TCC Press Review 20 Dec 2021

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Not possible to take a loan, or pay the monthly instalments

The sharp devaluation of the Turkish Lira ruined our dreams of buying a house or a car.

  • Record high crossings from south to the northGreek Cypriots, who earn in Euros, are crossing to the north due to the extreme devaluation of the Turkish lira.


Stop the economic tremor

While the people complain they are not able to make the ends meet due to the high costs, the business community demands the government to take steps to at least slow down the economic crisis. The business community wants the new government to be established after the elections to come up with sound economic plans to ‘stop’ the crisis.


The difference is ₺315.13 (€17.5)

Havadis came up with a list of basic consumables for any home and then compared the prices of the 36 items with last year’s prices. The December 2020 and December 2021 prices revealed that the difference is ₺315.13 (€17.5)


Top occupations that draw votes

There are 31 lawyers and 17 doctors out of the 400 candidates for the January 23 elections. According to information obtained by Diyalog, the political parties prefer to nominate doctors or lawyers as candidates because they have the highest number of contacts with people who could attract voters.


Here is the CTP candidate: Flag, anthem, conquest

Yasin Yeni, who condemned our newspaper during the lynch attack on January 22, 2018, and Republican Turkish Party (CTP) MP Doğuş Derya, head of Maraş (Varosha) Solidarity Association, is a candidate from the CTP. His nomination by the party assembly caused a shock among many.

Main News

CHP MP says AKP’s policies have crippled economy in the north

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa
CBMs, Economy


Erdoğan Toprak, Istanbul MP from Turkey’s main opposition Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP) said on Sunday that the economic model being applied by the government in Turkey had paralyzed the economy in northern Cyprus.

He described the queues formed by Turkish Cypriots to find labour jobs in the south as a painful scene. In a statement on social media, Toprak argued that the impact of the AKP’s monetary policies had latterly brought Turkish Cypriots, whose only access to the world was through Turkey, to their knees.

“The Turkish government is exporting high inflation and poverty” to the north whose finances depend on agreements signed with Turkey. The price of many goods has doubled only further deepening the economic crisis in the TRNC,” he said.

On the Cyprus Issue, the CHP MP criticized the AKP government for undermining the sovereignty of the Turkish Cypriots.

“The government in Turkey which is demanding that the UN and EU recognize the existence and sovereignty of the TRNC is trying to manipulate the north’s politics with its economic model. It undermines and ignores the TRNC’s sovereignty by intervening in its elections. The fact that the AKP government sees the TRNC as its backyard is blatant disrespect to Turkish Cypriot people and their political will and is outright unacceptable,” Toprak concluded.

Meanwhile, the devaluation of the Turkish lira provides a good incentive for the people living in the southern part of the island to cross to the north. Willing to wait for hours in queues to cross to the north, the situation the lira is in now gives the people earning Euro higher purchasing power. The longest lines were formed at the Metehan (Agios Domethios) crossing on Sunday. Turkish Cypriot daily Yenidüzen wrote on Monday nearly 14000 people have crossed to the north from the Metehan (Agios Domethios) over the weekend when only 7000 daily crossings maximum recorded on a weekday.

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