GCC Press Review 26 Nov 2020

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An invisible hand covered Rea-Cypra

Law Office – Veterinary (services) – Finance Ministry “forgot” investigation over cheque. The findings of the administrative inquiry that found accountant-general involved in the case of her husband’s cheque was sent to the Law Office on 20/11/2017. Three years later, Odysseas (Michaelides) asks for disciplinary inquiry against Rea Georgiou. According to evidence submitted to Parliament yesterday, up to 31/12/2014, Giorgos Georgiou, the owner of the Cypra slaughterhouse and husband of accountant-general, had withheld money from the public sector that had come from slaughtering charges adding up to 936,108 euro. All will be put before (parliamentary) control committee. Lawyer P. Polyviou seems to have had second thoughts and will not accompany Ms. Rea Georgiou to parliament today. Socrates Hasikos also invited.

  • (Bishops of) Kykkos-Tamasos: They raised a holy Russian battle flag
  • Varosha: “Not to be returned”


Two days of tough decisions

Nicosia, Larnaca, Famagusta in maelstrom of (virus) dispersion – Towards distance schooling starting on Tuesday. Strict measures remain in Limassol, but with some relaxations.

  • Archbishop prevailed with 10 to 7 (vote) but dissidents do not bind themselves: Glass broke in Holy Synod because of Ukrainian issue
  • Tatar’s roadmap to partition
  • Tylliria a powder keg over arrivals of illegal migrants


They covered up… the findings on Cypra cheque

Investigation over responsibility of Accountant-General left in a drawer. Two Finance Ministers pretended not to see. Burning questions before (parliamentary) controls committee today.

  • Another death and 305 positive cases yesterday. Loosening not coming…
  • Schism in Church of Cyprus deepens because of Ukrainian church issue

Cyprus Mail

‘Every metre of Varosha to open’

New lighting and benches installed, 67,459 visited since reopening.

  • Cyprus: 254 cases, one death, 35 in care homes


Odysseas burns Rea!

Over issue of her husband’s Cypra slaughterhouse. He asks for a disciplinary investigation against her for misuse of powers. Rea goes to parliament today with her lawyer Polis Polyviou.

  • Ersin Tatar: 300 Varoshans appealed with enthusiasm to compensation committee
  • Holy Synod on Ukrainian issue: Support to the Archbishop

Main News

Tatar: Varosha will be reopened to its last square metre

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Territory, Property, Negotiations Process


In recent statements reported by the dailies based on a translation by the Press and Information Office, T/C leader Ersin Tatar said that he intends to open Varosha up to its last square metre. He also spoke of the need for a new roadmap by the Turkish side and called on the G/C side to look at its actions with a critical approach.

Haravgi reports that Tatar told Turkish newspaper Turkiye that the beachfront of Varosha has opened after 46 years and that the process will continue until the last square metre of the city is open again. He said that the T/C side has shown an amount of will that no one so far has shown on Varosha.

Tatar added he does not expect the G/C side to contact the T/C side regarding Varosha and that a new set of circumstances exists today. He said that the decision caused excitement among G/Cs and that 300 G/Cs have appealed to the Immovable Properties Commission so far wanting to reclaim their rights.

He also said that changes in the city, the opening of bike lanes and kiosks are facilitating visitors.

Phileleftheros reports Tatar saying in the same interview that a new road map should be set up with the aim of increasing T/C relations with Turkey or increasing its international relations.

He also called on the G/C side to consider what its mistakes so far have been, adding that the T/Cs no longer have time to waste on negotiations with no time frames.

Tatar said that regardless of what a new process is called and whether there will be mentions of UN parameters, the reality is that the terms have changed.

In a statement issued by his office, Tatar said that the T/C side should now explain to the world that if there is a solution then it should be on the basis of two states living next to each other on the basis of sovereign equality. The newspaper also quotes a statement made by Tatar to T/C newspaper Gunes that the G/C side never showed good will when it comes to the sharing of power and resources.

Alithia also reports that Turkey’s National Security Council has said in a statement, following a meeting presided by President Tayip Erdogan, that Turkey will never accept the position that two communities and two states do not exist on the island. The announcement also points out that insistence on positions that ignore the existence of the T/Cs are the reason behind the lack of a solution.

Meanwhile, UBP “MP” Oguzhan Hasipoglu said that the T/C side has no longer any intention to return Famagusta in case of a solution of the Cyprus Problem, Politis reports, noting that Hasipoglu is known to be one of the most extreme voices within the party.

Holy Synod supports Archbishop in recognition of Church of Ukraine

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Regional/ International Relations


The dailies report that the Archbishop’s decision to recognise the independence of the autocephalous Church of Ukraine was approved by the Holy Synod with 10 votes in favour and 7 against.

Phileleftheros reports that the rift within the Church of Cyprus is growing, with Nikiforos, Bishop of Kykkos, saying that the dissenters within the Synod are not bound by the decision taken since this is a matter of faith and not administration, and that if the Archbishop holds a liturgy with the Ukrainian Archbishop then it is up to each Bishop how to act.

Nikiforos also pointed out that the dissenters are not casting doubt on the position of the Archbishop himself, but on the legality of his action to essentially recognise the Ukrainian Archbishop.

The dailies also report that Nikiforos tabled a compromise proposal, offering that the dissident Bishops would not resist the Archbishop’s actions if he accepted to not hold liturgy with the Ukrainian Archbishop. The proposal was rejected.

Georgios, Bishop of Paphos, who is a supporter of Archbishop Chrysostomos, said that decisions taken by the Holy Synod are binding for all its members whether they are taken by majority vote or through unanimity.

A source of the newspaper from within the Synod pointed out that because this was not a secret vote, it’s possible that some members that could have voted differently didn’t because of economic dependence or due to their character. According to the source, there was a proposal for a secret vote but the Archbishop disagreed and called the prelates to openly state their positions.

Haravgi reports that there was an incident when a journalist asked Nikiforos whether he wants to be known as the new “Mark Eugenikos” (a reference to a medieval Bishop who rejected a compromise with the Catholic Church), which caused the Bishop to react, telling the journalist to “shut up” while calling him a “vulgar scoundrel”.

In a statement, the Union of Cypriot Journalists condemned the Bishop’s verbal attack on the journalist, calling on the Bishop to apologise to him as well as to the public.

Syrian migrants arrive at Tylliria through Limnitis checkpoint

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Phileleftheros
Migration & Citizenship, Human Rights, Internal Security


The police announced that a group of 23 young Syrian migrants arrived in the Tylliria area in the early morning of Wednesday, crossing into the government-controlled-areas through the Limnitis checkpoint.

According to police, the group, which consists of 19 men, 2 women and 2 children arrived in the occupied areas by boat and then crossed into the south. The migrants were located in a remote area near Tylliria, the Cyprus Mail reports.

Phileleftheros points out that the T/C authorities did not attempt to prevent the crossing of the migrants and that RoC authorities were unable to do so.

The migrants were registered in Kato Pyrgos and then transferred to the reception centre in Kokkinotrimithia, Phileleftheros reports.

Other dailies chose to focus on statements made by the community leader of Kato Pyrgos Nicos Cleanthous, who told the Cyprus News Agency that the continuous arrival of irregular migrants to the area causes concerns.

Phileleftheros reported on the statements by referring to a new “batch” of “illegal migrants” on its front page. The newspaper also notes in its front page title that the area is a “powder keg” due to the new arrival, regardless of the fact that migrants are regularly transferred to the Kokkinotrimithia reception centre.

Cleanthous told CNA that the coast guard should be strengthened in order to better patrol the area and to permanently station some of its vessels there, in order to prevent the approach of traffickers to the northern coasts of the island.

Phileleftheros notes that this is the fourth time migrants have arrived to the area in less than a month, and cites concern by the government authorities who reportedly consider these new arrivals as directed by Turkish authorities. The newspaper also connects the arrival of migrants with the frustration of the residents of the region due to their lack of mobility because of the lockdown.

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