GCC Press Review 27 Jan 2020

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We count innocent victims while we wait for the law

Bill criminalising all forms of violence against women stuck in drawers of office of Attorney General. Internationally exposed. Commissioner for Legislation Louisa Zannetou takes the iniative. Laws drowning in dust of colonial English and 60s archaic language.

  • New era for Petrolina
  • Turkey: Counts dead, looks for survivors


Surveillance up in the air

Amendments weakened the legislation and removed jurisdictions from the Police. Government likely to appeal to Attoerney General for referral (of the law).

  • Akinci talks of a new opportunity: Cyprus Problem defines the field in occupied areas
  • Meeting at Presidency for halloumi – File stuck at Commission since 2014 for political reasons. Proposal to increase percentage
  • In Mackenzie area: They search for a formula for premises
  • Government and DISY in illusions”


They should take responsibility for their actions

Unfortunately AKEL turned out to have been correct. Solution of Cyprus Problem a matter of life or death for our people. The dilemma is between federation or partition.

  • Grivas’ “works”… are lit up
  • Akinci: New opportunity after Berlin
  • (EDON) “Unbending flag bearers of the idea of salvation”


Third Attila!

Cyprus sends SOS to Europeans regarding migrants. Ministry of Interior reshapes Cypriot migrant policy. Cyprus brought to its knees by asylum seekers who reach 43 thousands – We also have as many illegal aliens. Asylum seekers will be hosted in closed off areas that will be built. Their applications will be examined right away and all that do not qualify will be transferred back to their countries of origin by FRONTEX.

  • Memorial service: Yesterday Cyprus honored EOKA’s chief, general Georgios Grivas Dhigenis
  • France to Turkey: No threat against Greece – Cyprus will be accepted
  • Akinci: A new opportunity for a solution arised from Berlin
  • Greece to Turkey: If needed we will reply with engagement

Main News

Politicians in both sides highlight disagreements over energy and T/C election

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Negotiations Process, Governance & Power Sharing, Energy, Regional/ International Relations


AKEL secretary general Antros Kyprianou responded to President Anastasiades over the government’s handling of the hydrocarbons issue, Phileleftheros reports. Kyprianou repeated that the only way to deal with the problems that Turkey is creating is through a solution of the Cyprus Problem.

Kyprianou, speaking at an event by EDON (AKEL’s youth wing) in Troodos, added that “unfortunately AKEL was proven right once again” and that the government created an illusion for the public that Cyprus could have moved ahead with natural gas exploitation without a solution to the Cyprus Problem. He also said that, instead of worrying over what is happening, the government is blaming AKEL for the results of its own policy.

The AKEL secretary general was responding to an earlier statement by President Anastasiades, who had accused AKEL of misdirecting the public instead of supporting the Greek Cypriot side’s position.

Phileleftheros reports that T/C leader Mustafa Akinci and National Unity Party (UBP) leader and candidate for the T/C leadership Ersin Tatar are staking their claims ahead of the election in April. On Sunday, Akinci made statements referring to a new opportunity for a solution arising from the meeting in Berlin with President Anastasiades and UNSG Antonio Guterres. He added that after the elections and the end of the Brexit process he expects that there would be a five party meeting on the Cyprus Problem.

Tatar stated that UNFICYP’s role should be different today since the conditions are different than those of the year of the force’s arrival in 1964. Tatar added that 1964’s SC resolution 186 refers to the existence of a Cypriot government, and added that that government no longer exists due to Greek Cypriot actions.

In a related development, Phileleftheros reports that Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said in an interview to Greek daily Eleftheros Typos that the country disagrees with the fact that the Berlin conference on Libya resulted in no reference to the Turkish- Libyan MoU. He added that for Greece there is no question that the MoU is illegal.

Kyprianou (AKEL)
The government is blaming AKEL for the results of its own actions
>> We have been proven right in our predictions

A new opportunity for a solution has arisen after the Berlin meeting

Tatar (UBP)
UNFICYP’s mandate is outdated because the situation has changed since 1964

Government plans strategy to push for EU approval of halloumi application

Economy, CBMs, EU Matters


All the stakeholders in the halloumi industry in the Republic of Cyprus will be taking part in a meeting in the Presidential Palace next Monday February 5th, as part of the government’s effort to secure the approval of its application for a protected designation of origin (PDO),Phileleftheros reports. The Ministers for Agriculture and Trade, as well as the Law Office of the Republic, representatives of cheese and milk producers and representatives of owners of cow and sheep farms will attend.

The newspaper adds that the aim is to examine ways to restart the process, which has been stuck in Brussels for the past five and a half years. Also, the Ministry of Agriculture is expected to submit a proposal on the approved increase of the use of sheep and goat milk from 20% to possibly 27%. The report adds that it has been agreed with Brussels that by 2024 the percentage of sheep and goat milk used should overtake the percentage of cow milk.

Government looks for formula on how to deal with Mackenzie premises

Property, Economy


Phileleftheros reports that the Department of Turkish Cypriot Properties Management in the Ministry of the Interior will be negotiating with every user and owner of property on Mackenzie beach in Larnaca seperately, in order to arrive at a cohesive approach on handling the situation in the area.

According to a source that spoke to the newspaper, the Department has found after three years of research in coordination with the Land Registry and the office of the Attorney General, that each of the 14 cases is unique and complicated in its own way. Each case includes complicating factors such as sublettings, illegal construction and investments made by the users.

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