GCC Press Review 16 Sep 2019

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Drums of war again in education

The educational world is a powder keg waiting to blow. Strike measures on the table to be in effect immediately by (secondary education teachers’ union) OELMEK on four-monthly exams. The teachers’ union is also protesting over the intervention by parents in schools.

  • Famagustians at the Presidential Palace – They are mulling over moves on Varosha.
  • Refugee issue: Coordination with Greece


They will be drowned in rubbish

Ultimatum by the Koshi waste management unit to the Municipalities of Paralimni and Ayia Napa. Risk of the domestic waste remaining on the streets.

  • Cyprob-Famagusta: (Nicosia) Working on reactions ahead of New York
  • Ankara was disturbed by (Saudi FM) Al-Assaf’s visit
  • (GC) Mother and daughter were kidnapped in the occupied areas
  • Platform for ‘peace’ or ‘liberation’? (opinion piece)


The temperature is rising in education

Several challenges and open issues are before the educational organisations this school year too, which, as per those involved, has not started in the best way. Educators, pupils, parents after the first bell discovered a series of shortages. Issues of educational policies point to a warm winter.

  • Mobilisation on Famagusta
  • The GC mother and daughter who were arrested yesterday by the occupation authorities, in ‘court’ today


Weighing the pros and the risks

The study on the appeal to the Security Council on Famagusta to be delivered today to the president. The views of the permanent and other members of the SC were sounded out on the subject. The final decision will be taken by the president within the coming days.

  • Nicosia (to Cavusoglu): You should go tell all this to the UN Secretary-General – Cavusoglu confirmed Ankara is seeking a five-party conference first and then the ToR. Nikos Christodoulides: The sought-after solution on the Cyprus problem is the BBF based on the UN resolutions.
  • Morphou: They arrested a GC mother and her daughter for photographing a forbidden area
  • President to Famagustians: We will protect the town using every legal means
  • Flag removal: When Tassos (Papadopoulos) told Marios Matsakis off

Main News

Christodoulides: Turkey should brief UNSG on divergent Cyprob positions

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Negotiations Process, Regional/International Relations


According to the dailies, a study on the possibility of launching procedures with the UN against  Turkey on the issue of Varosha will be delivered to President Nicos Anastasiades on Monday.

Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides said on Sunday that the report would be delivered on Monday. As part of the preparation for the study meetings took place with all permanent members of the Security Council, he said.

A delegation of the Famagusta Municipality will meet with Anastasiades on Monday.

Anastasiades said on Saturday evening during his speech at an anti-occupation event organised by the Famagusta Municipality in Dherynia that the government would do what’s possible to protect the town of Varosha that has been waiting for 45 years, not for new settlers but its legal residents.

He said that he will not leave unanswered Turkey’s provocations and that he would utilise his presence at the UN headquarters later in the month and his intervention to address the matter. The president also said he would have meetings with the representatives of all five permanent UNSC members and with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres while he has already informed the European leaders that he would like the issue to be discussed by the European Council in October.

Anastasiades said Turkish intransigence has put a bomb under efforts to find a solution while “the threats of bringing in settlers in Famagusta are actions that can leave neither us, the international community nor the EU indifferent.”

It is these actions that have prevented and prevent a solution that would reunite our country and that would allow GCs and TCs to live peacefully, he said.

He also referred to recent statements by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, which, he said, are an attempt “to shipwreck the latest effort we had achieved on August 9 with Mustafa Akinci.”

Famagusta Mayor Simos Ioannou said that the local authority would act at every level to avert “the latest crime” concerning Varosha.

He also called on the president to convene the National Council to discuss the issue of Varosha.

Christodoulides, commenting on Cavusoglu’s interview with Kathimerini, said that the government was aware of the Turkish minister’s “inaccuracies and fraudulent attempts” aimed at creating problems and cracks within the GC side, including his statements on Famagusta but also on Anastasiades.

Christodoulides also said that the solution sought is that of a bizonal bicommunal federation based on the UN resolutions and that any other position by Turkey ought to be submitted to the UNSG. He added that the Turkish minister ought to also brief Guterres on his position that the ToR are not necessary before a five-party conference.

According to Phileleftheros, Anastasiades, while in New York, will raise the issue with Guterres. He will also refer to the matter during his speech at the UN General Assembly and will seek a meeting between him, Akinci and Guterres within October. Anastasiades will decide on further actions on the issue of Famagusta after reading the report on the matter that was to be presented to him on Monday.

Pledges to do everything in his power to protect Varosha against Turkish plans & will raise the issue of Turkish provocations with the UN & EU.
>> Turkish intransigence has sabotaged efforts to find a solution.
>> Cavusoglu’s statement are an attempt to hamper the August 9 agreement (on the ToR) reached between the two leaders.

Cavusoglu’s recent statements are full of inaccuracies and fraudulent attempts aimed at dividing the GCs.
>> Any other positions by Turkey on the basis of the solution other than that of a BBF ought to be submitted to Guterres. The same applies for the position that the ToR are not necessary before an informal conference

GC mother & daughter arrested in Morphou

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
CBMs, Internal Security


According to the dailies, a 52-year-old woman and her 20-year-old daughter were due in ‘court’ on Monday after their arrest on Sunday afternoon in Morphou for taking photos in a military area.

Phileleftheros online reported on Monday that the two women were released after being charged for violating a military area.

The two women had been arrested at around 1pm on Sunday after being caught taking photos by the TC authorities.

They were participating in an organised trip to Kato Pyrgos. On their return through the Limnitis crossing, they had asked the bus to stop in Morphou so that they could see and photograph their home.

Both the foreign ministry and the Technical Committee on Crime had been informed of the women’s arrest on Sunday, the dailies reported.

The GC head of the Committee, Andreas Kapardis, had confirmed to Alpha TV their arrest on Sunday. He said that the standard practice in such cases was that they would be fined and released.