TCC Press Review 17 Dec 2021

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Queue forms for jobs in the south

The devaluation of the Turkish Lira and the erosion of purchasing power in the north of Cyprus has pushed people to seek jobs in the south which pay in Euros. The efforts launched by the Turkish Cypriot Federation of Labour Unions (Türk-Sen) to find jobs for people in the south have been met with great interest. 208 people applied to Türk-Sen yesterday to work in the south.


Never-ending nightmare

Turkish Central Bank dropped interest rates to 14 per cent and as a result, the value of foreign currencies skyrocketed pushing new records. One British Pound Sterling reached ₺21.

  • 208 applications in one day to work in the SouthThis is the picture of economic despair.


DP is not the key but a mass party

Leader of the Democratic Party (DP) Fikri Ataoğlu was the guest at Havadis. He spoke confidently about the upcoming elections.

  • Hundreds of young people lined up for salaries in EuroThe initiative launched by the Turkish Cypriot Federation for labour unions (Türk-Sen) to find employment for nearly 8000 Turkish Cypriots in tourism, construction and restaurant sectors became a hope for many young people. The majority of the people lined up for applications outside Türk-Sen have university and post-graduate degrees.


A touch of hope

Citizens seeking work in South Cyprus formed long queues in front of Türk-Sen. According to information obtained by Diyalog, 208 people who couldn’t find work in the north filed in forms while many others inquired on the procedures. Arslan Bıçaklı who spoke to the daily said that most of the jobs available were in the construction, hospitality, and restaurant sectors. “Those who apply must be Republic of Cyprus (RoC) citizens and should show their ID when applying,” he said. Bıçaklı drew attention to the growing number of people seeking employment in the south, stating that the main reason was the economic collapse in the north.

  • Steps were taken according to demandSEK Secretary Matsas confirmed the agreement reached with Türk-Sen but added, “the impression should not be created that all applicants will be hired in bulk.”


Killed by the love for Turkey £1 = ₺21

Do you remember the “Love Erdoğan” posters on our roads? They were everywhere. One young individual was even arrested for vandalizing one of the billboards. We hit rock bottom because of our loyalty. Everything has collapsed. We have gone bankrupt! Each day is a new shock… (The value of) Sterling pound, Dollar and Euro shock us each day whereby the supermarkets change the price tags three times per day. We are now worse than Papua New Guinea and Venezuela. Ersin Tatar amid the catastrophe puts a photo of Kyrenia coasts on Twitter saying “the Toros Mountains can be seen.” Yes, you are right Mr Tatar, the Toros mountains can be seen clearly but the one sterling pound is still ₺21.

  • Bar Association supports our newspaper – Turkish Cypriot Bar Association said filing lawsuits against Avrupa for the articles published is a violation of freedom of expression and freedom of thought.
  • Another support from the YKP – New Cyprus Party (YKP) said Turkish Cypriot daily Avrupa is systematically attacked by Turkey’s colonial regime.

Main News

Dozens of TCs apply to Türk-Sen for jobs in the south

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Economy, CBMs


A long queue formed in front of the office of the Turkish Cypriot Federation of Labour Unions (Türk-Sen) on Thursday by those seeking employment in the south especially after the crash of the Turkish Lira against foreign currencies. Dailies reported that 208 people had applied for euro paying jobs with many others showing up to inquire about positions and procedures.

Türk-Sen has partnered up with Greek Cypriot labour union Sek to allow up to 8,000 Turkish Cypriots to work in the South. Speaking to reporters, the head of Türk-Sen Arslan Bıçaklı said that the high number of applications was mainly due to the economic crisis in the north and that figure was expected to grow in the coming days.

He said that the applications will be forwarded to Sek in the coming days. Applicants must have a Republic of Cyprus (RoC) passport or ID card.

According to Bıçaklı, Türk-Sen and Sek have been deliberating for over two months, with the final meeting last week ending with this decision, which “will give around 8,000 people the chance to enter sectors like tourism, hospitality and construction”.

Speaking to the press in the South, Sek leader Andreas Matsas said that this was the first-time efforts were so organised even though similar arrangements had been made in the past. He however warned that the perception should not be created that all applicants will be hired at once or in mass.

GC caught trying to smuggle fuel over to the south

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Internal Security


A Greek Cypriot man was caught on Thursday by Turkish Cypriot customs officers while trying to smuggle half a ton of diesel fuel in a water tank placed inside a small van.

Customs at the Yeşilırmak (Pyrgos) crossing pointed noticed the tank inside the van. The police were informed and legal proceedings were launched.

The car was also impounded by the police. There have been no reports that the man was arrested.

The incident comes as petrol stations introduced a cap on the amount of petrol or diesel that can be sold per vehicle following shortages due to the drop in the value of the Turkish Lira against foreign currencies.

Earlier Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu had urged petrol stations to temporarily suspend the sale of petrol or diesel to Greek Cypriots who crossed over daily to benefit from the cheaper prices until the problem was solved.

His calls had been met with fierce criticism from the opposition and petrol station owners who ignored the call.

EU to provide €30.7m to Turkish Cypriots in financial aid

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EU Matters, Economy


The European Commission on Wednesday adopted a €30.7m action programme for the Turkish Cypriot community that includes substantial aid to help producers benefit from the Hellim (Halloumi) PDO package by conforming to the relevant EU standards.

In a statement issued from the EC, tailored measures are planned to help the Turkish Cypriot producers benefit from the developments on Hellim (Halloumi), including compliance with the relevant EU standards.

The support from the Aid Programme will include improving the food safety and hygiene standards, eradicating animal diseases and developing a system for animal identification and registration, which would be EU compatible and allow an island-wide solution, the statement read, adding that it also includes continued support for green infrastructure and environment, in line with the European Green Deal priorities.

The EC statement also underlined that the new set of projects seeks to support economic development, reconciliation and confidence-building measures including substantial assistance to Turkish Cypriot Hellim (Halloumi) producers.

The EC also reiterated its commitment to assist ongoing efforts for the reunification of the island. In this regard, the aid programme will continue to provide substantial financing for the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) and the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage. Further support will be offered to bicommunal Technical Committees to help them carry out their activities more effectively. In addition, the statement noted continuous support for civil society will help to enhance island-wide cooperation between NGOs and inspire further bicommunal activities, thereby contributing to the process of reunification.

A scholarship scheme will allow young Turkish Cypriots to gain academic and professional experience in the EU Member States, including in the College of Europe, the statement concluded.

TC Bar Association: Lawsuits against Avrupa writers is a violation of freedom of thought & expression

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Human Rights


Turkish Cypriot Bar Association on Thursday condemned attempts to file several lawsuits against Turkish Cypriot daily Avrupa and its writers. In a statement issued, the Bar Association said that such lawsuits were a violation of freedom of thought and freedom of expression.

The association also underlined that differences in opinion were an integral part of democratic life. “Moreover, the provisions in the penal code that give the basis to file complaints against journalists or media companies must be removed from legislation without further delay,” the Bar Association stressed, adding that it is then only possible to free the journalists of pressure put on them.

The Bar Association also reminded that the Turkish Cypriot state has adopted the European Declaration of Human Rights.

Avrupa on December 15 had reported that six lawsuits were filed against three writers – Şener Levent, Faize Özdemirciler and Ali Osman Tabak claiming that the articles they had written had “malicious intent” and spread “fear and concern among the public.”

Ertuğruloğlu hits back at CTP MP Derya

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EU Matters, Economy


Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu on Thursday responded to criticisms directed against him by Republican Turkish Party (CTP) MP Doğuş Derya concerning his earlier remarks accusing the EU of adopting a biased attitude in favour of the Greek Cypriot side on the protected designation of origin (PDO) registration of Hellim (Halloumi).

Ertuğruloğlu on Wednesday argued that the EU disregarded the Turkish Cypriot authorities on the issue and accepted the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Agriculture as the competent authority on Hellim (Halloumi).

However, Derya had criticized Ertuğruoğlu, accusing him of preventing Bureau Veritas from operating in the north. In a post on social media, Derya said that the National Unity Party (UBP) was preventing Turkish Cypriot Hellim (Halloumi) producers from producing and selling their cheese in accordance with EU standards.

She said the agreed method of operation contradicted Ertuğruloğlu’s “new policy” on Cyprus. “Bureau Veritas which has also been operating in Turkey for years is an international organisation. It is not a Greek Cypriot institution! Stop exploiting the Hellim (Halloumi) issue for your chauvinist policies,” she said.

In a written statement issued from his office, Ertuğruloğlu criticized Derya’s efforts to distort the earlier statement to gang up the Turkish Cypriot dairy producers against him.

Pointing out that he is determined to protect the rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot producers, Ertuğruloğlu reiterated the EU has disregarded completely the good work carried out by the Turkish Cypriot dairy producers in the north whilst some of the Greek Cypriots have already started producing Hellim (Halloumi) in compliance with the standards laid out in the PDO registration.

“Moreover, the Athens branch of Bureau Veritas Hellas had been selected given the Greek Cypriot side’s demands and that company has been tasked by the Greek Cypriot Agriculture Ministry to carry out compliance controls in the north,” Ertuğruloğlu stressed, reiterating that the EU has accepted the Greek Cypriot ministry as the competent authority on the island.

“I urge Ms Derya to try to protect Turkish Cypriot institutions and make efforts in that regard,” Ertuğruloğlu concluded.

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