TCC Press Review 12 Dec 2021

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“The Turkish Cypriot people will become the senior partner of the coalition government”

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) nominated its candidates for the upcoming January 23 elections with a jubilant congress. Speaking at the congress, CTP leader Tufan Erhürman said, “We will give them what they deserve at the ballot box. It will be you who will carry the CTP to office.” He added that the Turkish Cypriot community will be represented by the government and that they will make the country Cypriot again.


Finalising candidates

Political parties that will take part in the early elections on January 23 have started to finalise their list of candidates. The People’s Party (HP) held an election within its party assembly the other day and announced its final list yesterday. National Unity Party (UBP) and CTP also finalised their list of candidates. Democratic Party (DP), Social Democratic Party (TDP) and Rebirth Party (YDP) will finalise their list of candidates today.

  • Laguna residents want the buildings to be repairedThe Evkaf Administration of Cyprus has sent eviction notices to the residents of the Deniz Yıldızı (Starfish) buildings located in the Laguna area of Famagusta. However, the residents said they will not comply with the order and will not leave their apartments.


They’re not interested in making ends meet, only the election

The UBP, CTP, HP and Social Democracy Party (TKP) nominated their candidates. Voting by the four parties took place in Nicosia yesterday to determine the final list of candidates. More than 8000 UBP members voted to determine the 40 candidates who will be running in the elections. The remaining 10 contingent candidates will be announced tomorrow.

  • Harsh warning – Families in South Cyprus who refuse to send their children to schools due to rapid tests or mask requirements will either be fined or sent to prison.
  • Historic ceremony at palace – US-Qatari partnership official awarded natural gas exploration license for block five.


Those who reject occupation are ready for the elections

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) and the People’s Party (HP) announced their list of candidates for the January 23 early elections.

Main News

Bicommunal health forum to be established

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa


A group of Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot political parties on Saturday agreed to establish a bicommunal forum on health. In a statement issued, the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) said the forum will provide the opportunity to discuss and develop further collaboration on health matters across the divide.

“It has become vital to strengthen collaboration on health between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots especially due to continuing Covid-19 pandemic,” the statement read, adding that the forum will also focus on urgent humanitarian matters, chronic illness as well as transporting required medication and health equipment over the Green Line.

The statement also noted the political parties “salute the ongoing work carried out by the bicommunal technical committee and the forum is in no way a replacement of it.”

“The political parties also believe that such initiatives will not only build confidence between the two communities but also will assist the efforts to find a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus problem with constructive and practical ways,” the statement read, adding that the forum is also open for other political parties as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and civil society organisations (CSOs).

The forum is established by AKEL, CTP, New Cyprus Party (YKP) and Left Movement.

Akar: “Two equal, sovereign & independent states only option for a solution”

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa
Negotiations Process


Turkish Minister of Defence Hulusi Akar on Saturday said two equal, sovereign and independent states has become the only option for a solution in Cyprus.

Speaking during his ministry’s budget deliberations at the Turkish Parliament, Akar also noted that Turkey is faced with problems in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean due to Greece and the Greek Cypriot side’s expansionist and maximalist demands that violate international law, coupled with hostile rhetoric.

He also argued that both Greece and the Greek Cypriot side invested in arms as well as forming alliances with other countries, continuing to adopt an aggressive stance. “Their attitude is rejected by all the reasonable countries,” Akar argued, stressing that Ankara has given and is giving the necessary response.

“Despite Ankara’s good-willed calls for dialogue, Greece continues with its unlawful acts, but the necessary response is being given both in the field and on the table within the principle of reciprocity,” Akar said, adding that Ankara is in favour of a peaceful resolution of the problems in line with good neighbourly relations.

He also underlined Ankara will continue to do everything possible to turn the Aegean into a sea of friendship between Turkey and Greece.

Touching on the Cyprus issue, Akar said Turkey will continue to support the Turkish Cypriots in line with the Treaty of Guarantee. “We are determined to protect the rights of Turkish Cypriots and of Turkey both in the Aegean and in the Eastern Mediterranean,” Akar concluded.

Akar (Turkey)
>> Two-state solution in Cyprus only option.
>> Greek-GC side’s actions are a violation of international law.
>> Ankara is in favour of a peaceful resolution of problems in the Aegean & East Med.
>> Ankara will continue to support TCs in line with the Treaty of Guarantee.

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