GCC Press Review 30 Mar 2020

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35 cases record in spite of the quarantine

Strict measures did not limit the coronavirus. Antisocial behaviour undermines efforts by authorities and citizens. Imposition of stricter measures not out of the question if we do not comply.

  • Repatriation plan by Foreign Ministry: Air bridge for return – 200 Cypriots are stuck in 42 countries, from New Zealand to the US
  • Decisions issued for benefits: “Green” for postponment
  • Asylum seekers: Lost in the decrees


Spreading of irresponsibility

SOS from scientists and Ministry of Health – “Stop family gatherings, we are losing control”. Virus was transferred from one person to 15 relatives and friends and they continued the chain of terror.

  • Postponment for state guarantees: Suspension of loan payments passed
  • The other urgent front regarding students
  • Authorities insist on reassurances: (Virus) Also hits Turkey without mercy
  • Occupied areas: Cases reached 64


Government gave the banks a pass

Debt payment suspension only for a few. DISY – DIKO – Solidarity joined hands. Compounding (of interest) at public’s expense.


Family gatherings and tables brought a new record of cases yesterday: 35!

Coronavirus: We limit ourselves at home, but we do not stay alone. Number of dead reaches six and positive cases reach 214 – Nine people hospitalised in intensive care in critical condition – Thoughts for stricter measures.

  • FM contacts: Measures to facilitate students in the countries where they study
  • Eleni Stavrou (interview): The situation at Evros and how I lived it – “We can by ourselves”

Main News

Irresponsible behaviour reportedly connected with spike in new cases

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Internal Security, Human Rights, Negotiations Process


The dailies report on statements made by the government’s experts on Sunday regarding the day’s spike in reported infections with 35 new cases. Scientists talking to the media pointed out that part of the reason for the faster spreading of the virus is the irresponsibility shown by a lot of citizens.

Out of these 35 new cases, 31 were detected by tracking the contacts of affected persons.

In another development, another person has died of the coronavirus in the government controlled areas on Sunday, bringing the number of deaths to six.

Phileleftheros tallies the total number of coronavirus cases in Cyprus to 278 and a total of seven deaths (six in the south, one in the north). 214 cases have been reported in the government controlled areas and 64 have been reported in the occupied areas.

Phileleftheros reports that in a particular incident, only one person transmitted the virus to 15 friends and relatives. Molecular virology professor Leontios Kostrikkis told the media that there is no point in staying at home if families keep organising lunches and group gatherings.

Experts pointed out to the media that through tracking the spread of the virus it seems to be trasnmitted mainly through family relations, which means that citizens are not protecting themselves and other adequately.

In another development, AKEL MP Giorgos Georgiou told Phileleftheros in an interview that the coronavirus could have been an opportunity for the two communities to cooperate in order to protect the entirety of the Cypriot people.

Regarding the issue that came up after the decision of the government to close a number of checkpoints, Georgiou pointed out that AKEL wasn’t the only party that criticised the decision and that even DISY had pointed out the need to prioritise better checks on airports and ports. He added that the government gave no explanation as to why it couldn’t simply increase measures at checkpoints, and that the letter sent by two AKEL MEPs to the European Commission was meant to establish whether the government coordinated with the EU.

Georgiou referred to the fact that the closure of the checkpoints did not assist in limiting the spread of the virus, and accused the government of taking this step unilaterally without talking to the political parties, and of causing the creation of a toxic climate.

Georgiou also said that the results of the coming elections in the occupied areas will be decisive regarding the future of the Cyprus Problem. He points out that Turkey has avoided openly supporting Ersin Tatar and Kudret Ozersay due to the fact that for years the T/Cs resist any attempt by Ankara to impose its preferred candidate.

The dailies report that another two cases of the coronavirus were detected in the north on Sunday. The person who had passed away was a Turkish citizen and not a German citizen as had been originally reported.

Phileleftheros also reports that the shutdownin the north and south has not stopped the efforts of smugglers illegally selling and buying tobacco and fireworks in the Larnaca and Famagusta region. The newspaper reports that it is unknown where these items are being smuggled from.

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