GCC Press Review 29 June 2021

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Thoughts for a ‘bracelet’ for the unvaccinated

President: Non-vaccination is not bravado. Measures for facilitating checks are not ruled out. Nicos Anastasiades made a plea mainly to young people, pointing out the health risks for all from the refusal of shielding against the coronavirus, especially now that the Indian variant is on the rise. Safepass for outdoor areas was proposed by (Health Minister) Constantinos Ioannou while the other ministries are preparing their own suggestions for privileges, with the final decisions to be taken by the Cabinet. Vaccinations for young people aged 16-17 are also starting. A shocking increase yesterday in cases with 314 new cases and the positivity percentage reaching 1% (0.8%). The data from the tracing team is also worrying, as 20 transmission chains were identified within a week.

  • Varosha: ‘Campaign’ of curbing Turkish actions
  • Letters by Sizopoulos to Annita: He is blocking the House defence committee due to (the participations of ELAM’s) Christou


They will be asking for a SafePass everywhere

Only with a pass also in external areas. Abolition of free tests to promote vaccinations. Everything is being considered, decisions within the coming days.

  • Alarm over ‘self-governing regions’: Guterres’ dangerous ideas are being rejected
  • A chorus of dauphins has emerged at AKEL (over the election for a new leader)


Debts to the tune of millions are up in the air with the cushy appointments at the Tax Department

An unbelievable confusion has been caused by the patch-ups of the finance ministry on the appointments of the commissioner and his deputies. This is the third time the government is holding the gun to parliament’s head with unconstitutional appointments.

  • Varosha: The road to our homeland’s salvation and return to Varosha goes through the solution
  • Ancient Salamis: the Committee on Cultural Heritage is safeguarding ‘Pearls of the Mediterranean’
  • A ministerial committee will decide on privileges for the vaccinated

Cyprus Mail

Jabs cleared for 16 to 17-year-olds

Experts welcome the move after low uptake from older groups but parents are divided.

  • Hoteliers ponder job ban for those workers refusing to get vaccinated


Two moves against coronavirus

Carrot and stick to avoid a relapse. Those vaccinated will be rewarded and anti-vaxxers will be punished with restrictive measures. The vaccination portal opens tomorrow for 16 and 17-year-olds.

  • KTAMS chairman: They are handing out ‘citizenships’ like kolliva (treats in memory of the dead)

Main News

Anastasiades: ‘Self-governing regions’ reference unfortunate & unacceptable

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Negotiations Process, Territory, Property


The dailies report that President Nicos Anastasiades has rejected the idea by the UN of introducing a new term in the Cyprus problem, that of ‘self-governing regions’.

Phileleftheros reports that the government rejects references to ‘self-governing regions’ that are feared to be included in the latest UN report on the Cyprus problem to be submitted to the Security Council.

According to the paper, UNSG special envoy Jane Holl Lute had probed Nicosia during her latest visit which stirred the GC side’s strong reaction and rejection of any reference to ‘self-governing regions.’

The daily reported that Anastasiades, in the first public comment by the government on the matter, said he was against such a reference and he has told both Lute and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres during their meeting last Friday. He said Guterres took into consideration what he told him.

Alithia and Haravgi report that the president said that a reference to ‘self-governing regions’ would be “unfortunate and unacceptable”. Anastasiades was also asked to comment on what is being reported about Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to the occupied areas on July 20. He said that though he did not know what Erdogan might announce, no illegal action would be without the corresponding consequences, the dailies reported.

Phileleftheros also reports that the Cypriot government is mobilising in order to have problematic references removed from the UNSG’s report which will be sent to the Security Council in the coming days.

Phileleftheros and Haravgi report that French Ambassador Salina Grenet-Catalano said on Monday after a meeting with TC leader Ersin Tatar that TC aspirations were important to France but that the solution to the Cyprus problem can only be found through a federation within the UN parameters. “I stressed that unilateral actions need to be avoided in particular in Varosha,” she said.

Politis reports that all eyes are on Erdogan’s visit and what he will announce in relation with the fenced area of Varosha. The Turkish president’s visit is monitored not only by Nicosia but also the EU and part of the international community. At this stage, one cannot rule out a call from Ankara and the TCs to the rightful owners to claim compensation through the committee in the occupied areas as well as to be resettled under TC administration at some stage in the future stage. At the same time, mobility on the part of Turkey in terms of investments and developments in the region cannot be ruled out, although for the time being such a thing may seem remote as a scenario, Politis reports. The daily also reported that the Famagusta municipality will ask Anastasiades during their visit on July 6 for a national policy on the matter. They will also meet with the US Ambassador on July 1 while it is organising a protest rally on July 19 ahead of Erdogan’s visit.

Haravgi also reports that main opposition AKEL said that the entire Cypriot people must stand by the side of Famagusta refugees and the occupied town’s municipality to thwart the plans of Turkey and the TC leadership.

On the occasion of the expected visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the occupied areas and the announcements he is threatening to make, the daily said, AKEL points out that the only way to thwart the Turkish plans “and the salvation of our homeland and people is freedom and reunification of our homeland with a solution based on a bizonal bicommunal federation (BBF), with political equality as it is defined in the UN Security Council resolutions.”

That is why the restart of the talks from where they left off in Crans-Montana based on the agreed framework is imperative, the party said. This, it added, will force the Turkish side to bring back the map it withdrew and which, among other things, provides the return of Varosha to its legal residents under GC administration.

DIKO expressed concerns because the government does not seem to have a specific plan tο curb the implementation of the Turkish plans.

EDEK said it was ready to submit new proposals aimed at tackling Turkey’s and the occupation regime’s plans on Varosha’s gradual settlement.

Rejects UN suggestion to introduce self-governing regions term in Cyprob. Adoption of such a term would be unfortunate & unacceptable.
>> Warns with consequences against any illegal action by Turkey in Varosha.

Grenet-Catalano (France)
Though for France TC aspirations are important, Cyprob solution can only be found through a federation within the UN parameters while unilateral actions need to be avoided especially in Varosha.

Calls on all Cypriots support Famagusta refugees to thwart the plans of Turkey & the TC leadership on Varosha.
>> Only way to thwart Turkish plans & for Cyprus’ salvation is freedom and reunification based on BBF with political equality so talks must resume from where they left off in Crans-Montana. This will force Turkish side bring back the map it withdrew & which also provides for the return of Varosha under GC administration.

Concerned by government’s lack of plan tο curb the implementation of the Turkish plans.

Ready to submit new proposals to tackle Turkey’s & north’s plans on Varosha’s gradual settlement.

Tech. Comm. on Cultural Heritage visits Famagusta area sites

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Haravgi
CBMs, EU Matters


The dailies report that the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) conducted their first visit to the conservation sites in the Famagusta area within the framework of the “Support to cultural heritage monuments of great importance for Cyprus” project. The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the UNDP.

The new head of Office for UNDP in Cyprus, Jakhongir Khaydarov, joined the Committee that toured the Kampanopetra and the Agios Epiphanios basilicas in Salamis as well as the opus sectile floor of the Saint Barnabas basilica in the area. The group then visited improvement works at the Martinengo bastion courtyard, where a team of experts composed of archaeologists and conservators, made up of both GCs and TCs, are beginning Phase III of conservation works to structurally support, and physically protect the monument.

According to the daily, Khaydarov said the beginning of conservation works at the Salamis archeological site and the courtyard of the Martinengo Bastion are the fruits of a very successful partnership between the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, UNDP and the EU.

TC co-chair of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage Ali Tuncay said that the Salamis archeological site and the historic walled city of Famagusta are both “pearls of the Mediterranean” and that protection of cultural heritage is a fundamental basis on which intercultural dialogue and cooperation can be established.

Takis Hadjidemetriou, GC co-chair of the Committee said that with the completion of the works in the surrounding area, the Martinego Bastion will be accessible to visitors. Martinego Bastion, he said, “is the most important part of the walls of Famagusta and one of the most important examples of military architecture in the world.”

UK Cypriots call for MP support against Turkey

Human Rights, Negotiations Process


According to the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, 59% of British MPs have been reached by Cypriots living in the UK as part of the group’s #HandsOffCyprus campaign, the daily reports.

In the last three weeks, thousands of expatriates and friends of Cyprus in the UK have taken advantage of the opportunity provided by the Federation to easily send an email to their local MP urging them to oppose Turkish partitionist plans in Cyprus. The MPs reached so far are from the north of Scotland in Aberdeen up to the south of England. According to the Federation, many of these MPs have responded positively with a statement of support for the reunification of Cyprus.

The Federation also announced that the annual parliamentary event on the occasion of the Turkish invasion of 1974 will be held on July 19, at 7.15 pm London time, the daily reported.

EDEK leader refuses to convene House defence committee over ELAM’s participation

Governance & Power Sharing


The daily reports that EDEK leader Marinos Sizopoulos said he would not convene a meeting of the House defence committee he chairs in protest over participation in it of ELAM leader Christos Christou.

Sizopoulos told the daily that as long as Christou is member of the committee, he would not convene any meetings. He said no one could force him convene the committee and he does not intend to do so unless the issue concerning Christou is clarified.

The EDEK leader has already sent a letter to House President Annita Demetriou arguing that the committee discusses very sensitive and confidential issues on Cyprus’ defence which should not be disclosed to a person who has not served in the National Guard feigning health issues while at the same time he was acting as bodyguard of the leader of a criminal organisation. Sizopoulos was referring to the Golden Dawn leader Nicos Michaloliakos who is now in prison.

 Demetriou will refer the matter to the party leaders’ summit that will convene on Thursday.

The daily citing information reports that it is not easy to have Christou removed from the committee since there are no legal reasons forbidding it. Christou is also participating in the House foreign affairs committee which also discusses sensitive information on Cyprus’ security, the daily reported.

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