GCC Press Review 29 May 2021

Front Page Headlines


They’re all competing for the title of less corrupt

Tomorrow the public will judge the work, non-work and the days of the political parties.

  • Averof Neophytou to ‘P’: At stake on Sunday the Cyprus of tomorrow
  • MPs: 4,754 per month, pension and… asylum
  • Larnaca: P. Pasa being painted Mediterranean
  • Pfizer to minors too: Indices falling due to vaccinations
  • Rapid test fraud: Victim of the Chinese, the company says


They’re asking for party patriotism

Battle of staffs until the end and messages to the voters that are ‘getting away’. Pre-election curtain closes with the messages of leaders.

  • The new approach suited Tatar
  • First G/C woman MP Rina Katselli died
  • In the end GESY housed almost everyone: The vision that became reality in numbers
  • They’re scanning all of Yiannakis’ documents
  • Lawsuit against the SafePass by 100 citizens
  • Mefal company: We fell victims of fraud by Chinese suppliers


Let’s go! A powerful AKEL for progressive change

AKEL GS: Strong message that we can’t take the Anastasiades-DISY government any more.

  • Jane Holl Lute began deliberations for the informal meeting
  • Final election result at 11pm
  • Rapid tests outside specifications in boxes of other approved ones. 600,000 tests located and confiscated
  • Y. Yiannaki was being presented by Anastasiades as ‘the best of the best’

Cyprus Mail

Last minute duel for votes

Parties vie for voters attention with focus on graft amid fears of protest vote.

  • Grants worth €700,000 awarded to boost businesses along Nicosia’s Green Line
  • Improvement in Covid indicators but three new deaths


Andros at the presidency of Parliament with a scenario written by DIKO

The goal of AKEL-DIKO for a climb to power is being implemented. Victoras: A. Kyprianou is admitting that AKEL’s only concern for the parliamentary elections is the united front so that he can ascend to power, first through the presidency of Parliament and then through the governance of the country. The plan for the first plenary session of Parliament.

  • Hasan Kundakci: He admitted that he gave the order for the murder of Solomou
  • Green Line: €700,000 in grants to 18 private businesses
  • As a refugee: The first woman MP Rina Katselli, from Kyrenia, died
  • Final messages: We vote with a mask and health protocols
  • Coronavirus: Epidemiological situation noticeably improved
  • Over 600,000 Rapid Tests confiscated: Large fraud with the out-of-specifications tests

Main News

Lute launches new round of contacts for second 5+1

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros
Negotiations Process


The UN Secretary General’s (UNSG) Special Envoy Jane Holl Lute was in Athens on Friday, marking the beginning of a new round of contacts that will cover all five parties to prepare the groundwork for a second informal summit on the Cyprus problem, the dailies report.

Lute met with the Secretary General of the Greek Foreign Ministry Themistoklis Demiris to discuss the next steps in the Cyprus problem after the informal summit held in Geneva in late April resulted in an impasse, Haravgi reports. The paper adds that Lute is then set to travel to Ankara and London before flying to Cyprus to meet with the two leaders. Haravgi reports that it is unlikely that a meeting between President Nicos Anastasiades and TC leader Ersin Tatar will take place any time soon.

The dailies report citing a TC online news source that the second informal summit is expected to be held in September or October, since UN preparations are unlikely to be completed before Autumn, despite the GC side’s desire to see the process continue before July 20.

Phileleftheros reports on statements issued by Tatar to the Cyprus Turkish News Agency (TAK), in which he interprets the UNSG’s reference during the informal Geneva talks regarding his interest in taking a new bottom-up approach to the Cyprus problem as consisting of a discussion on the separate sovereignty of the two sides. Phileleftheros reports that Nicosia is not ruling out Britain’s involvement in this new approach the UNSG is considering, a possibility that Tatar also pointed to in his comments. Phileleftheros reports that Tatar said that he believes that a bottom-up approach is a step forward that works in favour of the TC side.

Haravgi reports that Tatar, in a letter addressed to the UNSG, said the TC community’s sovereignty and equality are not open for discussion or negotiation. Citing an announcement by Tatar’s spokesperson Berna Celik, the paper writes that Tatar also thanked the UNSG for his balanced approach during the informal meeting in Geneva, where Tatar said Anastasiades not only distorted historical facts but also said that a potential reconciliation can come through the integration of TCs into the Republic of Cyprus with TCs to be granted only as many rights and privileges as it satisfies the GC side.

Haravgi and Alithia report that the Cyprus problem and matters relating to the Eastern Mediterranean region will be among topics to be discussed between the Foreign Ministers of Greece and Turkey, Nikos Dendias and Melvut Cavusoglu, during their meeting scheduled for Sunday. Dendias and Cavusoglu are then scheduled to meet with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday, to be followed by a meeting among the diplomatic delegations of the two countries. Celik said that in his letter, Tatar said that the partnership created in 1960 had two independent and equal creators, with the partnership ultimately occupied by GCs in December 1963 and transformed into a GC administration.

In a meeting with European Council President Charles Michel in Athens on Friday, Mitsotakis said that the only way for an effective rapprochement with Ankara to take place would be for Turkey to cease all provocative and illegal activities and to dial down the aggressive rhetoric, Alithia and Haravgi report. Mitsotakis added that EU support for Greece and Cyprus is not only a self-evident expression of European solidarity, but an explicit recognition that the EU’s strategic and geopolitical interests are being challenged in this area.

UNSG’s new bottom-up approach, that favours the TC side, consists of a discussion on the separate sovereignty of the two sides
>> In letter to UNSG, stresses that TC community’s sovereignty and equality are not open for discussion or negotiation
>> UNSG held balanced approach during Geneva 5+1
>> During Geneva 5+1 Anastasiades distorted historical facts and said that a potential reconciliation can come through the integration of TCs into the RoC with TCs to be granted only as many rights and privileges the GC side sees fit

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