TCC Press Review 11 July 2021

Front Page Headlines


We witnessed the tragedy on-the-spot

Yenidüzen and Haravgi were at the scene of the fire, observing first-hand the scale of the destruction, speaking to those affected. The fire which started in the village of Arakapas in Limassol District and which led to the death of four people, as well as the destruction of thousands of trees and homes only, left heart-breaking scenes. Both the financial and emotional costs of the fire is high.

  • “I’ve turned my back to the north…I’m working in the south. I will seek my rights through legal channels – Mert Beysoydan who was fired from the Office of the President after working in the press bureau for seven years told Yenidüzen about what he experienced.
  • Strong words against Prime Minister Saner from the Democratic Party’s (DP) Central Executive Committee (MYK) – The DP MYK used strong words against Prime Minister Ersan Saner for failing to launch the process to appoint Afet Özcafer as the new labour minister. “It’s neither ethical nor in line with the government protocol or the constitution.”


The burden will be shouldered by e-governance (system)

The “E-governance system,” which is designed to allow citizens to access public services electronically continues to grow. Many of the aspects of the system has been completed and there are even bigger projects to be launched in the coming days.

  • Red-level (procedures) to be implemented at crossings – Health Ministry announced that the bicommunal technical committee on health adopted a new decision to be implemented crossings between the north and the south. The new ruling will enter into force from tomorrow onwards.
  • Özcafer should be appointed as Labour and Social Security Minister – Democratic Party (DP) Central Executive Board (MYK) urged Prime Minister Ersan Saner to comply with the constitution and the government protocol agreement and appoint DP general secretary Afet Özcafer.   


Level Red

Fully vaccinated individuals wishing to cross between the north and south will be required to present a PCR test every seven days. Non-vaccinated persons may cross with a negative rapid test or PCR test. The bicommunal Technical Committee agreed on additional measures following a surge in daily case numbers on both sides. The new rules will apply as of 10 o’clock tomorrow. The rules will also include workers working in the south.

  • He stressed the facts – The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gave an important message by stating that Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots have inherited equal rights.
  • They are bringing the service to the public’s doorstep – The Greek Cypriot administration is launching its mobile vaccination unit in all districts as of today.
  • This can’t go on like this –Long queues are being formed at PCR testing centres. The public is demanding extra measures.
  • ‘First’ warning – The coalition partners, the DP, accused Prime Minister Ersan Saner of violating both the government protocol and the constitution.


Başçeri has the blacklist

People are calling our newspaper demanding that the ‘black list’ used in Turkey’s ports of entry. It is stated the Turkish Embassy, which operated like the election office for National Unity Party (UBP), played an integral role in preparing the blacklist. It is believed the list is still in Ambassador Ali Murat Başçeri’s files.

  • Third operation: Erdoğan taking the fieldTayyip Erdoğan who will come to the north with a crowded delegation for July 20 ceremonies, will give his messages to the world from (north) Nicosia Atatürk Stadium.

Main News

Rules for crossings to be tightened due to ‘dark red’ status

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa
Internal Security, CBMs


New regulations will be in place for crossings from Monday, as the two sides upped the risk level to dark red. The two sides will now consider vaccination certificates for crossings.

According to a statement by the Technical Committee on Health, in view of the epidemiological situation on the island, “it is justified to invoke the emergency mechanism and move to level 3 (dark red) as of Monday 12th July at 10 am.”

According to the rules for level 3 (dark red) non-vaccinated persons may cross with a 72hrs negative rapid test or PCR test (including unvaccinated workers and persons with health problems). Fully vaccinated persons with EMA approved vaccines as well as the Sinovac, Sinopharm or Sputnik vaccines, may cross with a 7-day negative rapid test or PCR test, as of 14 days after their final shot (1st dose if Johnson& Johnson).

Unvaccinated high-school students and people residing in Kato Pyrgos may, for transit purposes, also cross with a 7-day negative rapid or PCR test. The latest decision to change procedures comes after the south was ‘downgraded’ to the ‘dark red’ zone for coronavirus in the latest update issued by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) on Thursday, after registering 493.13 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 14 days.

A similar surge in case numbers has been experienced in the north as daily case numbers have reached triple digits over the past week.

Unlike previously, Turkish Cypriot authorities have ruled out the possibility of shutting the crossing points completely as previously done, most likely due to economic factors. Cheaper prices in the north, particularly for fuel and tobacco products, clothing and other services attract a large number of Greek Cypriots.

Meanwhile, long queues and waiting hours at PCR testing sites after the authorities in the north introduced PCR or rapid test requirement for all indoor entertainment venues including closed spaces at restaurants continues to draw strong reactions from the public.

People are complaining they have to wait for long hours in the heat due to slow processing, caused mainly by staff shortages.

DP hits at UBP for failing to appoint Özcafer as labour minister

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Diyalog, Avrupa
Governance & Power Sharing


The Democratic Party (DP) slammed Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Ersan Saner on Saturday over his failure to appoint Afet Özcafer as the new labour minister. The delay has further strained relations between the coalition partners which have been tense over the past weeks particularly over a disagreement as to when to hold early elections and mounting pressure from the opposition.

A statement issued by the party’s Central Executive Committee (MYK) said that Saner’s actions were neither ethical nor in accordance with the coalition government’s protocol or the constitution. The DP statement pointed out that it had sent the official letter on July 5 informing and requesting the prime minister to appoint Özcafer as a replacement to Koral Çağman who resigned earlier last month.

“The DP MYK declares that Prime Minister Saner’s failure to present Özcafer to the president’s approval is neither in line with political ethics nor in accordance with the government protocol or the constitution. Earlier last week, Saner had said they had been waiting for Tatar to return from his visit in Ankara to present him with the appointment.

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