TCC Press Review 27 Feb 2021

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“The process wasn’t managed properly… the price to pay will be high”

Economist Prof Dr Mustafa Besim says we have created a helpless and dependent economic structure. He said that as less and less financial assistance comes from Turkey, the recession is growing. Besim added that the state treasury was only focused on paying salaries of public servants.

  • Tabled in Ankara, argument in NicosiaClaims that members of the Economic Organisations Platform who met with the Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay in Ankara tabled “personal” or “sectoral” requests at the meeting caused a debate in Nicosia.


Adopt measures, open our sector, provide (financial) contributions

The associations for hairdressers, barbers, beauty parlours and nail technicians as well as the public transport companies, who continue to remain shut even though the second lockdown is over, are outraged. Issuing a joint statement, the hairdressers and barbers associations said they are being ignored. They also noted they are experiencing difficulties because of inadequate financial support provided in the form of economic schemes and the uncertainty as to when they will be allowed to reopen.

  • The ship loaded with cattle to head for Spain todayThe Elbeik, which has been moored 2.5 miles off Famagusta port with a cargo of 1,776 cattle was provided with supplies for the crew and 120 tons of feed for the animals on board. The ship had sailed from Spain to Libya and then to Turkey before arriving in Cyprus.


‘We’re going mad’

A statement issued on behalf of 108 travel agencies gave out important messages to the authorities. The agencies claimed they have been abandoned to their fate and called on the government to take urgent measures. The statement said that the sector was experiencing serious problems.

  • Gradual opening – Secondary schools in South Cyprus are starting in-class education on March 8. Restaurants opening up on March 16.
  • Supermarkets closed tomorrow – Health Committee’s decisions to be announced today.


Check out these photos if looking for a member of FETÖ (Fetullah Gülen Terrorist Organisation)

Words uttered by the Vice President of the Kıbrıs media group Nur Nadir occupied everyone’s agenda. We wish to remind Nur Nadir, who claimed anyone who voted for Mustafa Akıncı is a member of FETÖ, that once upon a time Recep Tayyip Erdoğan himself was a leading member of FETÖ… Later on, he said he had been deceived and forgiven by Allah… If you’re searching for FETÖ members all you need is to look at Ankara, not Cyprus… and these photographs (Photos of Erdoğan and Fetullah Gülen side by side).

  • 20 locally transmitted, total 38 positive cases of coronavirus in the north, 272 cases in the south…

Main News

Olgun: Equality will create opportunity for common basis

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa
Negotiations Process


Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar’s Special Representative Ergün Olgun on Friday said that the confirmation of the sovereign equality and equal international status of the two sides in Cyprus will help find common ground for the start of official talks. In a written statement, Olgun said that the Turkish Cypriot side relayed its ‘new vision’ to all parties including the UN since Tatar was elected to office.

He added that a fair, realistic and permanent solution to the decades-long Cyprus Problem can only be achieved through the recognition of the sovereign equality and equal international status of the two states on the island. Olgun said Ankara is fully behind the Turkish Cypriot side’s new vision of a two-state solution.

“The Turkish Cypriot side is continuing to prepare for the five-plus-one informal meeting with all its good faith and sincerity within the framework of its constructive vision,” Olgun said, adding that he believes a common ground will be achieved for the launch of official negotiations.

He also noted there are three meetings scheduled with teams of experts and academicians in preparation for the upcoming summit. Olgun also said that the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy Jane Holl Lute will be meeting with Tatar on March 8 and will hold a working meeting with him the next day on March 9.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also reiterated Ankara’s support for a two-state solution based on sovereign equality and equal international status of the two sides. In a telephone conversation with Tatar on Friday, Erdoğan underlined that the unified approach of Turkey and the north strengthened their position on the Cyprus problem.

Meanwhile, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, during a press conference with his Hungarian counterpart, touched on the five-plus-one conference and confirmed Turkey’s participation in the meeting. “We will clearly and sincerely be expressing our views on the Cyprus issue during the meeting,” Çavuşoğlu said.

In a separate statement on Friday, President of the European Commission Charles Michel reiterated that the EU is committed to playing a positive role in settling the Cyprus dispute.

Turkish Cypriot dailies, citing international news agencies, note that after an EU leaders’ meeting on Friday, Michel told reporters that the bloc wants to take part in the upcoming meeting as an observer in support of the positive efforts towards a more stable and predictable Eastern Mediterranean region.

>> Common ground for official talks can only be found if the sovereign equality & equal international status of the two sides are confirmed.

Erdoğan (Turkey)
>> Ankara fully supports the two-state solution based on sovereign equality & equal international status of the two sides.

Michel (EU)
>> EU is committed to playing a positive role in the 5+1 meeting as an observer.
>> EU wants a more stable and predictable Eastern Mediterranean region.

Ankara determined to protect its rights in the Blue Homeland & Cyprus

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa
External Security


Turkish Minister of Defence Hulusi Akar on Friday reiterated Ankara’s resolute stance and its determination to protect Turkish and Turkish Cypriots’ rights and interests in the Blue Homeland and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Speaking during an event in the Turkish province of Kayseri, Akar expressed the belief that the problems in the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus could be resolved through dialogue. He added however despite the efforts for dialogue, Greek F16 fighter jets harassed Turkish vessel Çeşme, which is carrying out a scientific survey in the Aegean.

Akar argued Greece is trying to escalate its problems with Turkey and make them a problem with the EU or the US. “We have said numerous times that we have not laid eyes on anyone’s territory, but we are not going to make any concessions from our rights either,” Akar stressed, reiterating Ankara’s determination to protect its and Turkish Cypriots’ rights at all costs.

Trade associations furious over government’s callousness

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa


Associations of businesses and sectors which remain closed despite the gradual relaxation of lockdown measures in the north hit out at the government on Friday.

Businesses such as barbers, hairdressers and beauty salons demand that they be allowed to open up under strict health protocols. The Turkish Cypriot Hairdressers’ Association, the Turkish Cypriot Barbers’ Association and the Beauticians and Nail Technicians’ Association issued a joint statement on Friday, drawing attention to the deep economic crisis they were experiencing due to remaining closed.

The associations pointed out that only 11 positive cases so far have been detected in the sector which employed hundreds of employees.

A similar cry for help came from the public transport companies. In a statement issued on Friday, the Turkish Cypriot Association for Public Transport companies (KTTTB) also drew attention to their economic problems.

The companies, which will be staging a demonstration on March 2, are demanding the deferral of mandatory payments such as road tax and social security premium deposits as well as more financial assistance from the government in the form of grants.

Public transport companies in the north are based on a public/private partnership model.

The association complained that the government was not responding to any of their queries even though the public transport sector has not been operating under normal conditions since the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020.

Also, on Friday, the Turkish Cypriot Restaurant Owners’ Association (RES-BIR) and Turkish Cypriot Travel Agencies Association (KITSAB) slammed Dimağ Çağıner and the Turkish Cypriot Hoteliers’ Association (KITOB) for their efforts to secure financial support from Ankara on their own. Both associations urged the tourism ministry to intervene and to lead the efforts in reviving the tourism sector in a way for all the stakeholders to benefit equally.

Çağıner and other economic organisation representatives met with Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay in Ankara earlier this week. They are being accused of tabling private requests solely designed for the benefit of their businesses. KITSAB president Orhan Tolun pointed out KITOB’s efforts created unfair competition among the stakeholders, urging the tourism ministry to intervene without further delay to come up with a nationwide policy.

Suspect confesses to buying drugs from south

Internal Security


A Turkish Cypriot man, who was arrested in a narcotics operation on Thursday, confessed to purchasing a ‘cannabinoid type’ drug via an intermediary from the south.

The police officer in charge of the investigation told the court the suspect purchased the drugs on February 15 via an intermediary, whom the police are trying to find. The court ordered the suspect remanded for three more days until the police conclude their investigation.

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