TCC Press Review 20 Oct 2021

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Democracy being dragged through the mud

The government does not have a proposal for early elections! It’s been a week since the minority government handed in its resignation but neither has the government problem been solved or a date set for early elections. The government left the resignation process incomplete and has not proposed a date for early elections sparking outrage from the opposition. Politics in the country has entered a deadlock. The president on the other hand said that the country needed to wait for the outcome of the National Unity Party’s (UBP) general congress.


There’s a crisis but no results. The ball is in parliament’s court

The political uncertainty in the country is deepening by the day. Parliament cannot convene due to the government’s failure to achieve quorum which in turn is delaying the decision to identify a date for an early election as well as the urgent bills.


There is neither a government nor parliament

Speaker of the parliament Önder Sennaroğlu convened the “Advisory Board” to reach a consensus for the parliament to continue its legislative work. Despite expectations, he did not even raise the issue of early elections. Therefore, it was not possible to reach a consensus. President Ersin Tatar on the other hand is acting too slow with his meetings with the political parties.

  • Playing for time until the congressPresident Ersin Tatar pointed to the National Unity Party (UBP) congress in his remarks following his meetings with the UBP, Republican Turkish Party (CTP) and the People’s Party (HP). He said he will evaluate all the options before him.


The time has come

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) and the Peoples’ Party (HP) which support the idea of holding an early election on December 26 are waiting for the decision of the senior partner of the coalition government, the UBP. Speaking to Diyalog, the CTP leader Tufan Erhürman and HP leader Kudret Özersay said they supported holding early elections in December as proposed earlier by Rebirth Party (YDP) leader Erhan Arıklı.

  • ‘We reject it’ – The leaders of South Cyprus, Greece and Egypt condemned Turkey’s actions in the Eastern Mediterranean during the joint meeting.
  • A crisis at the doorstep – Greek Cypriot Finance Minister Petrides demanded extra measures to be introduced at crossing points to prevent the purchase of petrol from the north.


No one wanted to take on the responsibility

Ersin Tatar spoke to reporters after meeting with the UBP, CTP and HP on the formation of a new government. He said there is a quorum problem in parliament and added none of the party leaders wanted the responsibility to form the next government. The government which resigned last week will remain in power until a new one is established.

  • Tatar complained, police ordered him to testify – Güney Düzgün was called to a police station and had to testify for a post he shared on Twitter. He found out that Ersin Tatar had complained about him.
  • Ghost of Famagusta – Timofey Neshitov wrote the story of Tasoula Hadjitofi’s who visited her town 47 years after she was born.
  • “This Country is Ours” Platform to stage a protest at 10 am today – The Platform will protest the latest political and economic developments.

Main News

TCs mistrust towards the EU deepens due to the bloc’s biased attitude

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa
Property, Territory, EU Matters


The Turkish Cypriot Foreign Ministry on Tuesday slammed the EU Foreign Affairs Council, which brought together the foreign ministers from the member states together on October 18, 2021, accusing it of taking sides with the Greek Cypriot side.

In a statement issued, the ministry pointed out the fenced-off area of Maraş (Varosha) and the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean had been the focus of discussions at the council meeting even though there were so many other urgent matters pending discussion.

“The EU has opted to include the issues of a fenced-off area of Maraş (Varosha) and the Eastern Mediterranean within the agenda items with the sole aim of pleasing the Greek Cypriot side,” the statement read, adding that the biased attitude of the EU under the guise of “membership solidarity” served no purpose but to deepen the Turkish Cypriot people’s mistrust towards the EU.

It also reminded that the constructive proposals of the Turkish Cypriot side remained to be on the table even though the council had overlooked them. “In this context, our decision regarding the fenced-off area of Maraş (Varosha), which respects the private property rights; as well as our proposal dated July 13, 2019, which aims to establish cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean, are unfortunately disregarded by the EU,” the statement read.

Noting that the UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions have not yielded any positive result to date, the ministry said the Turkish Cypriot side has put forward a “fresh perspective for cooperation based on the sovereign equality of the sides”.

“It is crucial to remind once again that this proposal is the only realistic way for an agreement, as it reflects the facts on the island of Cyprus,” the statement concluded.

Meanwhile, the foreign ministry in a separate statement also slammed the joint declaration issued following the trilateral cooperation scheme established by Greece, South Cyprus, Egypt. In a statement issued on Tuesday, the ministry argued that the joint declaration fails to reflect the political and legal realities on the island.

“There are two separate states on the island – one of them is the TRNC and the other one being the Greek Cypriot administration,” the statement stressed, adding that the statements or decisions adopted by either one of the states would only be binding for them.

“The joint declaration made under the trilateral scheme, therefore, is null and void for the TRNC,” the statement said, underlining that the Turkish Cypriot state was the only interlocutor for the Greek Cypriot side, Greece and Egypt.

Condemning Egypt’s decision to support the Greek Cypriot side’s positions usurping Turkish Cypriots’ rights, the ministry argued that the joint declaration issued on Tuesday only aims at distorting the realities on the island.

“Before all, the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean is the result of Greek Cypriot side’s unilateral actions,” the ministry argued, recalling that the first provocative act the Greek Cypriot side did was to sign a maritime jurisdiction agreement with Egypt.

The ministry reiterated that the Turkish Cypriot side’s proposals on co-management of the hydrocarbon resources are still on the table and reminded the proposal on holding a regional conference to overcome the hydrocarbons dispute.

“No one can expect the Turkish Cypriot side to remain silent in attempts to usurp Turkish Cypriots’ rights,” the ministry warned, adding that the Turkish Cypriot side is determined to protect its rights and interests together with Turkey.

“Equivalent and simultaneous response will be given by the Turkish Cypriot side against the Greek Cypriot side’s unilateral actions,” the ministry said, adding that the Turkish Petroleum (TPAO) will continue to carry out the hydrocarbon activities on behalf of the Turkish Cypriots.

Moreover, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said the joint declaration issued following the trilateral cooperation scheme established by Greece, Cyprus, Egypt is “nothing but a reflection of hostile attitude displayed by the Greek Cypriot side and Greece against Turkey and the TRNC.”

In a statement issued, the Turkish foreign ministry stressed “Any activity in the Eastern Mediterranean that excludes Turkey, or the TRNC is doomed to fail.”

The statement noted that even though Turkey supports energy projects that will promote collaboration among the regional countries, Ankara can’t allow anyone to disregard the rights of Turkey or the Turkish Cypriots.

Ertuğruloğlu (UBP)
>> EU Foreign Affairs Council is biased & taking sides in favour of the GC side.
>> TC side’s constructive proposals remain on the table but are overlooked by the council.
>> TC side has put forward a fresh perspective based on sovereign equality which is the only realistic option for an agreement.
>> Trilateral agreement signed between the south, Greece & Egypt null & void for TC side.
>> Joint statement fails to reflect the political & legal realities on the island. It is not binding for the TC side & aims at distorting realities on the island.
>> TC side is the only interlocutor of three countries & will not remain silent over attempts to usurp its rights.

Çavuşoğlu (Turkey)
>> Any activity in East Med that excludes Turkey or the TC side is doomed to fail.
>> Turkey will continue to defend its interests & those of TCs in the East Med.

Efforts to form a new gov’t or early elections off to a sluggish start

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa
Governance and Power Sharing


Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar is taking his time in tasking one of the six parties in parliament to form a new government after National Unity Party (UBP) leader Ersan Saner handed in his government’s resignation last week.

Tatar who launched meetings with leaders and representatives of the political parties on Tuesday insisted on exploring all options before calling for an early election. Speaking to reporters following his meetings with the heads of National Unity Party (UBP), Republican Turkish Party (CTP), and People’s Party (HP), Tatar said none of the political parties he met on Tuesday was willing to form a new government.

Nonetheless, the Turkish Cypriot leader said that dissolving parliament and giving the green light for an early election which the opposition is insisting on was his last option.

Tatar also reminded that the triparty coalition government, which had resigned on October 13, will remain in power until a new one is formed pointing out that he will be waiting for the outcome of the UBP’s general congress set to take place at the end of the month before he hands over the mandate to anyone to form a new government.

He pointed out that a consensus existed among the parties to hold an early election but that no agreement existed on a date. While the UBP General Secretary Oğuzhan Hasipoğlu told reporters after the meeting his party was ready both mentality and politically for early elections he refrained from providing any details on when early elections could take place.

CTP leader Tufan Erhürman and HP leader Kudret Özersay both told reporters that their parties were ready for early elections and that the process should not be delayed any further. The two speaking separately to Diyalog newspaper said they agreed with an early proposal by Rebirth Party leader Erhan Arıklı to hold early elections in late December.

In the meantime, Speaker of the parliament Önder Sennaroğlu on Tuesday launched an initiative to convene parliament for an extraordinary session on Wednesday. Speaking to Yenidüzen, Sennaroğlu said the consultations were underway for the parliament to convene to discuss some of the urgent laws as well as a date for an early election.

In a separate development, the “This Country is Ours” Platform announced it will stage a protest at 10 am on Wednesday. In a statement issued, the Platform will protest the political and economic developments.

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