GCC Press Review 30 Nov 2020

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They ask that Odysseas be removed over inappropriate behaviour

Government – Auditor General will solve their difference at Supreme Council of Judicature. Attorney General has asked of Odysseas Michaelides not to expand into issues of a legal nature that could adversely affect public interest. K. Koushios on naturalisations of casino and Wargaming executives. They contributed over 1.4 billion euro to the economy and offered 1,400 permanent employment positions, contributing also to the recapitalisation of the banking system. The government has gathered material that it believes fully proves Auditor General’s inappropriate behaviour in a series of public interventions.

  • Serdar Denktas speaks to “P”: “We will not let go of our identity”
  • Economy: Turkey’s energy goals


Final test before the holidays

State of holiday period will depend on success of new measures. 152 cases and 114 positive results. Another 14 confirmed results at nursing home. 119 patients at hospitals.

  • Great (St. Andreas) name day marked by quarantine – Today flower shops and confectioneries expected to move with flowers and sweets sent to those celebrating – Hundreds visit Apostolos Andreas Monastery at the northeastern edge of Cyprus with every opportunity – Another year with wishes for liberation and redemption from the occupation.
  • Jane Holl Lute begins contacts again


Restart of negotiations with many “ifs”

Jane Holl Lute meets with the two leaders tomorrow. Position for two-state solution will blow everything up. Stalemate if G/C side refuses political equality.

  • They hide their failure with dithyrambs
  • Imaginary Famagusta


They kill the two largest investments ever made in Cyprus

Response by the government spokesperson to opposition. AKEL takes advantage of unsubstantiated “report” of Auditor General to cover up scandals that concern it.

  • Prodromos Antonaki (opinion): Apostolos Andreas is one of the most popular saints
  • Coronavirus cases: Reduced yesterday, but with less tests
  • Cyprus Problem: Lute in Cyprus and begins contacts
  • Republic of Cyprus: Asks for (Council of Europe) resolution against Turkey

Main News

Serdar Denktas: T/Cs will not let go of their communal identity

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Negotiations Process, Governance & Power Sharing


Serdar Denktas, former leader of the T/C Democratic Party and son of historic T/C leader Rauf Denktas, gave an interview to Politis and Greek newspaper Ta Nea in which he spoke, among other things, of the need for the T/Cs to protect their identity.

When asked if he believes that the chances for international recognition of the north are fewer today and whether annexation by Turkey is possible, Denktas said that despite the fact that a majority of T/Cs would like international recognition, they accept that it is not possible under current circumstances.

He added that annexation to Turkey is not a choice yet, but that it might become a necessity in the long term, and noted that G/Cs should think well on the side effects of this possibility.

When asked if the T/Cs are being assimilated by Turkey, he said that the community survived the colonial period, the period during which the RoC was controlled by the G/Cs and half a century of being dependant on Turkey without being assimilated. He pointed out that the community might have adopted new cultural practices, but that he does not believe it will leave its identity behind.

Denktas also explained his older statement that his father was a Turkish nationalist while he is a T/C nationalist. He pointed out that his judge grandfather raised his father as a follower of Ataturk, as a response to the G/C calls for Enosis, and that T/Cs had no other option at the time to protect themselves. He added that his own generation understood the value of freedom and self-governance and realised that their identity is different from Turkey’s, since they are both Turks and Cypriots.

On Varosha, he said that the opening of the city was something he also supported since 2004, pointing out that the area can become a free trade region for both G/C and T/C people, and added that he does not believe Ersin Tatar shares his vision.

When asked about his well known dinner with then President Tassos Papadopoulos in 2004, Denktas admitted that what was discussed was the possibility of postponing the referendums for a year to improve the Annan Plan, and said that then AKEL leader Demetris Christofias was also present. The postponement did not happen because the Republican Turkish Party, that was also represented in the meeting, disagreed.

Denktas also said that he did not support Tatar during the second round of the leadership elections due to his concerns whether he would be a capable leader for the T/C community.

The dailies also report on the arrival of UNSG envoy Jane Holl Lute in Cyprus. Lute is expected to arrive late Monday and to meet the two leaders on Tuesday. Lute is expected to visit Athens and Ankara after her contacts in Nicosia. Phileleftheros reports that Lute’s appointments in Turkey were scheduled for after December’s European Council.

Imaginary Famagusta initiative has alternative proposals for Varosha

CBMs, Territory, Property


Haravgi features a story on the ideas and proposals of “Imaginary Famagusta”, a group of architects, urban designers and activists from both sides that advocate for a democratic process of determining the future of the city in the context of a reunified island.

Member of the team and associate professor of architecture at the University of Cyprus, Socrates Stratis, explained that through one of their projects, Hands-on Famagusta, the group aimed to create an awareness of the challenges to be found in building Famagusta beyond just Varosha.

Stratis explained that through the project, people with different perspectives and narratives on Famagusta entered a dialogue on the issue, and underlined that all sides should start building institutions and structures that are in favour of joint interests.

He pointed out that this is necessary because the refugees from each are the only ones protesting for their city, which is why only a few people protest when there are developments surrounding Famagusta.

Regarding the recent actions by Turkey and the T/C side, Stratis pointed out that Imaginary Famagusta had been warning since 2012 of the plans to reopen part of the city illegally, and that the danger of such a scenario was presented to the authorities. The team also came into contact with institutions in both communities in 2019 warning of the prospect.

Regarding a new initiative, called F.U.T.U.Re Famagusta, Stratis said that it will propose the creation of a bicommunal Technical Committee on Famagusta.

He added that this proposal had been put forward in the past but that they were ignored by politicians, the EU and the UN.

RoC asks Council of Europe to issue resolution against Turkey

Alithia, Phileleftheros
EU Matters, Human Rights, Regional/ International Relations


The Republic of Cyprus is requesting that the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (which monitors the implementation of decisions taken by the European Court of Human Rights), issue an interim resolution noting Turkey’s refusal to follow ECHR decisions.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, the government submitted a note ahead of the meeting of the Committee of Ministers which will take place on December 1-3, regarding the issue of whether Turkey has followed the ECHR’s decision on the Cyprus v. Turkey case regarding missing persons.

The RoC asks of the Committee of Ministers (CoM) to demand that Turkey immediately pay the compensation that was ruled appropriate by the ECHR.

The RoC also asks the CoM to call Turkey to immediately allow the Committee on Missing Persons to enter military areas in the north, to provide all information it possesses regarding possible burial grounds, and to take specific steps to prevent the future relocation of remains from mass graves.

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