TCC Press Review 29 May 2019

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“Shame, no sincerity”

Response to HP (Peoples’ Party) MPs’ blame game. HP ministers of the new UBP (National Unity Party)-HP coalition ignited a new political crisis by directing accusations at the four-party coalition on a TV programme. Former ministers who were part of the four-party coalition spoke to Yenidüzen. Responding to the accusations the ex-ministers said: “They lost credibility, they couldn’t persuade the public and now they’re looking for someone to blame.”

  • Greek Cypriots claim it has exceeded 100 million Euros – It has been claimed that the compensation Turkey has been ordered to pay Greek Cypriots by the European Court of Human Rights has exceeded 100 million Euros.

Kıbrıs Postası

Our first priority is to calculate costs at KIBTEK accurately

Economy and Energy Minister Hasan Taçoy said his priority will be to calculate costs at KIBTEK (TC Electricity Authority) accurately, implying both personnel costs and energy production costs.

  • Kudret Özersay has not come back down to earth yet – Serdar Denktaş said (HP leader) Kudret Özersay has only 14 months of experience in office, adding: ‘I have been in politics for 30 years and I am still learning.’
  • Double bill explanation – KIBTEK said sending two electricity bills is only a procedural matter due to the switch to summer tariffs. It will not create an unjust situation, said KIBTEK.


Turkey did not trust the Finance Ministry

Deputy PM Kudret Özersay said the economic protocol agreement had not been signed due to reasons emanating from the North in his statement to Kıbrıs.

  • Moving 45 years later – 21 railway cars and ten engines left by CMC (Cyprus Mining Corporation) in 1974 to be displayed in Lefka for tourism purposes. Mayor of Lefka Aziz Kaya said the railway cars and engines will be placed on railway tracks from Karadağ (Lefka) to Gemikonağı (Karavostasi).


E-governance trap

Gangs that have already swindled many in Turkey and earned millions in the process are targeting Turkish nationals living in the North. The internet-based gang lures people through sponsored ads on Facebook claiming Turkey is granting loans to Turkish nationals living abroad and directs them to a website, which is a replica of Turkey’s e-governance site.

  • First meeting all quiet – UBP-HP coalition government held its first Council of Ministers meeting. The meeting lasted two-and-a-half hours after which no statements were made.


Price of plane tickets and foreign exchange rate hit hard

The public has preferred to spend the Bayram holiday at local hotels and Cappadocia. 

  • Support to terrorism – Greek Cypriots also surprised by the 14 votes cast (for ELAM) at the ballot box allocated for Turkish Cypriots.


100 dunams of land victim of exercise

100 dunams of land were turned into ashes due to practice at an army target range. A fire broke out in a wooded area between Alevkayası (Alevga) and Kalavaç (Kalyvakia) village due to target practice carried out by the military. Firefighters couldn’t intervene in the blaze due to the danger of possible unexploded shells in the area. The Nicosia District Officer called for urgent assistance from the locals.

Main News

Toros criticizes new government’s two-state solution policy

Kıbrıs Postası
Negotiations Process


Republican Turkish Party (CTP) MP Fikri Toros on Monday criticized the new government’s approach to the Cyprus Problem.

Toros, speaking on a TV programme, said that the government’s insistence on bringing a two-state solution model under the EU umbrella to the negotiating table was unrealistic.

He said that it was out of the question for the North to be recognized while the Republic of Cyprus (RoC) continued to function.

Toros added that it was also out of the question for the RoC to be dissolved and for two new states to be established on the island.

“Then there is the question as to how the issues of property and territory will be solved,” Toros said.

Toros argued that pursuing such a policy would only serve to isolate Turkish Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriot leader at the negotiating table, increase the isolation of the North and discourage foreign investors.

“In other words, we would be playing into the Greek Cypriots’ hands,” he added.

Toros also pointed out that another problem with the model would be the Turkish Cypriot state’s accession to the EU.

“Who would be assessing the EU membership bid? The European Council requires a unanimous vote. How is this going to be possible with Greece and South Cyprus? Do you believe that Greek Cypriots, who won’t even accept a federation, accept this?” asked Toros.

He called on the government to review its policy on the Cyprus Problem and amend the paragraph in the coalition programme in favour of a federal settlement.

Toros concluded by telling the Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay to work towards enhancing relations with the EU and push for implementation of the Direct Trade Regulation.

He said that collaboration and trade with the Greek Cypriots could only be possible once the Turkish Cypriot side achieved EU standards in production.

Toros (CTP)
Coalition’s insistence on two-state solution under EU umbrella unrealistic.
>> Recognition of North, dissolving RoC & establishing two new states out of the question.
>> How would this model resolve property & territory issues?
>> Pursuing two-state policy will isolate TCs & TC leader at the negotiating table, increase North’s isolation & discourage foreign investors.
>> North’s EU membership would require unanimous approval in European Council. Council members Greece & GCs do not even accept federation.
>> Coalition should review Cyprob policy in favour of a federal settlement.
>> Özersay should focus on enhancing relations with EU & implementing Direct Trade Regulation.
>> Increasing cooperation & commerce with GCs not possible until TC producers achieve EU standards.

AKEL is more dangerous than ELAM

Kıbrıs Postası, Diyalog
EU Matters


Commenting on the outcome of the European Parliament (EP) elections, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Zorlu Töre said on Monday that AKEL (Progressive Party of Working People) was more dangerous than ELAM (National People’s Front).

He reminded that the EP imposes embargoes on the Turkish Cypriot people on the basis of decisions taken by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

Töre argued the Greek Cypriot administration continues to impose both embargoes and isolations on the Turkish Cypriot people under the pretext of the Republic of Cyprus, which became a European Union member as a half-state. The two seats allocated for the Turkish Cypriot people on the basis of rights from the partnership republic were then given to the Greek Cypriots, he added.

Töre said a Cypriot with a Turkish name won a seat in the EP on AKEL’s ticket. The winner claims he will protect the rights of the Turkish Cypriots in the EP; he claims his victory revived the hopes for a united Cyprus. As a result, [the concepts of] political equality and two separate peoples are being shelved and osmosis policies are being implemented, Töre argued.

Turkish Cypriots are being asked to stand on the side of Greek Cypriots against Turkey and the TRNC, he said. AKEL is implementing the policies of Makarios and (Tassos) Papadopoulos and the policy of promoting a Hellenic Cyprus through osmosis, Töre said.

He further argued that EOKA and ELAM attempted to annihilate the Turkish Cypriots by killing but AKEL is doing it through deceptive messages. If the Turkish Cypriots are not cautious, there will be greater threats for the Turkish Cypriots, Töre concluded.

AKEL is more dangerous than ELAM. The latter tried to annihilate TCs through killing, but AKEL is doing it through osmosis, promoting the policies of Makarios & Papadopoulos for a Hellenic Cyprus.
>> EP imposes isolations on TCs on the basis of CJEU decisions. GCs impose embargoes & isolations on TCs through RoC as an EU member.
>> Two EP seats allocated to TCs on the basis of partnership rights have been given to GCs.
>> Cypriot with Turkish name elected on AKEL ticket claims he will protect TC rights but the result is to shelve principles of political equality & two separate peoples, in exchange for implementation of osmosis policies.
>> TCs are being urged to stand with GCs against Turkey and the North.

CMP unearths human remains near Famagusta

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs Postası
Human Rights


Human remains were unearthed on Tuesday by the committee on missing persons (CMP) in the village of Tuzla (Engomi) near Famagusta, raising the number of missing persons found this year to 19.

The remains, which were retrieved by the CMP’s bicommunal excavation team, belong to one person, the committee said.

The CMP added that excavation efforts at a site in the neighbouring village of Mutluyaka (Stylloi) near Famagusta will be temporarily halted so that more research can be conducted.

Excavations in Mutluyaka (Stylloi) had started on 10 May.

Renewing its plea to all communities on the island, the CMP asked the public to support the committee’s efforts by providing information on possible burial sites.

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