GCC Press Review 13 May 2019

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The three steps for sanctions against Turkey

The report on its accession path is of crucial importance. We want to solve the issue of the East Med through dialogue, declares Erdogan. Turkey escalates rhetoric bringing back the issue of Eastern Aegean.


(Turkey) escalates the tension

Turkey is pressing through disputes and challenges in the EEZ of Cyprus and the Aegean. It is being treated with apathy and continues playing the same tune.

  • Katy (Clerides) criticises the Presidential Palace and Pindaros Street (DISY HQ)


They refuse loans to small and medium-sized businesses

The strategy of banks includes loans of millions to very large companies but also putting the breaks to applications for the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the data, in the first quarter of 2019, banks provided a total of €441.5 million in new loans to large customers. At the same time however they restricted new loans of less than €1 million euros each.

  • Efforts to end Turkish provocation
  • Cyprob, Federation and international experience – Canada’s special envoy to the EU Stephane Dion shared the Canadian federal experience with GC and TC journalists.
  • Changes in schools for migrant children


Diplomatic counter attack

Moves on multiple levels against illegal Turkish actions. The sea’s calm waters of the last few days does not put at ease Nicosia which estimates that Turkish plans will carry on regardless.

  • Turkey shifts tension to the Aegean – (Turkey) shakes the finger also at Greece.
  • Katy Clerides: She sets herself apart on Kizilyurek
  • Education Ministry: ELAM has misled on the jackets

Main News

Nicosia continues diplomatic efforts for sanctions against Turkey

Phileleftheros, Politis
Energy, Regional/International Relations, EU Matters


Nicosia continues with efforts to inform its EU partners and seek measures against Turkey which persists in escalating tension in the region, the papers report.

In addition to the president’s intervention last week at the informal European Council in Romania, Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides is to inform his EU counterparts in Brussels this week on Turkish provocations.

Politis, citing high-ranking EU sources, reports that the EU will show its support to Cyprus on the matter in three moves within June in the form of sanctions against Turkey.

The first step is the release of the EU Commission’s report on Turkey’s accession course on June 5, which is of crucial importance since everything indicates that there will be a reference to Turkey’s stance. The report will be taken into consideration by the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council which will discuss the report on June 17 and prepare the texts for the European Council summit that will take place a few days later.

In any case, at the diplomatic level, the support of the other 27 EU countries and of the European Commission should be considered to be strong, Politis reported.

Phileleftheros reports Nicosia will focus this week on its EU partners as Christodoulides will inform his counterparts on developments in the region and on Turkish provocations.

Defence Minister Savvas Angelides is expected to do the same during a meeting in Brussels with his EU counterparts, the daily said.

According to the paper, Turkey wants to achieve different goals through her actions not only within the Cypriot EEZ but more broadly in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. The questioning of the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus is only the first step in a series of actions that began a few days ago. Yesterday, Turkey took another step by questioning the sovereign rights of Greece and through an announcement of the Turkish foreign ministry that attempts to turn the entire eastern Aegean into a grey area by demanding NATO stops using the islands of the Eastern Aegean for any activity, Phileleftheros reported.

DISY founder’s daughter disagrees with ruling party’s stance on Kizilyurek candidacy

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
EU Matters, Negotiations Process


The daughter of the late Glafcos Clerides, former President and founder of DISY, Katy Clerides said she did not agree with the ruling party’s positions on the candidacy of TC academician Niyazi Kizilyurek, the papers report.

In a written statement, Clerides said if Kizilyurek, who runs on an AKEL ticket, was an independent candidate, she would vote for him. Clerides also said that the patriotism of Niyazi Kizilyurek cannot be questioned and in the event he is elected in the European Parliament, it will be for the benefit of all Cypriots.

Clerides also talked about an increase in groundless discussion during the last few days about Kizilyurek’s candidacy, noting that she felt the need to say she did not agree with the positions of the ruling party.

“Mr Kizilyurek’s patriotism and his love for the whole of Cyprus cannot be questioned by those who have read his books,” she said.

Clerides urged everyone to read one of Kizilyurek’s books, the Course of a Country, in which he included a long discussion he had had with Glafcos Clerides on the Cyprus problem and the reunification of the country.

She said since she does not vote for AKEL, she will vote for the two DISY candidates she believes “have understood the policy of Glafcos Clerides on the Cyprus issue and if they are elected, they will continue to work in that spirit.”