TCC Press Review | 5 Mar 2019|

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‘Police investigated me thoroughly’

Former Prime Minister and UBP MP Hüseyin Özgürgün spoke to Yenidüzen for the first time about the investigation by the Chief Prosecutor’s Office and possible stripping of his political immunity.

Kıbrıs Postası

Less than 200TL per worker needed to ensure safe workplace

Health and Safety expert Emir Taşçıoğlu emphasized that ensuring safe work environments for workers would not be more than 200TL per worker.

  • Halt in tourism will result in crisis – TC travel agencies union and TC hoteliers association highlighted the risks in the sector during a press conference.
  • Government will not break up – Denktaş confident government will not collapse due to presidential elections, noting the party leaders shook hands on it.


Sewage scandal in Yayla (Syrianochori) village

It is revealed that sewage water is flowing into the Yayla (Syrianochori) river. Livestock breeders and farmers are concerned about their health.

  • Four women suffered from violence in two days – Three women in Famagusta and one in Gaziköy (Afania) were victims of domestic violence.
  • 529 children of mixed marriages to be granted citizenship – Positive developments regarding those who got married abroad in TC Teachers’ Union (KTÖS) applications.


The State violates the constitution

Equivalent Value Property Rights Association (EŞHAKDER) President Taner Derviş emphasized that there are 8,000 files kept on shelves making 60,000 people suffer regarding the equivalent value of property.

  • Cultural technical committee to convene on 13 March – Road map on the exchange of recordings with the artwork to be identified.


Justice for Judiciary

The state which can afford to pay a director and an undersecretary a monthly salary of 24,000TL to sit at home cannot find 10,000TL for 3 gophers needed by the courts.

  • It would contribute to stability – Greek Cypriot Defence Minister Savvas Angelides comments on French fleet’s presence at naval base in South Cyprus


Only signatures left for Dome Hotel

The contract for Dome Hotel is ready to be signed. An agreement has been reached between Evkaf Administration of Cyprus, the Tourism Workers’ Trade Union and Dayanışma (Solidarity) Tourism Ltd. 150,000 USD will be paid annually for a ten-year lease. According to the contract, Bayram Karaman will step down and a new manager will be appointed.

  • Yasemin Movement to hold press conference – Yasemin Movement will be holding a press conference on Tuesday regarding its six candidates who will be running for the European Parliament.
  • 2,000 Euros for Greek Cypriots who settle in the North – Greek Cypriot government to pay 2,000 Euros to Greek Cypriots who resettle in the North.

Main News

Bicommunal Culture Committee meeting to identify roadmap

Yenidüzen, Havadis, Afrika


The Bicommunal Technical Committee on Culture will convene on 13 March to identify the roadmap for the exchange of Greek Cypriot artists’ works in the North with the pre-1963 recordings of Turkish Cypriot artists in the CyBC archives. Turkish Cypriot members of the committee held a meeting in the North ahead of the March 13 meeting.

Committee co-chair Kani Kanol stressed the importance of the Turkish Cypriot artists’ recordings for folklore studies and cultural research. The two leaders reached agreement on the exchange of GC artwork for TC archival recordings during their meeting on 26 February as a goodwill gesture.

529 children of mixed marriages to be given RoC citizenship

Migration and Citizenship


Progress has been achieved in the cases filed by TC Primary School Teachers’ Union (KTÖS) and TC Middle School Teachers’ Union (KTOEÖS) on behalf of children born into mixed marriages.

KTÖS General Secretary Şener Elcil said children born into mixed marriages whereby the marriage took place abroad will be given the Republic of Cyprus citizenship.

There are currently 437 applications made to KTÖS on the issue, while 92 were made directly to Greek Cypriot authorities.

Elcil added that the trade unions will take the other cases to international legal platforms because denying the right to citizenship is a violation of international human rights.

KTÖS and KTOEÖS have filed 6,100 cases with the Greek Cypriot Interior Ministry. Since then, the Interior Ministry formed a special committee to look at each application one by one.

Four-party coalition to keep going

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs Postası, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Afrika
Governance & Power Sharing


Democratic Party (DP) leader and Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş announced that the coalition government will not be dissolved even if each of the four coalition partners nominated their own candidates for the 2020 presidential elections.

He said that the coalition partners had shaken hands on this agreement and that the coalition was going strong.

Denktaş also said that contrary to claims by the opposition, the government had no problems in paying salaries.

The DP leader urged the opposition to stop spreading false rumours regarding the coalition government and to let them do their job for the remainder of their term in office.

UBP MP Zorlu Töre says GCs hijacked Republic of Cyprus

Negotiations Process


Deputy Speaker of Parliament and National Unity Party (UBP) MP Zorlu Töre said on Monday that the Greek-Greek Cypriot duo will not approach a solution before the 4 March 1964 UN resolution is removed.

He said that the Greek Cypriots have been holding the Republic of Cyprus hostage since the date when the United Nations recognized the defunct administration controlled by the Greek Cypriots as the legitimate government of Cyprus.

Ever since, the Greek Cypriot side has been trying to remove the only remaining obstacle to achieving its goal of controlling the whole island, which is Turkey’s active and effective guarantee, he said.

Töre (UBP)
>> Greece & GCs will not move towards a solution until the 4 March 1964 UN Resolution recognising the GC administration as the legitimate government of Cyprus is removed.

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