GCC Press Review 29 Nov 2019

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Stylianos was dying since the day he was born

(Ombudswoman Maria) Lottides’ report on the constant negligence by authorities is shocking. The report is a calendar of an announced death of a troubled child. Unnecessary political confrontation at the time when the reform of the social welfare service is urgent.

  • Turkey-Libya: They are ‘eating up’ the Greek EEZ


“Yes, he could have been saved”

Maria Lottides to Phileleftheros: If he had a bit of help we would not have lost Stylianos. Political squabble on the tragedy. The employees of the social welfare service are protesting.

  • New invasion by the Turks in the Avlona buffer zone
  • Turkey delimited her EEZ with Libya and is being provocative


The nudity of our politicians comes to the surface

This government cannot dump on employees responsibilities on all the issues that arise and not assume her responsibilities as government, AKEL leader Andros Kyprianou stressed yesterday commenting on the report into 15-year-old Stylianos’ death.

  • They did not get the EU Commission’s consent (on the change to the Green Line Regulation)
  • Turkey and Libya signed a memorandum for the delimitation of their sea zones

Cyprus Mail

Kouklia re-zoning swap worth €90m

Land has since been offset against Paphos developer’s bank debt.


The report of rage

Massive turbulence due to the Ombudswoman’s report on Stylianos’ suicide. Report-Stylianos: “My father used to beat my mother often and that is why she did not love him. When I grow up I will kill him…”.  Zeta (Emilianidou): Wrath by the labour minister over the statement of the AKEL MP Skevi Koukouma that she wrote the report into Stylianos’ suicide together with the Ombudswoman. “We have been victimised”: The social welfare service officials went on a work stoppage yesterday and they are announcing further measures today. They feel they have been victimized through the Ombudswoman’s findings. The report into Stylianos’ suicide was given to publicity. 139 pages of misery, violence, omissions, indifference, abuse, humiliation, anger and one million other characterisations.

  • President to (CERA chief Andreas) Poullikas: Natural gas will come to Cyprus in 2021
  • Turkey caught everyone off guard: She agreed her sea borders with Libya

Main News

Greek PM satisfied from Guterres’ statement on trilateral

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros
Negotiations Process


The dailies report that President Nicos Anastasiades had a telephone conversation with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to discuss the results of his meeting on Monday with TC leader Mustafa Akinci and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

According to Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou, Anastasiades briefed Mitsotakis on the meeting and discussed the next steps.

Mitsotakis expressed Greece’s readiness to contribute to a viable and functional solution to the Cyprus problem. He also reaffirmed Greece’s close cooperation and coordination with Anastasiades, Prodromou said according to the dailies.

Mitsotakis also expressed full agreement and satisfaction with Guterres’ statement.

Phileleftheros reports that it is obvious in Guterres’ statement that the UNSG cannot just rely on the two leaders’ willingness for the next step which is a five-party meeting and that the three guarantors – Greece, Turkey and the UK – are part of the equation.

All three of them, however, each for their own reasons do not have in their priorities such a meeting, the daily said.

The GC side believes that the problems faced are due to Turkey’s stance with the Cypriot government expecting that the UN’s attention will be turned to Ankara’s direction in hopes there will be a shift in her positions and allow for a  five-party meeting for an agreement on the Terms of Reference.

On the other hand, the UK is now busy with the December 12 elections while Greece, despite reiterating readiness to support efforts, sources had repeatedly said lately Athens does not wish to be dragged into a five-party meeting at the moment, the paper reports.

Mitsotakis (Greece)
Greece is in close coordination with Anastasiades & ready to contribute to efforts for a solution to the Cyprob.
>> In full agreement & satisfied with Guterres’ statement.

Greece, Cyprus, Egypt consultations after Turkey-Libya delimitation agreement

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Regional/International Relations


All papers report that Turkey announced on Thursday she signed an agreement with Libya on their maritime boundaries in the Mediterranean Sea but did not specify where Turkish and Libyan waters meet. Greece dismissed the announcement as geographically absurd because it ignored the presence of the Greek island of Crete between the coasts of Turkey and Libya.

Haravgi reported that the foreign ministers of Greece, Cyprus and Egypt held telephone consultations on the matter. The three ministers said the agreements between Turkey and Libya were baseless with the Egyptian ministry arguing that they are not legally valid, the daily reports.

Presence of farmers from north in Avlona buffer zone raises tensions

External Security


The daily reports that the foreign ministry made representations to the UN after Turkish settlers started working in fields owned by GCs in the Avlona buffer zone on Thursday morning.

Avlona community leader Menelaos Savva told Phileleftheros a Turkish settler entered the buffer zone and started sowing in fields owned by GCs. Verbal assaults were exchanged between the two sides while the settlers present there tried to get the community leader and other residents to leave from the fields, the daily reported. Turkish soldiers were also present but did not interfere.

Despite the incident, the man remained in the fields and continued sowing.

Savva said UNFICYP members tried to get the man to leave.

Sources within the foreign ministry told the daily that they were informed the incident took place in the Akaki buffer zone near occupied Avlona where Turks were picking olives and after representations to the UN, members of the peacekeeping force went there and removed everyone who had entered the buffer zone.

Fifteen days ago in the same area, another such incident took place, while three weeks ago Turkish settlers invaded again in the same area stealing olives from the GCs’ trees, the daily reported.

According to the daily, the lack of cooperation exhibited by the occupation authorities to avoid such incidents creates reasonable suspicion that they are intentional, aimed at creating tensions.

EU not informed of government’s Green Line decision

CBMs, EU Matters, Human Rights


The paper reports that the EU Commission said it was not officially informed by the government on its decision to make changes to the Green Line code of implementation referring to article 10 of the regulation which provides for the consent of the Commission for any changes.

A Commission spokesman told the paper that the government decision seems to not be in line with article two of the regulation while also referring to article 10 which stipulates that any change to the Republic of Cyprus’ policy as regards the movement of persons and goods will be applicable only if the Commission is notified for the suggested changes and as long as the Commission does not express any objections within a month.

This response by the Commission is probably aimed at sending the Cypriot government messages on her moves on this issue, the paper reported.

It added that AKEL expressed its discontent over the fact that the government has taken a decision on such a politically sensitive matter without having consulted with the parties.

The party said it would take a stand on the cabinet decision on changes to the Green Line code of implementation after studying the matter. The daily also reported that the government decision to ‘harden’ the Green Line aimed at reducing arrivals, is firstly targeting third-country nationals but is also increasing checks on Cypriots and EU citizens.

Government to launch new efforts for halloumi PDO

Haravgi, Politis
EU Matters


According to the dailies, Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said on Thursday following a discussion in parliament on delays over Cyprus’ application to the EU on the registration of halloumi as a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), there cannot be unfair competition with the occupied areas and no discounts on health checks.

“If we accepted this, the (application) file would be closed,” he said.

The minister also announced a new effort as regards the registration of halloumi as PDO, this time with the support of the new EU Commissioner on Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides.

Lack of pharmacist in remote village prompts residents buy drugs from north

Haravgi, Politis
Human Rights, Economy


The dailies report that the residents of Kato Pyrgos are forced to buy pharmaceuticals from the north after being left without a state pharmacist for months.

The village’s leader, Nicos Cleanthous, sent a letter to parliament on the problems they face at the remote community as regards the absence of a pharmacist from the Kato Pyrgos health centre. The last one resigned last September and the position remains vacant since while the visit twice per week of a pharmacist from the Paphos hospital is not deemed as satisfactory. Cleanthous said in his letter that there are now shortages in drugs since there is no permanent pharmacist to order them and since there are no private pharmacies at the village, they are forced to buy what they need from the north, despite that they are entitled to that medication through GESY.

The state services said they were trying to fill the position through the purchase of services, while they plan on permanently appointing someone in the future, the dailies report.

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