TCC Press Review 04 Dec 2019

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The engineer and project could not be accessed

The Ciklos (Kyklos) Report investigating four people who were killed is pathetic. The report has yet to be presented to parliament. The findings of the report state that the accident was caused by an engineering fault. However, the tender contract and engineer in charge could not be found. The tender was not presented to the committee in charge of the investigation because everything was prepared in Turkey.

Kıbrıs Postası

“The market will take a breath by April-May”

In a statement to Kıbrıs Postası, economist Assoc. Prof Dr Hüda Hüdaverdi said, “The market will recover and be relieved of pressure if inspections are carried out properly; if Turkey sends financial assistance and if the banks contribute.” According to data announced by the Central Bank, the TRNC budget revenues increased by 70.2 per cent in the third quarter compared to the same period the previous year.

  • Erdoğan: We will do what is necessary regarding the Eastern Mediterranean issue.


“We will kill you with your gun and make it look like a suicide”

Police continue to investigate the kidnapping of Süheyla Argüden by two masked men who threatened to kill her. Police believe the perpetrators aimed to frighten her rather than rob her. Five people have so far been detained by police.

  • Amnesty on electricity bills – The government following the amnesty on immigration, is now assisting people with overdue electricity bills.


Evkaf incurs serious losses

Ombudsman’s office published its report regarding the Evkaf Administration. According to the report, the Board Director, General Director, and the head of the construction unit of the Evkaf are responsible for serious financial losses.


Come this evening

A 65-year-old pastry chef cornered a 15-year-old girl in a toilet and molested her. As if that was not enough he called her to his home later in the evening.


One Mustafa, four Erdoğans

Publications concerning the presidential elections are on the rise. More and more people are becoming convinced that the race will be between Akıncı and Tayyip Erdoğan. Those who couldn’t tolerate a simple picture posted on social media made a huge fuss! The strongest reaction to Mustafa Billur’s post came from the Republican Turkish Party (CTP). Akıncı who said he didn’t approve of the post asked Billur to remove it. Billur did as requested but in a later post said that he still supported the views reflected by the post. 

Main News

Erhürman: CTP wants a speedy solution to Cyprob

Negotiations Process, Governance & Power Sharing


The leader of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Tufan Erhürman on Tuesday said the only thing his party wanted was a results-oriented process which is not open-ended and a speedy solution to the Cyprus Problem.

In a post on social media, Erhürman criticized remarks made by fellow CTP member Sibel Siber that the Turkish Cypriot side was begging Greek Cypriots for a federal solution.

“It’s not possible to understand such statements. What is being negotiated at the table under the UN umbrella is a federation. Everyone knows that. We want a speedy solution to end the uncertainty, to achieve lasting peace and cooperation in the eastern Mediterranean rather than tension and to remove the obstacles the continuation of the status quo sets before us,” he said.

Erhürman said that the CTP supported a solution based on UN parameters including political equality.

“We are demanding a process which will not be open-ended so that it may not resemble previous processes,” he said.

“Political equality and effective participation in decision-making processes are a sine qua non for a lasting solution on the island,” CTP MP Armağan Candan said during his meeting with Liliane Maury Pasquier, president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council (PACE).

Candan, sharing the statement issued by UN Secretary-General (UNSG) Antonio Guterres following the trilateral meeting in Berlin with Pasquier, said the resumption of the official negotiations process is expected after the presidential elections in the north in April 2020 and following the informal five-party meeting.

“The federal solution process to be launched this time will be different from the ones in the past,” Candan stressed.

He also emphasized the importance of the fact that the UNSG himself said the new process will be different.

On the hydrocarbons issue, Candan noted that it will difficult to utilize the energy potential in the eastern Mediterranean before a settlement is reached on the island.

Erhürman (CTP)
CTP wants a results-oriented process which is not open-ended & speedy solution to the Cyprob.
>> CTP supports a solution based on UN parameters including political equality.

Candan (CTP)
Political equality & effective participation in decision-making processes are a sine qua non for a lasting solution.
>> Utilizing energy potential in East Med before a settlement is very difficult.

YDP slams changes to Green Line Regulation

Kıbrıs Postası
Migration & Citizenship, EU Matters, Economy


The Rebirth Party (YDP) on Tuesday criticized the Greek Cypriot side for the changes it introduced to the Green Line Regulation implementation code preventing third-country nationals arriving from the north from crossing to the south or such nationals on a temporary resident visa from going north.

Deputy leader of the YDP Ali Akın Önder in a written statement said that the amendment was a violation of the Green Line Regulation and the European Commission’s decision.

He pointed out that rise in the number of people crossing to the north to shop contributed to the economy significantly and criticized the authorities of failing to introduce arrangements to ease the long queues forming at the crossing points.

Önder (YDP)
Amendment is a violation of the Green Line Regulation & European Commission decision.
>> Number of people from south shopping in the north makes a significant contribution to the economy.

Turkish & Greek leaders to discuss Turkey’s deal with Libya

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs Postası, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog
Energy, Regional/International Relations


Turkish and Greek leaders will meet in London to discuss the situation in the eastern Mediterranean, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Tuesday.

The meeting came on the heels of a recent deal between Turkey and Libya for maritime boundaries in the Mediterranean Sea.

“Yesterday, I have learned that the Greek prime minister (Kyriakos Mitsotakis) asked for a meeting with us in London. There, we will discuss all of these issues,” Erdoğan said, speaking at Ankara’s Esenboğa Airport before his departure to the NATO Summit in London.

Greece might take some steps following Turkey’s deal with Libya, but Turkey maintains its right to take steps as well, Erdoğan stated.

“With regards to this issue, most probably Libya can even withdraw its ambassador,” Erdoğan noted.

“Whatever Greece, Egypt and South Cyprus do will not affect the step we have taken with Libya. We have already sealed our agreement with Libya. Ankara will pursue its determination to protect its sovereign rights in the eastern Mediterranean if any steps are taken in retaliation,” Erdoğan warned.

On Nov. 27, “The Security and Military Cooperation” and “Restriction of Marine Jurisdictions” agreements were signed when the Turkish President met with Fayez al-Sarraj, the head of the Tripoli-based government which Ankara is backing against a rival military force based in eastern Libya.

The memorandum between Turkey and Libya determines the portion of Turkey’s maritime jurisdictions in the region.

Libya’s neighbour, Egypt, dismissed the deal as “illegal,” and Greece said any such accord would be geographically absurd because it ignored the presence of the Greek island of Crete between the coasts of Turkey and Libya.

A Turkish diplomat on Monday shared a map of the country’s continental shelf and the borders of its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the Eastern Mediterranean following a maritime jurisdiction agreement with Libya.

With the chart, Çağatay Erciyes showed the outer boundaries of Turkey’s continental shelf and the EEZ, designated in a 2011 agreement between Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side, the median line between Egypt and Turkey’s mainlands and the memorandum with Libya.

Erdoğan (Turkey)
Turkey maintains rights to take steps in East Med.
>> Ankara will pursue its determination to protect its sovereignty rights in East Med.
>> Agreement with Libya is sealed. Steps were taken by South Cyprus, Egypt or Greece will not affect Turkey.

CMP launches new excavations in military areas

Human Rights


The Committee for Missing Persons in Cyprus (CMP) has launched new excavations in military areas in the north of the island, it was announced on Wednesday by Coordinator for Excavations for the CMP’s Turkish Cypriot Office, Archeologist Demet Karşılı.

One of the excavations are taking place at a military site called Domuzcular Burnu (Trahonas) to locate the remains of five Greek Cypriots believed to be buried under what is now a parking lot.

A second excavation has been launched within a military area near St. Hilarion for another group of missing Greek Cypriots after a reader gave information about several possible burial sites.

Other excavations for missing Greek Cypriots are taking place in military areas in Dilekkaya (Agia), upper Yeşilırmak (Limnidi), Lapta (Lapithos), Alsancak (Karavas) and Hamitköy (Mandrez).

While the excavation in Dilekkaya (Agia) is taking place in a well, the excavation in Yeşilırmak (Limnidi), Lapta (Lapithos) and Alsancak (Karavas) is taking place in river beds.

An excavation in the Ayluka (Agios Loukas) area of Famagusta was abandoned after no remains of missing persons were discovered.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway to locate a well in Dali (Dali) where a Turkish Cypriot who went missing in 1964 may be buried.

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