TCC Press Review 29 Oct 2021

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Investigation into video scandal deepens

The hearing over the scandalous video starring Prime Minister Ersan Saner which was circulated illegally is continuing. Police searched three homes and one business. 61 of 75 telephone records, 14 computers, one notebook and four flash drives were examined. A sound bite was taken from the woman in the video. Another person was implicated in the case. 38 people were questioned, and 50 others are waiting. The four suspects were remanded in police custody for another seven days.


Sterling Pound goes up, rents skyrocket!

The difficulties faced by tenants in our country doubled after the recent price hikes in everything from food to medicine and other essentials. The rents for homes have gone up with the return of university students to the country. Those who pay rent between £200 and £400 for a home or an apartment, are now paying an amount between ₺2,600 (€233) and ₺5,200 (€467). The tenants worry about making rent.

  • Nearly 7kg of drugs worth ₺5m (€446,400) were seizedThe narcotics police arrested members of a drug gang in a raid. It emerged the gang has connections in South Africa, South Cyprus, and the TRNC.


Tensions running high

Hours before the National Unity Party (UBP) congress on Saturday, the video scandal which resulted in Prime Minister Ersan Saner’s withdrawal from the race, is being discussed in the courts. The suspects P.G, C.K., M.Ö., G.S. were brought before a judge yesterday again. Both the police and the prosecutor pointed out that the investigation was still underway and asked the court to order the suspects to remain in police custody for an additional eight days. The court ordered the suspects to be remanded for seven days.

  • The Turkish Republic celebrating its 98th anniversary – Turkey’s Republic Day is being celebrated in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with official ceremonies and activities.
  • TRNC a centre for drugs – The police in an operation carried out, arrested members of a drug gang with connections in Nigeria, South Cyprus, and TRNC and seized drugs worth ₺5m (€446,400).


Operation dust

Narcotics police seized 2.2kgs of methamphetamine and 4.5kgs of cannabis worth ₺2.5m (€224,000) in a raid carried out yesterday. Four of the arrested were Nigerian nationals, the fifth a Turkish national on a work permit.


Same crime different verdict

What kind of justice is this? Is the justice system working differently for some people? The same charges brought against Halil Falyalı were brought against the head of the Nationalist Democracy Party (MDP) Buray Büsküvütçü. Büsküvütçü was charged with battery as well as threatening and forcing a woman to sign documents with intent to extort money. However, he was released on ₺2,000 (€179) bail, which is a funny amount for the charges he faces. Falyalı, who is also charged with the same crimes, is currently behind bars awaiting his trial.

Main News

Tatar continues anti-federation rhetoric

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa
Negotiations Process


Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar on Thursday continued to preach the same tune, arguing in favour of a two-state solution while demonizing a federal settlement.

Speaking to reporters in Gaziantep, Turkey, Tatar said he has always advocated for a stronger Turkish nation in the Blue Homeland, claiming that “foreign powers and Europeans” were playing games in Cyprus.

Tatar, stressing the importance of maintaining good relations with Turkey, said he would not allow the ‘TRNC’ to be abandoned in solitude by revoking Turkey’s guarantor rights if both parts of Cyprus become EU members. “There will always be the sovereign Turkish Republic in the northern part of Cyprus,” Tatar stressed.

Repeating himself at a reception hosted by the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce later in the day, Tatar lashed out at the Turkish Cypriot opposition for supporting the idea of a partnership with the Greek Cypriot side and insisting on a federal settlement.

“Those pro-European, pro-federation supporters still want to create a partnership with the Greek Cypriots. Such a partnership means coming under the yoke of the Greek Cypriots, becoming a minority, and forcing Turkish troops out of Cyprus with the excuse of being an EU state,” he said, stating that this was out of the question.

Tatar said that Turkey fully supported the Turkish Cypriot side’s position in favour of a two-state solution. Pointing out that there are two states and two peoples in Cyprus, Tatar said that it was no longer possible for the two communities on the island to live together under one roof.

“The international community is not telling us to abandon our rights. It is telling us that both sides need to reach an agreement to solve the Cyprus Problem. Such an agreement seems highly unlikely because the Greek Cypriots have an advantage of recognition which it is using to the very end,” he added.

Explaining that the north possessed all the criteria, institutions, and requirements of being a state, Tatar said that according to the UN’s established practices as in the case of Kosovo, Turkish Cypriots who have been governing themselves for the past 60 years have been granted the right to self-determination.

“It is our most fundamental right to continue to exist as a state with the support of Turkey,” he concluded.

Tatar was greeted by protestors at Ercan (Tymbou) airport on Thursday night following his return to the island. Members of the public sector employee’s union KTAMs who gathered at the airport criticized Tatar for ignoring the country’s problems and for regularly carrying out trips to Turkey while people are struggling with economic, social and political problems.

Speaking to reporters at Ercan (Tymbou), Tatar brushed off the criticisms stating that he did not agree with the protestors. He added that he will continue to accept invitations from Turkey and visit these areas on a regular basis.

Earlier on Thursday, members of the main opposition Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Erkut Şahali, Doğuş Derya and Asım Akansoy slammed Tatar for his remarks against those in favour of a bizonal, bicommunal federal (BBF) settlement in Cyprus.

“I sincerely feel sorry for Mr Tatar who continues to speak with the courage of ignorance, and I can’t help but wonder what kind of punishment the Turkish Cypriots are subjected to,” Şahali posted on social media on Thursday.

Şahali challenged Tatar to appear with him on a live TV programme to debate what a BBF entails. Echoing similar points, CTP MP Derya posed three rhetorical questions to draw attention to the economy given the devaluation of the Turkish Lira; the upcoming National Unity Party (UBP) given the sex scandals and to draw attention to his baseless allegations on the federal settlement.

In a social media post, Derya in addition to pointing out the many inaccuracies in his remarks reminded Tatar that the federation solution was proposed by Ankara and the Turkish Cypriot side as a model on the island.

Also, in a social media post, Akansoy argued that Tatar has embarked on trips to Turkey “to try to cover the shameful situation his political party is in.” Akansoy expressed his shock at Tatar’s remarks, asking whether it is possible for a politician to “tell so many lies.”

“Not only lies, but Tatar is working very hard to erode the Turkish Cypriots’ reputation in Turkey and is working on belittling the community,” Akansoy argued, adding that “There is not any other politician in the history of Cyprus that has waged a war against his community.”

“Tatar can’t represent the Turkish Cypriots,” Akansoy concluded.

>> North will not be abandoned in solitude by revoking Turkey’s guarantor rights if & when both parts of Cyprus become EU members.
>> Federal partnership means coming under the control of GCs as a minority & forcing Turkish troops out of Cyprus.
>> Turkey fully supports a two-state solution in Cyprus.
>> TCs have a fundamental right to continue to exist as a state with the support of Turkey.

Çavuşoğlu: Turkey will not allow its rights and interests to be ignored

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa


Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu on Thursday criticized neighbour Greece’s stance on the issue of the Eastern Mediterranean, adding that Turkey will not allow its rights and interests to be ignored. Speaking during a programme on CNNTürk, Çavuşoğlu said that Turkey will not allow any power to change the current balance in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“We will not allow anyone to violate our continental shelf,” the minister said, adding that the Turkish navy and the Defence Ministry demonstrated Turkey’s determination.

He noted that the Greek Foreign Minister Nicos Dendias complains about Turkey at every possible opportunity in international meetings. “These are all due to an inferiority complex,” he said, underlining Athens is trying to get third parties involved in the Eastern Mediterranean tensions.

“We are in favour of international law. We are in favour of equitable sharing. When they try to take our rights, we do what is necessary on the field and at the table. On the right path, we will go to the end to defend our rights,” Çavuşoğlu said, arguing that Ankara has defended Turkey’s rights and stopped the games against Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean.

He also pointed out that the Greek Cypriot side will resume its hydrocarbon activities by the end of next month. “We did not allow any vessels to enter the areas licensed by the TRNC to Turkey,” Çavuşoğlu concluded.

Meanwhile, Ali Murat Başçeri, Turkey’s ambassador in north Cyprus, said Turkey has protected the rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot side in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In a televised address on Bayrak marking the launch of official celebrations for Turkey’s Republic Day, Başçeri added Ankara will stand against any fait accompli or any unfair treatment of the north.

“It is our desire for the region to set the example for peace and stability,” he said, adding that both Ankara and the Turkish Cypriot side have made constructive proposals to seize the opportunities in a collective approach.

He pointed to the regional hydrocarbons conference proposal as an example.

“Nonetheless, it is the Greek Cypriot side that has rejected every proposal on equitable sharing of the resources and calls for collaboration to date,” Başçeri said.

He also pointed to the Turkish Cypriot side’s new vision vis-à-vis the Cyprus problem.

“We support TRNC’s proposal for a two-state solution based on sovereign equality and equal international status,” Başçeri concluded.

Çavuşoğlu (Turkey)
>> Turkey will not allow its rights & interests to be ignored.
>> Turkey will not allow any power to change the current balance in the East Med.
>> Ankara favours international law & equitable sharing of resources but will do everything necessary if its rights are infringed.
>> Ankara will not allow any vessels to enter areas licensed by TCs.
>> Ankara supports a two-state solution based on sovereign equality & equal international status.
>> Both Turkey & TCs have made constructive proposals to solve problems through a collective approach, a regional conference being one of them.

Narcotics police deal a heavy blow to int’l drug gang

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa
Internal Security


The Turkish Cypriot dailies report that narcotics police in the north, arrested seven people seizing 2.250gr of methamphetamine worth ₺2.5m (€223,100) and 4,340gr of cannabis worth ₺2.5m (€223,100).

It emerged that the group has connections with South Africa and the south. The Six foreign nationals and one Turkish Cypriot taxi driver who were arrested had been under surveillance by the police for a while.

The police officer in charge of the investigation told the court that the suspects have also been using a courier company based in north Nicosia for the delivery of the drugs.

The officer said the police is still looking for five other suspects. The court ordered the suspects to be remanded for three days until the police conclude their investigation.

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