GCC Press Review 10 Jun 2019

Front Page Headlines


DISY reshuffling through the cabinet

(Meeting of the DISY) Extended political office to address complaints. DISY is looking forward to the empowerment of its parliamentary group through the autumn reshuffle. At least two ministers will find themselves outside the government, two other government officials will certainly be used in other posts.

  • The letter sent to users (of TC property) is criminal (offence) – Strong reaction by the interior ministry over TC landowner in Dromolaxia. Disturbing refugees was unacceptable the Guardian (of TC properties) said.
  • Relaxations by the National Guard on part-time (bill to allow NG officers to have other, part-time jobs)


Critical week for DISY-President of the Republic

The European elections and their side effects on the party are being discussed today by the political office. Anastasiades will be in Malta on Friday seeking sanctions (against Turkey).

  • The Turks are getting ready for drillings – Fatih and Yavuz are on their way.
  • They opened the discussion for 2023 (AKEL-DISY spat on the next presidential elections)


Immediate support for hospitals

Beyond any positives, the introduction of the National Health Scheme has laid public hospitals bare. The standing problems for which doctors and nurses have been complaining have come to the surface even more intensely 10 days after the system is in operation. The walkout of doctors from the already understaffed state hospitals causes headaches.

  • Turkish provocations on the drillings
  • We must overcome the language barrier (article on the Association for Bilingualism)
  • AKEL’s priority is the right policies to save the country from the occupation and partition
  • Energy and Cyprob at the meeting today the FMs of Cyprus and Slovakia


What went wrong?

Today the critical special meeting of the extended DISY political office on the (Euro) elections results. Criticism focuses primarily on the way things have been handled and not toward the leadership itself. (DISY leader) Averof Neophytou appears ready and willing to listen and correct things and situations.

  • Turkey is not happy with the agreement on proceeds from ‘Aphrodite’
  • Police officers-bullies intimidate citizens at crossings

Main News

Slovakia reaffirms support on Cyprob and bi-communal dialogue

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros
Energy, Regional/International Relations, Negotiations Process


The papers report on an interview of Slovakia’s Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak with the Cyprus News Agency, ahead of his meeting with his Cypriot counterpart Nikos Christodoulides on Monday. He is on the island on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the bi-communal meetings of the GC and TC political parties under the auspices of Slovak diplomacy.
The Slovakian minister said that his country’s position concerning Turkish actions in Cyprus’ EEZ is in line with EU calls to Ankara to abort plans for offshore drilling operations.

He expressed hope that relations between the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey would soon normalise since this is a precondition to re-launching peace negotiations.

The minister also said there is no alternative to the bi-zonal bi-communal federation, expressing the assessment that a solution along those lines is within reach.
As regards UNFICYP, Lajcak said that Slovakia strongly supports further strengthening of UN peacekeeping operations and said his country will remain involved in UNFICYP for as long as it is necessary. He also said he does not expect another major re-configuration of UNFICYP in the near future but that the relevant decisions remain with the UN Security Council and will be fully respected.
Lajcak said that the bi-communal dialogue is almost the only communication channel between people in divided Cyprus and gave reassurances that the Slovak Republic is ready to continue playing its role as an honest broker and an impartial mediator.

Assessing his country’s engagement in facilitating bi-communal dialogue on the island for the past 30 years, the minister said Slovakia has always stood in solidarity with Cyprus, with regard to the Cyprus issue.

“We have been involved for 30 years in the bi-communal dialogue between GC and TC political parties. The Slovak peacekeeping forces have been active in the UNFICYP mission for 18 years. This engagement reflects our deep interest to create peaceful and constructive platform for Cypriots, to give both sides a fair opportunity and room for exchange of their views and positions on the Cyprus problem” he said. 

He also stressed the need to maintain ownership of the peace process among Cypriots and make decisions about the future, without external interferences. It is necessary to invest in a new generation by raising and educating young people to humanity, respect, tolerance, mutual understanding and reconciliation in order to prevent new conflicts, he said.

Slovakia has the same position on Turkish actions in Cyprus’ EEZ at that of the EU which calls on Ankara to cease any plans for drilling operations.
>> Believes there is no alternative to a BBF solution & that it is not impossible to get there. Hopes relations between RoC and Turkey would soon normalise since this is a precondition for talks to resume.
>> Does not expect major changes in UNFICYP although the decision lies with the UNSC. Slovakia will continue to be involved in UNFICYP as long as it is needed.
>> Pledges Slovakia’s continuous support as an honest and impartial broker in encouraging bi-communal dialogue which is perhaps the only way for GCs and TCs to communicate across the divide.
>> Slovakia’s support for bi-communal dialogue between parties and support to UNFICYP is proof of the country’s deep interest to create peaceful and constructive platform for Cypriots, to give both sides a fair opportunity and room for exchange of their views and positions on the Cyprob.
>> It is important for Cypriots to maintain ownership of the peace process and make decisions about the future, without external interferences.
>> Investing in the new generation by teaching them humanity, respect, tolerance, mutual understanding and reconciliation would prevent new conflicts.

TC man claims 22 refugee estate houses built on his land in Dromolaxia

Property, Human Rights


The interior ministry, as the Guardian of TC properties, said it was unacceptable that a TC owner of land in Dromolaxia asked refugees to pay him for living on his land, the paper reported.

The Guardian was to issue a statement on the matter on Monday.

 According to the daily, GCs renting 22 refugee residences built in Dromolaxia, received at the end of May a letter by a GC lawyer on behalf of a TC man named as Ibrahim Ramadan, asking them to pay his client money so that he would transfer them the title deeds to the homes they now rent from the Guardian, since they are built on a plot he owns.

The letter said that the TC owner does not recognise the custodianship of the Guardian over his property while the rent agreements they signed are illegal, since the state had no such right, the paper reported.

The interior ministry is handling the case in question, the daily reported.

It said this is the second such case the ministry has handled since December 2017 when 52 residents of the Pano Polemidia refugee estate received similar letters. A court case is underway concerning this case but the interior minister had said in January 2018 that there was no reason for concern, the paper reported.

The ministry had said at the time that according to the law there can be no transaction for properties that are under the supervision of the Guardian without its approval.