GCC Press Review 15 July 2019

Front Page Headlines


Upgrade of buses at 40 per cent increased cost

The provisions of the new agreements on passenger transport approved by the cabinet. Green light for a European tender competition within July. At the moment, there is no issue of extending current problematic agreements.

  • It is headed for unanimous rejection – Akinci’s proposal tomorrow at the Leaders’ Council. (FM Nikos) Christodoulides is briefing his counterparts.
  • Makarios’ manuscript – July 15 (1974) documents.


On Ankara’s orders

Akinci torpedoes Lute’s new effort on the instructions of the Turkish foreign ministry. The president seeks unanimous reaction by the political leadership.

  • The US is preparing measures against Turkey over the S-400 – They agreed on a sanctions package.
  • The ominous day of the betrayal (1974 coup) – The orders that ‘executed’ Cyprus. The code: “Alexandros has entered the hospital”. The codified messages and the conspirators’ ‘safe communication’.  The target was Makarios and delivering the island to Turkey.


The Cyprob hourglass is running out

After decades of talks, we all know where one side can meet the other, with what compromises we can live and with which we cannot, the AKEL General Secretary says and stresses that all those who deal with the Cyprus problem know that where there is real political will, solutions also exist. Recalls significant and applicable convergences.

  • Day of memory and due honour – Event today in Dhali.
  • ‘Dug up skies’ (theatre play) by Aristokyprio (cultural group) in memoriam Demetris Christofias
  • The US has agreed to sanctions against Turkey according to Bloomberg


Akinci’s proposal is rejected

Assessment by the Presidential Palace: The Turks went forth with this sudden move because they want to kill Lute’s initiative for the resumption of talks and for the Anastasiades-Akinci dialogue to be only on natural gas issue. Cavusoglu: If you do not accept Akinci’s proposal, we will continue drillings.

  • Black day: 15/7/974: 45 years after the treasonous coup
  • The hellish trip on the ‘Resistance Bus’ – Two survivors narrate.
  • The natural gas reserves we found or will find is the worst curse (opinion piece)
  • US vs Turkey: Sanctions over the S-400 are ready

Main News

Political leadership expected to unanimously reject Akinci proposal

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Energy, Negotiations Process, EU Matters


According to all the papers the government will reject the proposal by TC leader Mustafa Akinci on a joint committee on hydrocarbons submitted through the UN on Saturday.

The move is deemed as a ploy by Turkey to sabotage the new round of consultations by Jane Holl Lute and cornering the GC side to agree to discuss with Akinci only the natural gas issue, papers report.

According to the papers, President Nicos Anastasiades has called for an extraordinary meeting of the Leaders’ Council, taking place on Tuesday, to discuss the matter. Nicosia will take a formal stance on Akinci’s proposal after the meeting of the political party leaders.

Citing sources, the papers reported that the proposal will be unanimously rejected by all political leaders.

Phileleftheros, citing diplomatic sources, reported that Akinci, who is torpedoing Lute’s new effort before it even started, has submitted the same proposal submitted by former TC leader Dervish Eroglu in 2011 which was rejected at the time by the then President Demetris Christofias.

The move by the TC leader comes after the announcement on the new visit by Lute to the island, the daily reports, adding that it is obvious that the submission of the proposal was on Ankara’s orders that is under pressure at the moment also by the EU and the international factor on her illegal actions in the Cypriot EEZ.

The papers also report that Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides will brief his EU counterparts on the latest developments.  

Politis reports that the government considers that the proposal came directly from Ankara, with the Turkish Foreign Minister warning yesterday Turkey would continue to drill for natural gas in the Cyprus sea area if the GCs did not accept it.

The proposal is expected to be rejected unanimously by the National Council, the daily reports.

Haravgi reports that AKEL leader Andros Kyprianou said that the proposal cannot be accepted as is, but that TCs should be reassured over their concerns.

 EDEK said that acceptance of the Akinci proposal will be a serious slip that will strengthen Turkey’s policy and the occupation regime.

According to the Greens’ leadr Giorgos Perdikis, Akinci’s proposal is a distraction move.

With this proposal, Akinci is trying to disorient the international community, which has started, even timidly to condemn Turkish actions in Cyprus’ EEZ.

Cavusoglu (Turkey)
Warns that if the GCs do not accept proposal for joint hydrocarbons committee, Turkey will continue drilling for natural gas off Cyprus.

Kyprianou (AKEL)
Akinci’s proposal cannot be accepted as is, but at the same time TCs should be reassured over their concerns on their rights on hydrocarbons.

Acceptance of the Akinci proposal will strengthen Turkey’s policy and the occupation regime.

Perdikis (Greens)
Believes the proposal is aimed at turning attention away from Turkey’s actions in the Cypriot EEZ after the international community has started to condemn Turkish actions even in a lukewarm manner.

GC papers mark July 15, 1974 coup anniversary

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Negotiations Process, Human Rights


The dailies host a number of articles on Monday to mark the 45th anniversary since the coup by the Greek junta against President Makarios.

These include narrations by resistance fighters, excerpts from the Cyprus File published by the parliament that contains the findings of a Greek parliamentary enquiry into the events of 1974 in Cyprus, including the coup d’état, and a number of opinion pieces.

Politis reveals the manuscript by President Makarios in where he had written his announcement after the coup through a Paphos radio station to inform the people he was still alive after the junta announced he was dead.

The daily reports that on the sheet of paper Makarios had deleted a sentence he had written saying: “I am sorry that a ridiculous pawn, named Sampson was found, which the junta put as president.” Makarios scratched that sentence because he did not want to give the impression he was renouncing all responsibility of the situation and putting it all on the junta’s puppet, the daily reported.

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