TCC Press Review 31 May 2019

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“He wouldn’t have passed the threshold if we had held elections”

Hüseyin Özgürgün spoke to Yenidüzen, harshly criticizing (People’s Party leader) Kudret Özersay. Özgürgün: “I want to go to court and clear my name of these allegations… What they are really alleging is that I received bribes. Who bribed me? This is what they investigated.”

  • My election doesn’t harm Turkish Cypriots’ politically equal status in the slightest way – MEP-elect Niyazi Kızılyürek met with the Turkish Cypriot press. “I shall do all I can for Turkish to become an EU language. Children of mixed marriages have a right to citizenship.”
  • Process for island-wide (mobile phone) interoperability launched

Kıbrıs Postası

If civil servants did their actual jobs properly, they wouldn’t have the energy for a second job.

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar said he will give the necessary orders to prevent and stop civil servants from performing a second job. He added: “It is not right when there are unemployed people.”

  • Will work towards making Turkish an EU language – Niyazi Kızılyürek said in addition to working towards making Turkish an EU language, he will also focus on projects that will bring the two communities closer.


New concerns at UBP

Vote of confidence for UBP-HP coalition will be held on Saturday. While Hüseyin Özgürgün and Sunat Atun won’t be taking part in the vote of confidence, UBP (National Unity) MP Önder Sennaroğlu said he will decide whether to take part or not at the last minute.

  • Not possible to stop meat smuggling – Police seized 350kg of freshly slaughtered lamb worth 60,000 Turkish Lira (TL) in Vadili (Vatyli) village.


Evkaf Administration of Cyprus must be questioned

Hürrem Tulga, General Coordinator of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Shopkeepers and Artisans, said the Evkaf’s “Hala Sultan Book Days” event created unfair competition for Turkish Cypriot publishers and bookshops. He said Evkaf has acted in violation of the existing customs law.

  • Havadis reporter, beggars arrested – Nicosia Turkish Municipality and police arrested two beggars in Nicosia following Havadis’ story on beggars on May 28.


All they do is talk

It costs 1,000 TL to fly from Ercan (Tymbou) to Ankara and more than 1,600TL to fly to Izmir but the economy is still not on the agenda of the politicians.

  • ‘We will never come again’ – Two female beggars (from Turkey) caught begging door to door say they want to return to their country


Turkey wanted the college

Cemal Özyiğit (Social Democratic Party leader) confessed for the first time. He said the Turkish education ministry had demanded that control of the Hala Sultan College be handed over to them. “No doubt we could not do this. The reason why Turkish ministers refused to meet with us was our rejection of their request,” Özyiğit said. If only he had made this public earlier.

  • Mobile phones at final stage – Signatures put on deal for connecting North and South’s mobile phone network

Main News

Kızılyürek vows to bring two communities closer together

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs Postası, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog
EU Matters, Negotiations Process, Human Rights


Turkish Cypriot MEP-elect Niyazi Kızılyürek said Thursday that his goal will be to bring to life activities and projects that will bring the two communities closer.

Speaking at a news conference in the North, Kızılyürek said that his election in no way hurt the politically equal and separate status of Turkish Cypriots.

“The political equality of Turkish Cypriots cannot be changed. More importantly, they are the owners of two seats in the European Parliament (EP) as part of the Turkish Cypriot constituent state in the event of a federal settlement,” he said.

He said that he will be representing European citizens within the EP’s Left Group, not any nation or ethnic identity.

Kızılyürek described Sunday’s election as having “historical importance” since it was the first time in the history of Cyprus that Greek and Turkish Cypriots jointly supported a ticket.

“I am not a member of AKEL but I entered the elections under AKEL. This drew both positive and negative reactions. My election under AKEL’s ticket does not hurt the Turkish Cypriot’s political equality the slightest bit. That status remains unchanged. According to the 1960 constitution, Turkish Cypriots are equal partners of the Republic of Cyprus (RoC). They will be political equals in the federal state to be established. My election does not change the reality of this country the slightest bit,” he said.

Kızılyürek also said that he had experienced a lot of suspicion and doubt during the campaign, noting that many people apparently confused the Euro-elections with national elections.

The suspicion and debate that ensued revealed that many people are unaware as to how the EU institutions work, Kızılyürek said. “Throughout my campaign, I told my fellow Turkish Cypriots not to vote for me because I am a Turkish Cypriot. I told the same to my Greek Cypriot supporters,” he said.

Kızılyürek said that his priorities included working to establish a federal state in Cyprus which will respect all communities and their differences.

He added, however, that the European Parliament was not the place to solve the Cyprus Problem.

“Nevertheless, there is much that needs to be done within the EP that will help pave the way for a federal settlement and peace on the island. My priority will be to carry out projects that will bring the two communities closer,” Kızılyürek added.

Asked on the EU Direct Trade Regulation, Kızılyürek said that bringing the regulation to life was beyond his reach as this was not an issue to be decided by the EP but by the European Council and the European Commission.

Regarding Turkish as an EU language, he said that he has been supporting this idea for years and will do all he can to add Turkish, one of Cyprus’ official languages, to the list of EU languages.

“Such a move would be valuable and helpful in integrating Turkish Cypriots with EU institutions,” he added.

Among the things that could be done is to undertake initiatives to prepare Turkish Cypriots for EU membership and to increase the 600 million Euros in EU funds spent on North Cyprus so far, he said.

Kızılyürek listed dual-language radio and TV programmes as well as scholarship programmes among the projects he wanted to implement.

Commenting on RoC citizenship for children from mixed marriages, Kızılyürek said that such children had a right to RoC citizenship and that there was a great injustice being committed on this issue.

He added, however, that this issue could not be solved politically but by taking legal action.

Kızılyürek (AKEL MEP)
>> Leading priority will be to undertake projects aimed at bringing two communities closer & helping to achieve a federal settlement.
>> Being elected will not hurt political equality and separate status of TCs.
>> Political equality of TCs cannot be changed. TCs own two seats in EP as and when federal settlement takes place.
>> Will be representing all European citizens, not nations or ethnic identities, from the EP’s leftist political grouping.
>> Sunday’s election “historically important” as it was the first time TCs and GCs jointly supported a ticket.
>> EP not the place to solve Cyprus Problem but much can be done to help pave the way for a federal settlement.
>> Implementation of Direct Trade Regulation within European Council & Commission’s mandate, not EP’s.
>> Making Turkish an official EU language will help TC’s integration process with EU institutions.
>> Preparing TCs for membership and EU institutions, increasing EU funds for TC community, dual-language radio & TV programmes among plans.
>> Children from mixed marriages have right to RoC citizenship. Great injustice being committed. Issue cannot be solved politically but through legal action.

Tatar criticizes EU report on Turkey

Kıbrıs Postası, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog
Energy, EU Matters, Negotiations Process


Prime Minister Ersin Tatar on Thursday criticized the European Commission’s latest report on Turkey.

Tatar said in a written statement that the report’s section on Cyprus was wrong and biased.

“There are two sovereign peoples in Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriot people will never accept being assimilated into a Greek Cypriot state as is the Greek Cypriot side’s desire. The main reason behind the failure to reach a settlement in Cyprus is the Greek Cypriot side which has rejected all solution plans to date. If the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been established it is because of the Greek Cypriots’ aspiration for Enosis and their perception of Turkish Cypriots as a minority,” Tatar said.

He warned that no one, including the EU, could force Turkish Cypriots to bow to Greek Cypriots through a settlement which will ultimately transform them into a minority.

The European Union cannot achieve anything by unfairly accusing Turkey without seeking the views of the Turkish Cypriots, Tatar said.

Regarding the issue of hydrocarbons, Tatar reminded that the Greek Cypriot side had rejected all proposals for cooperation put forward by Turkey and the TRNC.

“While this is the case, the EU, which bases its position on Greek Cypriot arguments, cannot issue directives to Turkey or put forward demands on this issue,” he said.

Tatar concluded that the EU is unable to rectify the mistake it made by accepting the Greek Cypriot state into the EU before a settlement was reached.

“The EU cannot contribute to the solution of the Cyprus Problem by defending Greek Cypriot views. This will only further render the division on the island permanent,” Tatar added.  

Tatar (UBP)
>> EU report on Turkey ‘wrong’ and ‘biased’.
>> TCs will never accept being assimilated into a GC state.
>> Main reason for failure of solution efforts is GCs’ rejection of all solution plans. TRNC established in response to Enosis & GCs perception of TCs as a minority.
>> No one, including EU, can force TCs to accept a settlement that will transform them into a minority.
>> EU cannot achieve anything by unfairly accusing Turkey.
>> EU cannot issue directives to Turkey while GCs reject all Turkish proposals for collaboration on hydrocarbons.
>> EU unable to rectify mistake of allowing GC membership of EU pre-solution.
>> EU cannot contribute to a solution by defending GC views. This will only further render division of Cyprus permanent.

Samani: process for mobile phone interoperability launched

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs Postası, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Afrika


The Turkish Cypriot GSM operators Telsim Vodafone and North Cyprus Turkcell signed separate network agreements with the Swiss-based company Comfone, officially launching work on mobile phone interoperability, announced Meltem Onurkan Samani, General Coordinator of Technical Committees, on Thursday.

Speaking to TAK news agency, Samani said that the deal, once put into operation will serve the purpose of a confidence-building measure to increase communication and contact between the two communities.

Samani repeated the view that implementation of the measure, first agreed upon in 2015, had been delayed due to the Greek Cypriot side’s legal and political concerns. Greek Cypriots were looking into ways to avert anything which could imply or lead to political recognition. 

On Monday, May 27, President Akıncı had convened a meeting of experts and GSM operators in the north, instructing the operators to sign the agreement with the Swiss-based company, Samani added.

She said that Akıncı had also requested the urgent completion of technical work that will allow the measure, aimed at easing the daily lives of people on both sides, to come to life. Samani added that interoperability, once achieved, will be the next successfully implemented CBM agreed upon by the two leaders following the simultaneous opening of the Derinya (Dherynia) and Aplıç (Apliki) crossing points and the connection of the electricity grids of both sides.

Interoperability will serve the purpose of CBM to increase communication & contact.
>> Implementation delayed due to GCs’ legal & political concerns over political recognition.

Doğuş Derya slams HP leader Özersay on Cyprus Problem

Yenidüzen, Havadis
Negotiations Process


Main opposition Republican Turkish Party (CTP) MP Doğuş Derya on Thursday slammed Peoples’ Party (HP) leader and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay over his views on the Cyprus Problem.

Speaking during Thursday’s parliamentary debate on the government programme, Derya reminded that a federal settlement was originally the Turkish side’s thesis.

She also pointed out that a federal settlement was the most beneficial solution model possible and that arguing in favour of alternatives was the product of a secessionist mentality.

Derya said that the issue of guarantees has always been a stumbling block in the way for a solution.

“Efforts are being made to plant secessionist ideas within the Turkish Cypriot community. The Turkish Cypriot community will suffer the most from such policies. What will the Turkish Cypriot people gain from models based on cooperation?” Derya added.

She also described a two-state solution as a fantasy.

Derya underlined the importance of a solution and peace in Cyprus for Turkey’s regional interests.

She pointed out that the financial cost of a non-solution was high. Derya noted that the amount Turkey has to pay in compensation (for properties) has exceeded 100 million Euros with the payments being delayed because of the negotiations.

Derya (CTP)
Federal settlement model originally a Turkish thesis.
>> Federal settlement most beneficial solution model. Arguing in favour of alternatives is a product of secessionist mentality.
>> Guarantees have always been a stumbling block for a solution.
>> TCs will suffer from efforts to plant secessionist ideas within TC community.
>> Two-state solution a fantasy.
>> Solution and peace are important for Turkey’s regional interests.
>> Financial cost of non-solution high. Unpaid property compensations exceeding 100 million Euros.

Turkish Cypriots still suffer under unfair embargoes

Kıbrıs Postası, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog
Human Rights, Regional/International Relations


Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said Turkish Cypriots, represented within the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) under observer status, were still being subjected to inhumane embargoes.

Speaking at an OIC Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Çavuşoğlu said Turkish Muslim minorities in West Thrace in Greece are unable to exercise their rights and freedoms as stated in bilateral and multilateral documents. He added that Muslim communities and minorities living in western Europe, North America and in non-OIC member states are faced with serious violations and new challenges.

Çavuşoğlu said there are plenty more problems faced by Muslims in the world that could only be solved through the strong resolve of Islamic countries.

TCs continue to suffer from inhumane embargoes.

Turkey resolved to protect rights of TCs in East Med

Energy, External Security, Regional/International Relations


Turkey’s National Security Council (NSC) said on Thursday that it is important to avoid provocative acts and irresponsible statements concerning the Eastern Mediterranean.

It also said that it will not allow a fait accompli in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Council convened under the chairmanship of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, discussing among other issues the latest developments regarding hydrocarbon activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In a written statement, the NSC reiterated that Turkey was determined to protect the rights and interests of the people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The statement also said that Turkey will continue its activities in the Eastern Mediterranean which are in accordance with international law.

NSC (Turkey)
Important to avoid provocative acts and irresponsible statements concerning the East Med.
>> Turkey will not allow a fait accompli in the region.
>> Turkey determined to protect rights & interests of TCs.
>> Turkey will continue its activities in the East Med which are in accordance with international law.

Verbal attack on Turkish Cypriot farmers

Internal Security


Tension escalated in the buffer zone near Deneia village on Thursday when Greek Cypriot farmers verbally attacked Turkish Cypriot farmers according to Kıbrıs which cited credible sources.

UN peacekeepers were called to the scene to stop the incident from escalating further. UN officials forced the Greek Cypriots to leave the TRNC border, reported Kibris.

The paper also reports such incidents caused by Greek Cypriot farmers occur on a monthly basis.

Kıbrıs also gave room to reports in the Greek Cypriot media which claimed that Turkish Cypriot farmers entered Greek Cypriot owned plots with a combine harvester which resulted in an argument breaking out among the farmers.

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