TCC Press Review 21 Oct 2021

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A full collapse

Blackmail, politics, corruption and mafia. A compromising video concerning Prime Minister Ersan Saner circulating on social media revealed the extent of corruption and decadence of politics in the north. Saner claimed that the ‘edited video’ released ahead of the party congress with the involvement of the underworld was aimed at discrediting him. Circles close to the National Unity Party (UBP) and the prime minister claim that Ersan Saner will be resigning as MP, leaving politics altogether and withdrawing from the race for the party’s leadership. One person was called in by police for questioning over the circulation of the video.

  • Republican Turkish Party (CTP) calls on the government: “Set the date for early elections and leave”
  • Petrol crisis: Supplies halted, long queues formed –Vice President of the Petrol Station Owners Association Ertan Fidan: “K-Pet and Al-Pet have been experiencing losses following the drop in the value of the Turkish Lira against foreign currencies. They have thus stopped the sale of petrol.”



The country is in complete chaos due to recent developments. On top of the government crisis, the problem of quorum in parliament, the uncertainty on the date for an election, the “character assassination” of the prime minister, the halting of sales of fuel oil and gas as well as the protests and strikes intensified the chaos in the country, deepening uncertainty.


Elimination through a video

Days before the National Unity Party (UBP) congress, the country was shocked by the video scandal. UBP leader Ersan Saner claimed that circulated video showing him engaging in online sex was “edited” and a part of a character assassination carried out against him. The other candidates competing against Saner in the congress preferred to remain silent.

  • “No appointments. Identify the date for an early election” – President Ersin Tatar completed his meetings with the political parties which he launched a week after the resignation of the government. He met with Social Democratic Party (TDP), Democratic Party (DP) and Rebirth Party (YDP) yesterday and made a decision.
  • “We don’t want a puppet administration” – “This Country is Ours” Platform was on the streets again. The group of protestors marched from Kuğulu Park to Dikilitaş monument (in old town Nicosia) yesterday and called on the people to attend a bigger rally to be organised on November 13 at İnönü Square.
  • Total chaos – A resigned government, no date for an election, the National Unity Party (UBP) congress, video scandals and on top of all that K-Pet and AL-pet – two main distributors of fuel oil in the north – decided to stop supplying petrol stations with fuel. Long queues were formed outside the petrol stations.


Earthquake effect

Prime Minister Saner who spoke following the scandalous video circulating on social media said he was the target of an ugly character assassination ahead of the party congress. The video caused a tremor within the UBP and political circles. Now left with only two choices, Saner will either resign leaving politics or will continue to defend his claims. He said that the attack was not only directed at him but his party and family.

  • A heavy blow to the economyWhen K-pet’s and Al-pet’s request to raise the price of petrol by ₺1 (€0.093) and euro diesel by ₺0.90 (€0.084) was turned down, supplies to petrol stations were halted pushing the country into crisis.


The video that ruined Saner

The video on Ersan Saner, which is not possible to be published by our newspaper, shocked both the TRNC and Turkey. Saner said: “I have become the target of a character assassination,” claiming that the video was part of a conspiracy orchestrated against him…Saner, who has yet to resign from his post added: “The necessary response will be given to those who seek to gain from immoral acts.”

  • The video was released by Sedat PekerSedat Peker, who said he has another account named ‘Deli Çavuş’ (Mad sergeant), said he has other videos in his hands and will release them gradually…

Main News

GC Navtex for Nautical Geo is the source of tension in East Med

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa
Energy, Regional/ International Relations


The Turkish Cypriot Foreign Ministry on Wednesday said the new Navtex (navigational telex) issued for Nautical Geo scientific research vessel is the very source of tension in the Eastern Mediterranean as it will research an area overlapping with the zones which the Turkish Cypriot side has issued licenses for.

In a statement issued, the ministry reiterated that the Turkish Cypriots, which are one of the two owners of Cyprus, also have joint rights in the hydrocarbon resources on and off the island.

“This is a right the Turkish Cypriots gained in 1960 and is a natural reflection of its sovereign equality and equal status,” the ministry stressed, adding that the Turkish Cypriot side strongly condemns the Greek Cypriot side’s decision to carry out research unilaterally and without seeking the consent of the Turkish Cypriot side.

“The Turkish Cypriot people will not remain silent against the Greek Cypriot side’s unilateral acts and fait accompli to usurp its rights,” the statement read, noting that the Turkish Cypriot side to put an end to such attempts has given hydrocarbon exploration license to Turkish Petroleum (TPAO) in 2011.

The ministry also reiterated that the Turkish Cypriot side’s proposals submitted on the issue is still on the table and urged all the relevant sides to seize the opportunities to be created with the regional conference on hydrocarbons as proposed by Turkey.

“The Turkish Cypriot side has always prioritized resolving the hydrocarbons issue through collaboration and diplomacy,” the statement read, urging the Greek Cypriot side to abandon its acts that escalate tension in the region.

Ertuğruloğlu (UBP)
>> TC side will not remain silent against the GC side’s unilateral acts.
>> Such acts taken without the consent of the TC side are unacceptable.
>> TC side’s proposals on hydrocarbons are still on the table.
>> TC side has always prioritized resolving the hydrocarbons issue through collaboration & diplomacy.
>> GC side should abandon its unilateral actions that escalate tension in the region.

Tatar throws in the towel on the formation of a new government

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa
Governance and Power Sharing


Turkish Cypriot President Ersin Tatar on Wednesday said he would cease efforts to appoint one of the parties in parliament to form the next government as he believes none of the political parties will be able to find a majority.

Speaking to reporters following his meetings with the heads of the Social Democratic Party (TDP), Rebirth Party (YDP) and the Democratic Party (DP), Tatar added that he hopes the parliament will reach a consensus on holding an early election.

“Holding an early election will be in the best interest of the country,” Tatar said, reiterating his hope for the political parties to identify a date instead of him dissolving the parliament. Tatar recalled his constitutional right to call for an early election should the political parties with seats in the parliament fail to reach a consensus on forming a new government within 60 days.

“Nonetheless, I do not think anyone will be able to form the government at this moment,” he said, urging the political parties to overcome their differences for the wheels of the country to keep turning.

Noting that he will also meet with the independent MPs next week, Tatar added that he is in constant communication with the speaker of the parliament to resolve the matter sooner than 60 days. Tatar had met with the heads of the National Unity Party (UBP), the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), and the Peoples’ Party (HP) on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the efforts of the speaker of the parliament Önder Sennaroğlu for the parliament to convene in an extraordinary session on Wednesday failed as neither party agreed to meet. As a result, Sennaroğlu used his authority as the speaker of the parliament and ordered the MPs to be present at a parliamentary session to be held on Thursday.

Main opposition CTP’s general secretary Erdoğan Sorakın on Wednesday slammed Tatar for his biased attitude in favour of the UBP. Accusing Tatar of losing his impartiality, Sorakın said Tatar is pretending that the triparty coalition is still in power and did not resign.

In a social media post, Sorakın pointed to the current problems in the north and urged every political party to get together to identify a date for an early election.

“Tatar who lost his impartiality fails to deliver his constitutional responsibilities. The parliament is not working, democracy has been shelved, and all ethical values have been disregarded,” Sorakın stressed, adding that Tatar is only concerned about the upcoming UBP general congress.

Speaking during a web TV programme, CTP leader Erhürman also echoed the same messages, warning that the CTP will not refrain from carrying out democratic protests until a date for an early election is identified.

In the meantime, a video shared on social media showing UBP leader Ersan Saner engaging in online sex with a woman sent shockwaves throughout the north on Wednesday.

In a written statement on Wednesday afternoon, Saner spoke of a conspiracy against him and said the video was the product of editing from a mobile phone that had been bought on the Greek Cypriot side, and the whole exercise was designed to discredit him. There was also underworld involvement, he said.

Turkish Cypriot press reports earlier had suggested that the video had been released by a Turkish mafia leader.“I have always considered it my duty to protect the peace, unity and solidarity of my family, our party, our people and their interests,” he added.

His plan was to re-run as party leader during the congress on October 30-31 but just ten days beforehand the video was released recorded on “a phone from southern Cyprus”. Saner said that rumours had been circulating for months that something negative would happen but he did not think his enemies “would sink to such a low level to harm his office, his family and his party”.

“I was the target of very bad defamation with this video, which is a product of processing with the maximum use of technology. It is clear that someone wants to prevent me from serving my beloved country, my party, but they do this not through political means but through open attacks. There is a conspiracy designed entirely for this purpose,” he said.

In fact, there were indications, he added, that there was cooperation with the underworld. “It’s not just me. I, my family, my party and our political institutions were attacked. That is why we continue to assess the situation with our legal advisers,” he said.

Also on Wednesday, the “This Country is Ours” Platform staged a protest against the government. The protestors, who carried banners reading: “This country is ours,” “Neither partition nor annexation, Independent Federal Cyprus” and “The will is with the people not in the (presidential) palace” marched from the meeting point of Kuğulu Park outside old town Nicosia to the UBP headquarters in the old town of Nicosia.

CTP leader Tufan Erhürman and TDP leader Cemal Özyiğit also attended the march. Speaking during the event, Koral Aşam, head of the Turkish Cypriot Federation of revolutionary workers’ unions (DEV-İŞ) said their struggle will continue growing. He added that the platform will organize a much bigger protest on November 13 at the İnönü Square in old town Nicosia.

Italian suspect to remain in police custody

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa
Internal Security


An Italian suspect, who was arrested by the narcotics police in Famagusta with 10 gr of cannabis type drugs on October 17, has testified to bringing the drugs from South Cyprus.

Informing the court of the investigation, the police officer said the suspect had testified to purchasing the drugs from an unnamed individual in the southern part of the island. Charged with the crimes of smuggling drugs and being in possession of drugs, the court ordered the suspect to be remanded under police custody for two more days until the police conclude its investigation.

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