
Negotiations Process


Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay highlighted that the Cyprus problem, from an academic’s point of view, was a frozen conflict but that it carried different meanings for each person. He added at the same time, the Cyprus problem is an ethnic conflict and an international problem.

Özersay defined the 1960 partnership state as a forced marriage of two in a speech given during a conference, entitled “Last 50 years in the Turkey-UK-TRNC triangle.” He added the 1960 partnership state was not adequate to rescue the islanders from the colonial regime because the right for the two communities to define their future was not included. The right of self-determination has become a prohibited act.

As a result, Özersay noted the partnership state was a forced marriage with no-entry streets to it meaning Cyprus has failed to free itself from colonial rule. 

He has spent one third of his life in the negotiations processes and had been a victim of the Cyprus conflict since he was six-months-old, said Özersay.

>> Cyprus Problem a frozen conflict, ethnic conflict and international problem.
>> 1960 partnership was a forced marriage which was not adequate to rescue islanders from colonial regime because it did not recognize the right of self-determination.