GCC Press Review 22 Apr 2019

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Authorities had the solution

Politis had published a report on disappearances. A public call for the investigation of the disappearance of foreign women had fallen on deaf ears. Indications of the existence of two more bodies in the same mine shaft.

  • Committee on Missing Persons (CMP): It is the president’s decision
  • Euro-elections: What do polls tell us


“It felt good and I did it again”

The unprecedented for Cyprus horrendous confession investigators heard. Fears there are more victims.

  • Questions by Akinci on political equality: He insists on his positions
  • Attempts at (creating) artificial crisis in EEZ: Ankara becomes more audacious
  • Three foreign policy pillars
  • (Greek President Prokopis) Pavlopoulos’ messages to Turkey


Criminal racism and indifference

The murders of the two housekeepers and the six-year-old committed in May and July 2018 show evidence of racist crimes but remained unsolved for months due to the inaction of the law enforcement agencies. The employer of the second victim had been expressing concerns about the life of the 28-year-old, but the police confined itself to a statement. The six-year-old daughter of Mary Rose is not found yet. Indications of other victims also in the Mitsero mine. Imperative questions to the police and the justice ministry.

  • The president insists on ‘new ideas’ that stray from the Guterres Framework


Humanoid beast

Horror and disgust from revelations on the brutal actions of serial killer ‘Orestis’. He confessed to strangling the two women after making love to them and then dumping their bodies in the Mitsero mine shaft. The search in lake Meni in Xyliatos has not yielded any results yet on locating the six-year-old Sierra. His second victim, Αrian Palanas Lozano, was the house maid of the former deputy chief of police training.

  • He now uses the plural keeping a distance – An unusual in style written statement by Akinci with questions to President Anastasiades. (In plural form) Tell us on what issues of vital importance you are “willing” to have TC positive vote.

Main News

Akinci: Can Anastasiades say which issues he deems are of vital importance to TCs?

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Negotiations Process


The papers report on a written statement by TC leader Mustafa Akinci on Sunday addressed to President Nicos Anastasiades calling on him to explain which issues he finds of vital importance for the TCs to have a positive vote on. Some of them point out that the statement was made in the plural form.

Phileleftheros reports that Akinci continues to move in a line of confrontation and addresses Anastasiades in the plural form, seeking answers to his questions.

Akinci, the daily reports, invites Anastasiades to answer on what he regards as vital issues. The TC leader highlighted once more the issue of political equality, insisting on the request for a positive vote on all the issues of the TC community, the daily said. He even indicated to the president that political equality has been agreed and wondered why Anastasiades wants to reopen this chapter.

It is clear that Akinci wants to send the message, in view of any new initiative by the UN to conclude an agreement on the terms of reference, that he will insist that the issue of political equality is included, as he himself interprets it, Phileleftheros said.

He argues that Anastasiades continues to demonise the principle of a TC positive vote and therefore, he says, he wants to ask him publicly, if he was so against it then why had he accepted it? He asked: Are you aware that with this attitude you opened a debate on earlier agreements? If the agreements of the past cease to be common ground how will the starting point will be found?

We’ve heard recently that you accept a positive vote on vital issues for TCs, Akinci said, calling on Anastasiades to say what he considers vital issues given that he had said in the past he did not find that the EastMed pipeline issue or the federal budget were vital to the TCs.

Can you then please tell us what issues you think are of vital importance to the TCs in a federal structure which you “accept” for them to have a positive vote on, Akinci asked, adding that he expected a clear answer, Phileleftheros reported.

Politis said that Akinci challenges Anastasiades, while Alithia notes that Akinci is using the plural form while addressing the GC leader as if keeping a distance from him. Akinci’s statement was in an unusual style, Alithia reports.


>> Wants to know which issues Anastasiades believes are of vital importance for TCs and is willing to discuss a TC positive vote for.
>>  Political equality has already been agreed on but Anastasiades wants to put it back on the negotiations table.
>> Anastasiades is demonising the principle of TC positive vote.
>> If there is no common ground on earlier agreements how does Anastasiades expect the talks to resume?

Prodromou: GC side willing and ready, waiting for Turkey to make a move on Cyprob

Alithia, Politis
Negotiations Process


Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said on Sunday that President Nicos Anastasiades’ goal is for the Cyprus talks to resume as soon as possible and on the correct basis.

The dailies report on statements by Prodromou to the Cyprus News Agency following Sunday press reports that the UN Secretary-General is planning to convene a conference on Cyprus in the summer.

What is concrete at this stage, Prodromou said, is the UN Secretary-General’s willingness and the effort of his envoy Jane Holl Lute for the resumption of the Cyprus negotiations. 

The spokesman put any delays down to the reluctance of Turkey and the TC side, arguing that Turkey is deliberately causing delays since last autumn, when the UNSG appointed his envoy, while the TC leader avoids any meetings. 

Prodromou stressed that the president’s goal is the resumption of the talks as soon as possible and on the right basis. 

Referring to the UNSG’s report, he said that in general terms, it is positive, stressing that the UN persist and are willing to contribute to the resumption of the talks. 

Our side responds positively, we basically wait for Turkey, he said.

On a report by Phileleftheros on Sunday according to which Turkey, through the pseudo-state in Cyprus, informed the UN of its willingness to proceed with drilling within Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone, Prodromou said that the UN itself has declared the pseudo-state as illegal thus any such document has no validity.

Anastasiades’ goal is for the Cyprus talks to resume as soon as possible and on the correct basis.
>> Would not comment on reports on a conference in summer. At this stage, what is concrete is the UNSG’s willingness and Lute’s effort for the resumption of talks.
>> The GC side is ready but Turkey delays the procedure while TC leader refuses to have any meetings.
>> The pseudo-state is illegal for the UN so any documents submitted by it are void.

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