GCC Press Review 25 Nov 2019

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Guterres’ time for lifting the dead end

The Berlin trilateral is important despite the limited expectations. The UNSG is being called to find the procedural solution for the restart of the talks. Jane Holl Lute will meet with the negotiators before the trilateral.

  • DEFA for LNG: They are wrapping up on contracts


All possibilities are open

The president is ready to cooperate with the UNSG for progress to the process. Akinci wants a road map.

  • Exhumations for locating fallen persons (between 1963-1974) are expanded – Implementation of the Cabinet decision.


Trilateral with an open agenda

The two leaders, Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci will attend in a few hours the working dinner at the Adlon Kempinski hotel in the heart of Berlin with an open agenda, but always with the hope that something positive will come out of the meeting with the UNSG. AKEL expects from the two leaders to rise to the occasion and assume their historic responsibilities.


The trilateral for the beginning or the end?

The most critical in the post-Crans Montana era meeting on the Cyprus problem starts at 8.30 tonight in Berlin. If the UNSG does not secure tonight an agreement on the Terms of Reference (ToR) from the two leaders, an announcement of the final shipwreck of his effort is very possible. The main test the two leaders will be called to pass tonight is that on the ToR.  Akinci: Material has been amassed that shows the way to the solution.

  • Peace message through football – Tensions were averted in a football match in the north due to the participation of a GC player. They cancelled a protest for the burning of the pseudo-state’s flag by ELAM.
  • Turkey: Why does Erdogan promote the ‘janissarism’ tactic?

Main News

Anticipation over Berlin dinner results

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Negotiations Process


The dailies report that the trilateral meeting in Berlin between the two leaders and the UN Secretary-General will start at 8.30 pm Cyprus time. The two leaders are already there while UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was expected to arrive on Monday. His special envoy Jane Holl Lute will also be in Berlin.

According to Alithia and Phileleftheros, government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said on Sunday that Anastasiades believes that it is possible to conclude the Terms of Reference and added that the objective goal is to resume negotiations the soonest possible. Prodromou also reiterated the political will on the part of Anastasiades, adding that the GC side is in favour of an informal conference with the participation of the guarantor powers soon, even this December.
Phileleftheros reported that all possibilities are open for tonight’s meeting with all sides seeking a maximum result but without much clarity at the moment on what this is. For the GC side, a maximum result would be agreement on the ToR and the announcement of a five-party meeting.

The paper cites Anastasiades’ associates stating the President is prepared for all possibilities and is willing to accept the UN Secretary-General’s proposals. It remains to be seen if there will be any announcements at the end of the dinner, the paper said.

Haravgi reported that optimists in both sides believe that a positive result would be an agreement on the ToR as per Guterres’ request and if that is accomplished, then the next step would be a five-party meeting.

The daily reports that the effort to agree on ToR during the consultations with Lute failed due to the TC side’s insistence on a positive vote at federal Cabinet-level, while the GC side believes this was negotiable. There is also the position that Anastasiades went back on this issue which had been agreed on since the Mont Pelerin talks as did Akinci asking for positive vote in all federal organs, which was not accepted by the UNSG, the daily reported.

For Alithia, this is a critical meeting, since if Guterres sees no results, he might announce the end of this effort. The paper reports that the messages being sent for several weeks now by the UN are that patience is running out and that the international community is tired of dealing with the Cyprus problem and failing to see the necessary readiness from the parties involved for common ground. On the other hand, as the Berlin meeting was approaching, the two leaders showed to understand that time is running out and sent optimistic messages on their intentions, the paper reported.

Anastasiades believes an agreement on the ToR is possible.
>> The GC side’s goal is to resume negotiations the soonest possible.

Majority of GC opposition cautious over trilateral

Alithia, Phileleftheros
Negotiations Process, Energy


Most opposition parties express their disagreement with the trilateral and urge for caution, the dailies report.

AKEL expressed hope that even on the eleventh hour all obstacles will be overcome and that there will be an agreement on the ToR which will pave the way for substantive talks. Despite Turkey’s illegal activities and unacceptable statements, this should not lead the GC side taking a passive stance since this serves Turkish plans, the party said, adding that the time until the elections in the north must not be left to pass unutilised since there is the risk of the election of a new TC leader who rejects the federal solution.

EDEK reiterated its warning that the trilateral lurks risks. We wish and hope that the president and his associates are adequately prepared to face any emergencies to avoid traps that would bring to the Republic of Cyprus in a tough spot, the party said.

The Greens argue that only when Turkish intransigence is bent can the talks procedure progress. The party asked how can Anastasiades discuss the next step on the Cyprus problem when Turkey is within the island’s exclusive economic zone and the pseudo-state threatens to allow settlers into Varosha.

The Citizens Alliance said they do not feel optimism given the current situation and expressed hope that Anastasiades would remain stable to his positions which he publicly announced and not be dragged into an informal five-party meeting without proper preparation.

Hopes that finally, an agreement on the ToR will be achieved which will pave the way for substantive talks.
>> Acknowledges that Turkey’s illegal activities & unacceptable statements are a challenge but argues that this should not deter GCs since this actually serves Turkish plans.
>> Time before the April elections in north should not be wasted since the next TC leader might be against the federal solution.

>> Warns that the trilateral hides risks.
>> Expresses wish & hope that Anastasiades and his associates are adequately prepared to face any emergencies to avoid traps that would bring the RoC in a tough spot.

There cannot be any progress unless Turkish stance changes.
>> Wonders how can Anastasiades discuss the next step on the Cyprob when Turkey is within the island’s EEZ & TCs threaten to allow settlers into Varosha.

Citizens Alliance
The current situation does not call for optimism.
>> Expresses hope Anastasiades will remain stable to his positions & not be dragged into an informal five-party meeting without proper preparation.

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