GCC Press Review 27 May 2021

Front Page Headlines


Vaccination turn to Pfizer and Moderna

The second dose of AstraZeneca safe for those who didn’t have side effects after the first dose

  • ‘Volunteer’ with forged documents: The pre-election campaign set on fire due to… Yiannakis
  • Ray of light: ‘Ok’ from the Commission for ferry link
  • Yioliti confirmed in the end: She found the politicians with guns!
  • ‘Golden’ passports: Lawyer and son from Larnaca in trial


Rallying still a riddle

Yiannaki’s high-school diploma also in the pre-election confrontation. Party machines in full rhythms.

  • Cyprus and USA partners for safety and stability
  • They’re admitting they’re fully controlled by Turkey
  • The volunteerism commissioner scandal caused shock: Yiannaki Yiannakis enjoyed a car, a mobile phone and an allowance of €2,040
  • The restriction in the movement of the public being abolished: Decisions for a new relaxation of measures against the pandemic
  • They decided on recommendations on the AstraZeneca and not a ban: The Health Ministry is encouraging those under 50 to avoid it


Government of ‘golden’ passports and forged high-school diplomas

And the award for voluntary forgery… goest to the DISY government!

  • Coronavirus: Preference of vaccines with mRNA technology for those under 50 years
  • Lawyers and companies at the Larnaca Criminal Court for ‘golden’ passports

Cyprus Mail

AZ not advised for -50s

Ministry changes its AstraZeneca jab advice, but says those with first dose should have second

  • Commissioner resigns after degree forgery claims


Pfizer and Moderna to people up to 50 years old and AstraZeneca to people over 50 years old

Total overturn: Health Ministry’s recommendation for vaccinations. The second dose vaccination with AstraZeneca will be carried out as normal for those who got their first dose. Over the next few days 25,000 appointments are being re-scheduled.

  • Confessions: Testimonies by Atun, Talat, Denktas on Turkey’s control of the occupied areas
  • For forgery: Yiannakis’ resignation sets fire to the pre-election landscape
  • Hot questions to Nicholas on the Milosevic scandal

Main News

US: RoC important partner for regional stability

Regional/International Relations


The US State Department said in an announcement issued Monday that the US views the Republic of Cyprus (RoC) as an important partner for regional stability, security, and prosperity, Phileleftheros reports.

The announcement, issued by the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, notes that the US works closely with the RoC to advance shared security priorities in the Eastern Mediterranean region, and adds according to the daily that cooperation between the US and the RoC is at a historic high.

The US State Department announcement said that in late 2018 the US and the RoC signed a Statement of Intent on bilateral security cooperation.  In December 2019, the Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act of 2019 was signed into law with strong bipartisan support, highlighting the US’ security interests in the Eastern Mediterranean region.  Since then, the announcement says, the security partnership between the US and the Cyprus has continued to deepen in the areas of counterterrorism, nonproliferation, maritime security, search and rescue, counter-trafficking, cybersecurity, disaster and emergency response, and non-combatant evacuation. 

The announcement lists a series of ‘concrete successes’ in the partnership between the US and Cyprus, including the $5-million Cyprus Center for Land, Open-sea, and Port Security (CYCLOPS) regional training centre focused on border security and preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction. Phileleftheros reports that State Department added that the bilateral partnership between the US and Cyprus continues to grow in other areas of common interest, such as countering illicit financial flows, diversifying European energy sources, fostering opportunities for greater trade and investment, and protecting cultural heritage.

The daily also reports on DISY’s response, which noted that the State Department’s announcement constitutes proof of Cyprus’ role as a reliable partner.

Erdogan: 1974 motivated boost in Turkey’s defence industry

External Security


Phileleftheros reports that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the 1974 Cyprus invasion is the best example of what motivated Turkey to develop its defence industry.

The paper writes that Erdogan, who was addressing his party’s parliamentary group, said his agenda includes defence planning, development, production, exports, job creation, expanding and fortifying the country and the completion of goals as soon as possible. Erdogan said Turkey is now able to develop its own ammunition, and doesn’t need to worry about what it will purchase and from whom. In the past, he said, and particularly Cyprus in 1974, was the best example of this.  

Erdogan also announced that Turkey’s drone, named the ‘Akinci’, will be ready in 2023, making Turkey one of the first countries that will control an unmanned aircraft through artificial intelligence technology.

Dherynia wants beekeepers to use land near Buffer Zone

Cyprus Mail


Dherynia Municipality is asking the Agriculture Ministry to allow beekeepers to use land near the Buffer Zone, Cyprus Mail reports.

Mayor Andreas Karayiannis filed his request through a letter to Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis, which noted that the move would generate business and help clean up an area that is being used as an illegal dumping ground, Mayor Andreas Karayiannis said.

At a time when climate change, loss or downgrading of natural habitats and changes in the use of land are leading to the disappearance of bees, developing beekeeping near the Buffer Zone can serve as an important factor in avoiding pollution of the area and also saving the insects, Karayiannis added.

The Mayor also wrote to the Interior and Foreign Ministers, the Environment Commissioner and the Chief Civil Affairs Officer of the UN on the same issue, the paper reports citing the Cyprus News Agency.

Adali murder recollections show north ‘completely under Turkey’s control’

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros
Internal Security


The dailies report on a new dimension given to the murder of TC journalist Kutlu Adali in 1996 through interviews of TC ‘officials’ at the time published by TC daily Diyalog, with the dailies agreeing that the interviews showed that the north was under the complete control of Turkey.

According to the dailies, which cite information relayed by the Press and Information Office, an article in Diyalog features interviews with Hakki Atun and Mehmet Ali Talat, ‘prime minister’ and ‘deputy prime minister’ in 1996, whose recollections indicated that the ‘government’ at the time was unable to do anything about the murder since it was kept in the dark by the police which was under the command of the Turkish army.

Specifically, Talat said that it was extremely difficult for TC authorities to conduct an independent investigation 25 years ago due to the overbearing control exercised by the Turkish army, but since this is no longer the case there is no longer reason to cover up the crimes committed at the time.

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