GCC Press Review 30 Oct 2021

Front Page Headlines


Getting settled in public service through the back door

Old and tried recipe for official appointment through favouritism with 30-month contract renewals.

  • Mr ‘This is Cyprus’: Lawsuit against ‘P’, because he was squirming due to the swords of journalists
  • President in Paphos: I changed Cyprus from 2013


It wants the ‘5’ in the process

Moves from Nicosia towards the permanent members of the Security Council. They too are favouring a more active involvement. The USA’s message to Guterres is to immediately take initiatives.

  • Major developments in the murder of Evangelou: ‘Orphan’ DNA was found in a crime committed 23 years ago
  • AKEL mobilising people for the demonstration
  • Exhumation of the remains of seven-year-old Demetrakis, who fell in 1955: He was in a mass grave for 65 years


Enough is enough with the Anastasiades-Averof government

Everyone today at 10.30am outside the Presidential Palace against corruption.

  • Politics: Relatives of missing persons have every right to know the fate of their loved ones

Cyprus Mail

‘Headlong to climate fiasco’

Ahead of COP26, UN chief warns G20 must do more.

  • Lonely Planet puts Nicosia sixth in top ten cities to visit in 2022
  • (photo caption) President Nicos Anastasiades was greeted with pomp and ceremony on Friday when he visited Paphos to inaugurate several of the development projects in the town


Stern response by the Presidency to Odysseas Michaelides

Its accusing him of interpreting laws by himself. From the 9,000, it referred to only 4 cases involving the Presidency.

  • New tension: New Navtex and military exercises by Turkey
  • Demetrakis Demetriades: 7-year-old EOKA hero exhumed today
  • Government: AKEL seeking chaos and destruction

Main News

Republic issues anti-Navtex after Turkey announces military drills

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Politis
External Security


The Republic issued an anti-Navtex after Turkey announced via a marine advisory that it will conduct military exercises in waters off the north of the island, the papers report.

The dailies report that Turkey issued a Navtex announcing gunnery exercises on November 3 and 4. The drills’ designated areas are around Cape Apostolos Andreas off the Karpas peninsula, and in waters off Famagusta. Alithia reports that the move serves to hike up tension in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Authorities in the Republic responded by issuing a navigational warning of their own, advising ships to disregard the “illegal” Turkish advisory.

Meanwhile, the dailies report that the Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis continues to conduct seismic surveys in waters north of the island. The surveys will last until December 16.

Moreover, the dailies write that Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that more exploratory drilling for natural gas will be taking place in the Eastern Mediterranean in November. Speaking on CNN Turk, Cavusoglu said that Ankara will not abandon its rights, and that their drilling platforms would be moved from the Black Sea into the Mediterranean.

Alithia reports that Government Spokesman Marios Pelekanos said in statements to CyBC that the Republic is taking action at both the level of the EU and at that of the UN Security Council (UNSC) in order to stop Turkey’s illegal actions in the region.

FM discusses Cyprob with US Ambassador

Haravgi, Phileleftheros
Negotiations Process


Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides met with US Ambassador Judith Garber on Friday to discuss topics including the Cyprus problem, developments in the Eastern Mediterranean region and bilateral cooperation between Cyprus and the US.

Phileleftheros reports that the meeting came as a result of Nicosia’s efforts to secure greater involvement of the permanent members of the UN Security Council (UNSC P5) in the Cyprus problem, something that the P5 also favour, unlike the Turkish side which is attempting to keep the UNSC as uninvolved as possible.

Towards this end, Phileleftheros reports that Christodoulides has launched a new round of contacts with the Ambassadors of the UNSC P5 in order to firstly discuss Cyprus problem developments and secondly in order to relay certain messages to both the five countries and the UN.

In addition to Garber, Christodoulides also met with the Russian Ambassador, Phileleftheros reports. The paper adds that Nicosia is seeking a greater involvement of the US and Russia in order to prevent Turkey from diverting the Cyprus problem from UN parameters, but also in light of the issue of Varosha where Turkey is flouting UNSC resolutions.

The paper also reports citing information that the US have told the UN Secretary General (UNSC) that he must take initiatives immediately in order to resume the negotiations process. Similar messages have also been sent by Russia, Phileleftheros writes.

Meanwhile, the dailies report that on Thursday, Christodoulides was also briefed by his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias on his recent meetings with the Foreign Ministers of the UK and China, which also featured discussions on the Cyprus problem.

Missing Persons Day marked on Friday

Cyprus Mail
Human Rights


Those responsible for the disappearance of missing persons are also guilty of perpetuating the anguish of their families, President Nicos Anastasiades tweeted on Friday on the Missing Persons Day marked on October 29.

He said the state would not cease its efforts until the fate of everyone is verified based on tangible evidence.

Meanwhile, speaking at a ceremony to mark the day held at the Makedonitissa Tombs in Nicosia, Presidency Commissioner Photis Photiou said that resolving the missing persons issue was a sacred duty and debt of honour and not just empty words to mark an anniversary.

He said that this anniversary is a reminder that 47 years have passed since the disappearance of the missing during the Turkish invasion and more than half a century since the disappearance of missing persons during the 1963-64 events. Photiou said that despite the intense efforts of the state, and missing persons’ families in Cyprus and Greece, many are still missing.

He also said that Turkey and its representatives in Cyprus continue to provocatively and arrogantly show contempt for the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and other international organisations.

Photiou said that Turkey has so far refused to provide information from the occupying army archives on mass graves of our missing from the collection of the dead on the battlefields. Turkey also refuses to provide information on the burial sites of the remains of missing persons who were deliberately removed from the primary burial sites, he added.

Photiou also said that Turkey continues to pose obstacles and difficulties for research and exhumations in military zones. He said Cyprus expects from the UN, the EU but also from the powerful of the earth to take humanitarian initiatives and to contribute substantially and effectively to ending the ongoing tragedy for the benefit of the afflicted families.

He also said that the government, despite the difficulties, problems, and the refusal of the occupying power to cooperate, is intensifying its efforts with consistency and determination, to determine the fate of the last missing person, whether he is a GC, a Greek or a TC.

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