GCC Press Review 5 Oct 2019

Front Page Headlines


Zero results in the National Council

Yavuz to drill on Monday in block 7 of the Cypriot EEZ. War of words between the Presidential Palace and AKEL over Anastasiades’ actions. It is difficult to ensure effective sanctions against Turkey.

  • Turkish “cruise” in the EEZ


(Turkey) drives tension to extremes

Nicosia undertakes series of diplomatic actions against provocative Turkish acts. The government puts hopes on measures from Brussels.

  • Where the political leaders’ announcement got stuck
  • Governmental slovenliness regarding the Turkish embargo on (Cypriot) FIR


Emergency departments (running) with emergency staff

TAEP (accident and emergency department) doctors in Paphos will stage two-hour walkout. Reorganisation to stem flight of doctors. Vaccines covered by GESY. Lack of TETRAXIM.

  • They didn’t want a joint statement including the BBF
  • Turkey announced drilling on October 7
  • GC and TC teachers work together to develop a culture of reconciliation.

Cyprus Mail

EU: Turkey should stop

Brussels calls on Ankara to respect Cyprus’ sovereign rights.

  • UK may ask for Oct. 19 Brexit extension


A tempest both in the EEZ and the National Council

Yavuz ready to drill in our (block) 7 on Monday. Turkish invasion in Cypriot EEZ overturns situation. Government turns to European partners for assistance and asks for inclusion in the agenda of 17- 18 October European Council and Foreign Affairs Council. Ankara continues ignoring everyone, proclaiming its illegal actions while Ozersay promises new surprises and developments in the new week. National Council did unanimously condemn Turkish provocations but fell apart when it came to the form of the solution and whether to continue attempts to restart negotiations, while minority parties refused any mention of the BBF.

  • Britain: Chimps in Parliament painting sold for 11.1 million euros
  • Stella Kyriakidou: Great challenges ahead but she states she’s ready for hard work

Main News

National Council divided over statement on Turkish activity in EEZ

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Energy, Regional/International Relations, Governance & Power Sharing, Negotiation Process


All newspapers on Saturday, bar Haravgi, led with the latest developments in the Cypriot EEZ. Politis and Alithia focused on Friday’s meeting of the National Council, which discussed the issue but was unable to reach agreement on whether to include a reference to a bizonal bicommunal federation (BBF) in a joint statement. The Cyprus Mail focused its main story on a statement by the EU’s foreign affairs service, while Phileleftheros stressed Turkey’s actions and relegated the National Council disagreement to a smaller blurb.

As Cyprus Mail reports, quoting government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou, the parties unanimously condemned Turkey’s actions in the RoC’s EEZ. The newspaper goes on to report that the Citizens’ Alliance spokesman tweeted that there was no joint statement due to objections by AKEL. AKEL later replied that the party’s general secretary Andros Kyprianou had asked how a joint statement could be issued when certain parties reacted negatively to a proposal by DISY leader Averof Neophytou to include a reference to the BBF as the basis for any resumption of negotiations.

Cyprus Mail also reports that in later statements, Kyprianou and Neophytou agreed that the GC side must make clear that the aim remains a BBF. DIKO leader Nicholas Papadopoulos insisted there should be no negotiations while Turkey’s actions continue. Giorgos Lillikas (Citizens’ Alliance) and Giorgos Perdikis (Greens) deplored the fact there had been no joint statement. Lillikas said that the reason was that there was no unity on how the government ought to react.

Phileleftheros focuses on the government’s turn to the European Union against Turkey’s actions, reporting on President Anastasiades’ phone call to European Council President Donald Tusk and his request that the issue be discussed in the next summit on the 17th and 18th of October. In a seperate story Politis reports on the discussions of the Cypriot government with EU officials, but adds that diplomatic sources in Brussels believe it will be difficult for the member states to clash with Turkey at this moment in time.

Phileleftheros and Politis also report on information regarding a possible meeting of the two leaders with the UNSG Antonio Guterres in November. According to the newspapers, the UNSG will be in Paris, Geneva and Turkey during that month, which means that a meeting could be held in France or Switzerland.

Turkey announces drilling in block 7 on Monday

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Energy, External Security, Regional/ International Relations


Phileleftheros reports on statements by the general secretary of the Turkish Foreign ministry, Cagatay Erciyes regarding the plan for Yavuz to start exploratory drillings on Monday. Erciyes stated on Twitter that Turkey considers the area a part of its continental shelf and does not recognise the Greek Cypriot position that the area is considered EU waters. The newspaper also reports on statements by the north’s “energy minister” Hasan Tacoy and “FM” Kudret Ozersay, as well as tweets by the Turkish defence ministry regarding military vessels that accompany Yavuz.

Haravgi quotes an interview of Mevlut Cavusoglu to Turkish daily Sabah, in which the Turkish FM states that the balance in the Eastern Mediterranean has shifted and will keep changing. He added that Turkey will not negotiate whether to continue taking action in its own national shelf. Regarding the rights of the Turkish Cypriots, he added that there can’t be unilateral actions without a deal on how to share natural resources.

GC -TC teachers and journalists continue cooperation



Haravgi reports that GC and TC teacher associations will be organising an event on the future of education as a profession on Friday 11 October. According to the report, OELMEK representative Marios Kaniklides stated that teachers from both sides believe that they can contribute to developing a culture of friendship. In a joint statement, OELMEK, KTOEOS, POED, KTOS, OLTEK and DAU-SEN agree to continue organising joint events.

In a seperate story Haravgi reports on the announcement that GC and TC journalist unions and association are organising a journalist exchange for the second year in a row. The initiative is a part of the OSCE’s “Cyprus Dialogue” program.