GCC Press Review 13 September 2020

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Sunday Mail

Pompeo calls for dialogue

US Secretary of State says opening security training centre in Larnaca.

  • Days of terror spent at sea after Cyprus rejects Lebanon migrants
  • Al Jazeera report: Passport claims a ‘far cry from reality’ says independent expert
  • Cyprus: Crucial asylum reform dismissed as a damp squib
  • Comment: Strange slogans of the National Guard
  • Coffeeshop: A Russian recipe for never reaching a settlement


“In a dialogue with Greece, Turkey wanted Ozersay and myself to participate”

Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides interviewed by “S”.

  • Cyprus – Israel military exercise: “Iasonas” picks up from “Evnomia”
  • (Editorial): The flatterers of the beast…
  • Ankara increases tension: Turkey escalates on the verge of military engagement
  • Dialogue… on the cards: Superpower poles (work) towards avoiding an incident
  • Veto from Eliot: Noble acquisition deal with Chevron “sabotaged”
  • Intimidation by Erdogan: New Navtex and war of words
  • Savvas Iacovides (opinion): “Pax Mediterranea” and why President Macron supports Greece and Cyprus
  • Loria Marcidi (opinion): The battle of Navarino (8 – 20 October 1827) and Erdogan
  • Xenis Xenofontos (opinion): Erdogan’s noose with the Asia Minor Disaster in the background
  • Petros Th. Pantelides (opinion): Turkey is showing us our last red line


How Cypriot citizens assess the government

RetailZoom poll for “Politis”. Negotiations to solve the Cyprus Problem: 67% believe that after the T/C “elections” our government should strive for return to negotiations. It is a strong message to the government which constantly states it is ready to move in this direction. Passport sale programme: 73% of respondents ask either for radical changes or its definite end. The poll records serious disagreements regarding the passport sale investment programme, with 58% of respondents believing it serves the interests of a few. 62% want investigation against Parliament over document leak. Popularity (of government officials) high.

  • Mike Pompeo in Cyprus: “We are concerned over Turkey’s illicit acts” – He brought up again the issue of docking of Russian ships. “Greece and Cyprus have a right to exploit natural resources in their EEZ”. “Tensions do not lead to solutions, USA in favour of route of diplomacy”.
  • Occupied areas: Akinci ahead, nothing is over yet
  • Andros Kyprianou: “We must be decisive about the solution”
  • Sofronis Clerides (interview): “We sell passports to just about anyone”
  • Geopolitics: The danger is ante portas


Pompeo’s accusations against Turkey

American Secretary of State made mention of illicit Turkish actions against Cyprus and Greece. Akinci refused communication over telephone.

  • Cyprus and US establish CYCLOPS centre
  • What was agreed in Berlin by the Foreign Ministers: Erdogan has strong German backing
  • Strict measures by EU or dialogue: Macron’s Pax Mediterranean against the German axis
  • Marinos Sizopoulos (interview): Al Jazeera leak intentional
  • Lavrov visit under Katsourides microscope
  • (Opinion): Corruption’s “golden passports”


US – Russia game in Cyprus

The two countries show that they are not willing to give up an inch in wider redistribution of power. The gambit of American diplomacy – By Andreas Paraschos.

  • Naturalisations: Who are exposed by three-member committee findings
  • (Editorial): Our good name
  • Nathalie Tocci: Politics of sanctions unfeasible
  • Katja Saha (UNHCR in Cyprus): International law does not permit pushbacks


Former and current are connected with “golden” passports

  • Lightning-visit by M. Pompeo in Cyprus
  • Deryneia asks for development inside the buffer zone
  • Blue Homeland: Its ideological and political genealogy
  • What politics face off in T/C community – Solution of Cyprus Problem will work as a domino of solutions – Turkish Cypriot give priority to maintaining their dignity
  • Former Foreign Ministers have reservations over multilateral conference


USA – Cyprus alliance for security

Signatures for establishment of security training centre. Clear reference by Pompeo to “Turkey’s illicit actions”. Greece and Cyprus have rights to extraction from their Exclusive Economic Zones.

  • Tensions created by Turkey become boomerang: Turkish lira sinks – Moody’s downgraded Turkey to B2 because of tensions in Eastern Mediterranean – Open possibility of new downgrade within twelve months. Erdogan’s personal attack on Macron: You will have problems with me
  • Article – intervention: In the aftermath of the Russian Foreign Minister’s visit
  • Analysis: Why Lavrov did not mention Turkey

Main News

Pompeo speaks of illicit acts by Turkey in Eastern Mediterranean

Alithia, Haravgi, Kathimerini, Phileleftheros, Politis, Simerini, Sunday Mail
Energy, External Security, Regional/ International Relations, EU Matters

The dailies report on Saturday’s visit by US Secretary of State MIke Pompeo to Cyprus. Pompeo met with President Anastasiades and Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides, and made statements after the meeting.

Pompeo said after the meeting that Turkey had been conducting illicit actions in the region, and reiterated that Greece and Cyprus have every right to exploit natural resources in their EEZs. He also pointed out that Nicosia has said that all income from the sale of natural gas should be equitably divided between G/Cs and T/Cs.

The US Secretary of State also noted that all differences should be solved through diplomacy and that tensions do not lead to a solution. He also said that the US shares the same principles and values with Cyprus, and referred to the participation of Cyprus in the US’s training programme as well as to the creation of the Cyprus Center for Land, Open-seas, and Port Security (CYCLOPS).

Pompeo also made references to the US’s concerns regarding the use of Cypriot ports by Russian ships and repeated the country’s position regarding the need for Cyprus to take measures that will stop money laundering.

President Anastasiades thanked the US for its support and stable position on the issue of Turkey’s actions and underlined that Cyprus is ready to delineate its EEZ with Turkey. He also pointed out that if the two sides cannot agree, then the issue can be brought to the International Court of Justice at The Hague.

He repeated that Cyprus is ready to continue negotiations for the solution of the Cyprus Problem from where they ended in Crans Montana in 2017, and added that for this to happen Turkey needs to end its aggressive actions in the Cypriot EEZ.

The dailies also report that T/C leader Mustafa Akinci expressed his displeasure for the fact that Pompeo did not visit the north in order to meet with him. In a statement, Akinci said that US ambassador Judith Garber informed him on Friday that Pompeo would not have the time to cross to the north, and that she had offered for Pompeo to talk with Akinci on the phone.

67% of G/Cs believe negotiations should restart after T/C elections

Negotiations Process, Governance & Power Sharing

A poll by RetailZoom for Politis has found that 67% of respondents believe that the RoC government should work towards the restart negotiations to solve the Cyprus Problem immediately after the end of elections in the T/C community. 24% of respondents believe that negotiations should not restart.

The highest support for negotiations is noted in the Larnaka/ Famagusta district (75%) and the Nicosia district (70%). 58% agree in Limassol district and 53% in the Paphos district. In both districts 29% disagrees with the return to negotiations.

According to the poll, President Anastasiades and government officials continue to score high when citizens are asked to assess their work during the pandemic. Anastasiades is assessed positvely by 61% and negatively by 39% of respondents. The newspaper notes that Anastasiades’s popularity dropped by 18% compared to the poll conducted in April.

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou is the better rated among the ministers (78% positive, 22% negative), followed by Labour Minister Zeta Emilianides (77%, 23%), Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides (68%, 32%) and Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides (67%, 33%). Minister for Education Prodromos Prodromou received the lowest percentage of positive evaluations (22% positive as opposed to 78% negative) and Interior Minister Nicos Nouris is also low on citizens’ lists with 42% positive votes and 58% negative.

73% of respondents ask that the government’s citizenship investment scheme either be overhauled or cancelled. Particularly, 45% believe it should be overhauled and 28% that it should be ended. Only 19% responded that the programme should stay as is.

58% of the respondents believe it is a scheme that only benefits a few. 23% responded that it helps the entire economy and 13% said that it only helps the economy a little.

Also, 62% of respondents believe that there should be an investigation against the parliament regarding who the leak of documents to Al Jazeera. 26% disagree.