TCC Press Review 28 June 2021

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This how the inflation rate looks like

There has been a steady increase in the price of basic goods over the last four years. The price hikes made even worse with the devaluation of the Turkish Lira has revealed the level of inflation. While the public’s purchasing power continues to drop by the day, workers in the private sector have grown considerably poorer as they struggle to make ends meet.


The hospital’s “heart” remains unrepaired

The cardiology ward at the Nicosia Dr Burhan Nalbantoğlu Hospital has not been repaired since the fire which gutted the service in February 2020. Problems in operations and intensive-care services being experienced for the ward not being fully functional even though nearly a year-and-a-half has passed since the fire.


Dollars from the mother with conditions

In line with the economic and financial agreement signed between the TRNC and Turkey, the Finance Ministry will be taking out a loan of $500m from Turkey. The agreement has been signed. Turkey will dictate how the money is spent. According to the agreement, Ankara will give the loan in Turkish lira however the Finance ministry will have to pay it back in US dollars.

  • Threatening to overshadow our successHealth Minister Ünal Üstel warned the people about possible ‘close-contact in weddings and similar type of events given the ongoing struggle against Covid-19 pandemic.


Where did the 1.2kg of drugs come from?

It is believed that Hakan Yalçın who died after falling from the top of a building had gone on the roof to hide after seeing police officers in the area and panicking that he would be arrested with the drugs.

  • Greek Cypriots angry – It has been announced that the UN Secretary-General Guterres will be referring to two-self administering areas in his upcoming report.
  • €46m additional budget for defence –The Greek Cypriot Defence Minister says they are taking responding measures against claims that Turkey stations UAVs at Geçitkale (Lefkoniko).


Self-governing’ areas

The United Nations, which has failed to dissuade Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who has embraced the idea of a two-state solution on the argument that the idea of a federal settlement is death, is now getting ready to take steps that will further encourage him on the way towards a two-state solution. UN Secretary-General (Antonio) Guterres is getting ready to use the term “self-administering areas” in his Cyprus report to be submitted to the (UN) Security Council. The Greek Cypriot media said: “UN is handing over sovereignty to the Turkish Cypriots.” UN Special Envoy Jane Holl Lute in her latest visit to the island tested the waters however the Greek Cypriot side harshly reacted to the proposal.

Main News

Üstel urges the people to adhere to Covid-19 measures

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa
Internal Security


Turkish Cypriot Health Minister Ünal Üstel on Sunday announced the latest figures in the ongoing vaccination drive in the north, saying that 194,782 doses have so far been administered. He added out of the total, 108,923 people received their first dose vaccinations, and 85,859 have received both doses.

Asking everyone to register with the health ministry website for vaccinations, Üstel added the north will win the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic with vaccination. He also warned the people to strictly adhere to the coronavirus measures such as social distancing, personal hygiene and wearing face masks.

Pointing out to various activities and events such as wedding parties, Üstel said the close contact during such events carried the risk of spreading the virus more. He said that daily case numbers failed to drop as there was growing complacency amongst the public, reminding that no one could tolerate another lockdown.

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