TCC Press Review 29 Aug 2020

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Corona pains in education

Schools are preparing for education following a long break. Following 14 days of remote or online education, face to face education is expected to start. While private schools have completed their preparations, uncertainty at public schools is continuing. The only thing all parents agree on is whether the health of their children will be safeguarded.


Investigation in fraud allegations growing

Financial crimes police discovered that Mehmet Karaöz and three of his employees who swindled ₺180,000 (€20,600) from individuals in the US and Australia through credit card fraud using forged documents had also pocketed the ₺1,500 (€171) salary support payments made to other employees.




No safety left

Two pedestrians, one a six-month-old pregnant woman, the other a male came to face to face with death in separate incidents after they were hit by cars. While the woman, 31-year-old Cristina Zeybek suffered a broken leg in the incident in Lefke (Lefka), 23-year-old Gözen Coşan who caused the accident was arrested. It emerged she was speeding when she lost control of her vehicle and hit the woman walking on the sidewalk. In a second incident, Melik Dinler, aged 43, was hit by a car on the Famagusta road. Dinler suffered multiple fractures and is said to be in serious condition. The driver responsible for the accident, 25-year-old Mert Akil Adalier was arrested.

  • Schools to open in South Cyprus on September 7, 17,000 tests to be conducted
  • It’s equal to ten per cent – According to the Greek Cypriot press, the total amount of Turkish property in the South is 455,000 dunams.
  • Three grams ₺350 (€40) –Rashad Mahjoub confessed to trying to sell drugs he brought over from the south.
  • Last decision on September 24 –European Union (EU) convinced by Greece to impose sanctions on Turkey.


I didn’t buy it

Alaattin Çakısı issued a statement following our paper’s publication. Alaatin Çakıcı: “I have neither sold nor bought anything since being released from prison. These types of reports frequently come up in Istanbul and Bodrum where I reside. All these reports are lies. Turkey is not what it used to be.” Management of Cratos Hotel has not issued any statement on the issue.

  • Maraş (Varosha) pains. Greek Cypriot side asked the EU to intervene –Turkey’s is violating the United Nations (UN) resolutions and is displaying a provocative stance.
  • 12 in the North, 14 in the South—1773 tests carried out in the north, 2917 in the south.

Main News

1960 Treaties of Guarantees and Alliance being ignored, says Tatar

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog
External Security, Energy, Regional/International Relations


Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Ersin Tatar on Friday said that unilateral steps in the Eastern Mediterranean will not bring peace to the region and that the latest steps taken by Greece and the Greek Cypriots together with some countries were in violation of the 1960 Treaties of Guarantees and Alliance (TGA).

Tatar, speaking to state broadcaster TRT Haber, said that both Ankara and the Turkish Cypriot side was uncomfortable with Greece’s steps in the region as well as the joint exercise it conducted with the Greek Cypriot side, France and Italy.

He said that Turkey’s steps in the Eastern Mediterranean were justified as it had the longest coastline.

“We fully support Ankara’s moves and the steps it has taken in the “Blue Homeland” (sea areas). Turkey’s moves and presence cannot be questioned,” he said, adding that the Turkish Cypriot side had also emerged as an actor by signing agreements with Turkey.

“We are determined to take joint steps. Everyone knows that no one can stand against Turkey’s might but it’s obvious some countries are asking for it,” he added.

Tatar argued that the presence of French fighter jets in Cyprus violated the 1960 Treaty of Guarantees and Alliance.

“Turkey will give the appropriate response. The Turkish Cypriot people which is an equal partner in Cyprus should not be ignored,” Tatar noted. He concluded by expressing his belief that Turkey will discover natural resources in the Eastern Mediterranean just as it did in the Black Sea.

Tatar (UBP)
Unilateral steps in East Med will not bring peace.
>> Greece, France, Italy & GC side violating TGA.
>> Ankara & TC side disturbed by Greece’s actions in the region.
>> Ankara’s position in East Med justified as Turkey has the longest coastline in the region. Turkey’s position cannot be questioned.
>> TC side full support’s Ankara’s moves, TC side has become an actor as a result of agreements signed with Turkey.
>> TCs who are equal partners in Cyprus should not be ignored.

Turkish and Greek F16s engage in a dog fight over East Med

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog
External Security, Energy, Regional/International Relations


The Turkish Air Forces intercepted six F-16 Greek fighters over the Mediterranean Sea, the Turkish Defense Ministry said on Friday.

According to the ministry, the Greek fighters took off from Crete Island as they approached the region where Turkey recently declared a Navtex.

It was reported that Turkish’ radar systems detected six F-16 jets taking off from Greece’s Crete island and heading for South Cyprus.

Turkish F-16 jets intercepted jets approaching the area where Turkey issued a Navtex alert southwest of Cyprus island’s southwest and warded them off after finding out that the jets belonged to Greece, it added.

The statement said that the Turkish Naval and Air Forces resolutely continues to protect Turkey’s rights and interests in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Turkey on Thursday issued a new Navtex alert announcing a second four-day extension to the energy exploration of its seismic research vessel, the MTA Oruç Reis, in the Eastern Mediterranean, which Turkey had first announced would conduct research in the region until August 23.

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