GCC Press Review 13 June 2021

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Sunday Mail

Johnson warns EU over trade

WTO hopes post-Brexit trade war can be avoided.

  • Iconic hotel: Memories of the role of the Ledra Palace in people’s lives in new exhibition
  • How Disy won parliament’s top post
  • A sea of change for the East Med in June


Ankara setting up an Eastern bazaar

Biden’s contacts, Turkey’s rapprochement – the USA and NATO’s choice.

  • Demetris Papadakis: “The Republic was ‘dragged’ to the Informal Five-Party by the demand of Turkey”
  • Ledra Palace: The checkpoint of the Mothers of the 1996-2003 Missing Persons
  • Anastasiades firing up the reshuffle engines
  • Pandemic: Cyprus just before immunity
  • Yiannakis L. Omyrou (opinion): Cyprus problem: Need for becoming untrapped
  • Savvas Iacovides (opinion): Assuming political responsibility for passports means filing for resignation, Anastasiades!


How we’re deceiving the Eur. Union regarding passports

The Commission is reopening the issue for Cyprus.

  • Varosha: The Turkish plan and its sponsor
  • Taxation: The G7 agreement and Cyprus
  • Joe Biden: The return of the USA to Europe


Partial reset in the Cabinet

President Anastasiades in a tough spot – The main ministers will remain in their positions. The restructuring will likely come in early July. Who is staying, who is leaving, who is being moved.

  • Crimes that are haunting us
  • Countries of the region targets of Turkey: Via the occupied areas
  • Barometer also for the Cyprus problem
  • The Israeli President and his relationship with Cyprus
  • Will the Cyprus problem be affected?
  • The pandemic destroyed 2,687 businesses in Cyprus


They’re fortifying Lefkoniko and buying in Varosha

The upcoming visit of the Turkish president Erdogan and what messages it’s bringing.

  • The aim is the channel of communication: Tete-a-tete Mitsotaki-Erdogan
  • Energy: They’re returning to the ‘Glafkos’ plot
  • Commission: Golden passports have dirty water


The President’s invitation for an all-party government a communications firework

G. Loucaides: The proposal is in conflict with the toxic policies and practices of the government.

  • University of Cyprus: The majority of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in favour of a solution
  • Parliament: The next day: New political map with thin balances


All our hopes with Biden

Crucial meeting: The American president raises the Cyprus problem before Erdogan tomorrow. The intervention of the American president is considered the only one that can cut short the intransigence of the Turkish president and to bring him back to the path of dialogue. Why the Americans will be more persuasive with Turkey this time. Erdogan will also feel the pressure of European leaders.

  • Lute expected in Cyprus: During the final ten days of June
  • The difficult meeting between Mitsotakis-Erdogan
  • Rita Theodorou-Superman: After the invasion I think we grew up quickly

Main News

Lute expected in Cyprus by end of June

Alithia, Kathimerini, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis, Sunday Mail
Negotiations Process


UN special envoy Jane Holl lute is expected to arrive in Cyrus towards the end of June, the papers report citing the Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

Reports said Lute is expected to arrive during the last ten days of the month, as part of her new round of contacts with all parties to prepare the ground for a second informal five-party summit. The date of Lute’s visit to Nicosia is expected to be finalised soon, the papers report.

In the meantime, Nicosia is preparing for the forthcoming European Council, which will discuss, among other things, EU-Turkey relations, the papers report. President Nicos Anastasiades is expected to have telephone conversations with the President of the European Council Charles Michel and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, ahead of the EU Summit in Brussels on June 24 and 25.

Anastasiades is scheduled to be in Brussels on June 23 and will return on June 26, while he will also fly to Paris to address the Generation Equality Forum at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron that will take place in the French capital from June 30 to July 2. Anastasiades has already declared that Cyprus’ positive stance at the forthcoming European Council will depend on Ankara’s behaviour as regards the Cyprus issue and Varosha, and if it refrains from provocative actions. The president also said Turkey needed to fulfil its obligations towards the EU and all its member states.

The papers are also focused on the meetings Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will hold with US President Joe Biden and Mitsotakis on the sidelines of the NATO summit on Monday. Phileleftheros reports that Nicosia will be observing developments closely as both meetings will affect Cyprus and the Cyprus problem. Alithia reports that the GC side believes that Biden is the only one who could persuade Turkey to return to the agreed federal solution framework and to abide by UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions.

Meanwhile, the papers also report that Cyprus’ Permanent Representative to the UN Andreas Hadjichrysanthou has said there needs to be more accountability regarding the compliance with UNSC decisions, and that their implementation cannot be absent from the Council’s report. In a statement before the UN General Assembly on the UNSC report for 2020, Hadjichrysanthou called on the UNSC to take immediate action for the implementation of its decisions on Varosha without any further delay.

Hadjichrysanthou said that the Cyprus problem, as one of the conflicts that has been on the UNSC’s agenda the longest, remains unresolved because the numerous resolutions adopted by the UNSC not only remain unimplemented, but an effort is underway to try and void them. “The campaign to deconstruct the acquis that has formed through the plethora of UNSCRs on Cyprus is aided and compounded by a corresponding campaign on the ground to create enough faits accomplis to render these resolutions non-implementable. These are developments that the Council should prevent, both by enforcing its own resolutions and by holding those in breach accountable,” he added, the papers report.

Phileleftheros and Alithia also report that developments in Varosha were also a source of concern for the Ministers that took part in the MED7 Ministerial Summit held on Friday in Athens, with a joint statement expressing their grave concern regarding violations in the fenced-off area. “We stress the importance of implementing these resolutions and call for the immediate reversal of all violations”, the joint statement says.

The seven Foreign Ministers also reiterate their “strong commitment to a viable comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue on the basis of a bicommunal, bizonal federation (BBF) with political equality, as set out in the relevant UNSC Resolutions, which are binding for all, and in line with the EU acquis, values and principles”.

The statement adds that efforts to resume negotiations should not be further undermined by “illegal and provocative behaviour” in the maritime zones and on the territory of Cyprus. In case of such actions, the Ministers said they reaffirm the determination of the EU to use the instruments and options at its disposal to defend its interests and those of its member states as well as to uphold regional stability.

As regards the informal five-party meeting, held in Geneva on 27-29 April, the seven Ministers deplore the position expressed in the meeting for a two state solution and underline that “it remains crucial that Turkey commits to the agreed basis in line with UN Resolutions, in particular Resolution 1251”.

Regarding Turkey’s plan for Varosha, where beaches are being reopened to the public and kiosks are being installed, Politis report that neither the TC press nor GC authorities are fully aware of what the end goal is, though the public sphere does seem to agree that Erdogan will be making announcements on the matter during his upcoming visit to the north on July 20.

Kathimerini reports citing informed sources that an important step in Varosha will be the shifting of the area’s status from military to residential, though Politis reports citing TC politicians not part of the ‘government’ that Erdogan is not expected to change the military status of the area since this would need ‘parliament’s’ consent. Another obstacle to Turkey’s plans, according to Kathimerini, is the compensation of GC property owners by the Immovable Property Commission, for which the TC side will require significant funds which have yet to be provided by Turkey.

UNSC must ensure 2020 report should includes accountability regarding the complinance with UNSC decisions
>> Cyprob remains unresolved because the numerous resolutions adopted by the UNSC not only remain unimplemented, but an effort is underway to try and void them

MED7 Ministers
>> Gravely concerned over developments in Varosha & stress the importance of implementing UNSC resolutions and call for the immediate reversal of all violations
>> Strongly committed to a viable comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue on the basis of a BBF with political equality
>> Efforts to resume Cyprob negotiations should not be further undermined by illegal and provocative behaviour in the maritime zones and on the territory of Cyprus
>> Deplore position expressed by Turkey in favour two-state solution, call on Turkey to return to agreed-upon basis

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