GCC Press Review 16 July 2021

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Every vaccine… for the better!

Measures and incentives for vaccination are being finalised today at cabinet. Another 1,152 cases yesterday. The government is responding by strengthening the role of the SafePass and more incentives for vaccination against the upward trend of cases and hospitalisations. The aim should not be to separate people but convince them to get vaccinated. Information and better communication with the people. The picture during the first day of the introduction of the walk-in centres is encouraging, while there is a greater flow in the vaccination centres after making an appointment through the GESY portal.

  • Parliament resolution: Their ‘unity’ eliminated the reference to a BBF
  • Crime in Paphos: They killed him and burned him


Return to strict measures

Decisions for using a SafePass almost everywhere, no more dancing and camping. 1,152 new cases yesterday, 181 in hospitals and 18 intubated.

  • Nicosia is standing by on Famagusta
  • The photos from Adana in 1974 brought to life the hell of the war prisoners – Thrasyvoulos Liasides narrates the hardship at the hands of the Turks.
  • A 60-year-old man was found charred – He was burned in the car, under unknown yet conditions.


Safeguarding the historic truth is the compass to our struggles

They are equating the resistance with the coup, provoking the people’s democratic sentiment. Laying of wreaths again this year by the defence minister, DISY and ELAM to the commandos who attempted the overthrow democracy. Words of apology and flowers of honour to the tombs of heroes. Honours from AKEL and POGO to the heroes of the resistance and to those killed. Those who compromised with the barbed wire are immersing the people in illusions. 47 years is a lot.

  • Varosha: Parliament condemns the effort for new partitionist faits accomlis
  • European Parliament: N. Kizilyurek: Turkey aims at partitioning Cyprus forever
  • ‘Parliament’: TC parties are boycotting Erdogan’s address

Cyprus Mail

Venues ‘ready to take action’

Hospitality owners unhappy ahead of expected new measures as cases hit high of 1,152.

  • Cyprus marks coup anniversary
  • Cyprus downgraded in US trafficking report


Uncertainty again with coronavirus

Cabinet: Decisions today for stricter measures. Tightening of the measures again for nightclubs. New hardship for patients as all non-urgent scheduled surgeries are being postponed while admissions of patients whose health allows it, freeze. With a SafePass everywhere. Satisfaction by the response of youth for vaccination.

  • We will react accordingly – Anastasiades: We are vigilant on Famagusta. Presidential advice to Famagustians: patience. Erdogan did not get a positive agenda in the June 24 & 25 conclusions because of Cyprus’ intervention.
  • Events condemning the coup
  • GC owners seek return of their property in Kyrenia on which the Savoy hotel was built
  • Occupied areas: They are scorning Tayyip
  • Turkey, five years after the failed coup attempt of July 15, 2016

Main News

Anastasiades: Nicosia ready to act against any Turkish moves in Varosha

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Territory, Negotiations Process, EU Matters


The dailies report that President Nicos Anastasiades said the government was vigilant on the issue of Varosha and was ready to respond accordingly to any announcements by the Turkish president on the fenced town.

Parliament in the meantime, adopted a resolution condemning Turkey’s attempts to change the status of the fenced town.

According to the dailies, the president said after a memorial to honour those who were killed during the coup defending democracy, when asked by members of the press what he would advise Famagustians ahead of the Turkish president’s visit in the north and possible announcements on Famagusta, he said: “to be patient.”

“We are alert, we are monitoring, and we will react accordingly based on what he might announce,” Anastasiades said.

On why Nicosia did not use its right to veto within the EU as regards Turkey since pressure on Ankara by the bloc was not intensified, he said that the positive agenda was not approved because the Republic of Cyprus was among the first to say ‘it will not be approved’. Anastasiades referred to the June 24-25 European Council’s conclusions on which, he said, Erdogan was counting to get a positive agenda, “but he did not get it”.

He also referred to statements by top EU officials and the UN secretary-general saying everyone warns Turkey.

He added that Nicosia was doing what was possible through diplomacy, “and we will be ready, depending on how he will behave in his presence here, to react.”

Anastasiades also thanked the National Council that convened on Wednesday for a creative dialogue and a productive participation and “a jointly decisive approach to what may be recorded.”

The dallies also report that the House plenum approved during an extraordinary session to honour those who died defending democracy during the coup, a resolution on Varosha. The resolution condemns Turkey’s attempts to change the status of the fenced off town and urging Ankara to terminate its illegal stance.

In the resolution, tabled by DIKO MPs, the House calls on Turkey to respect the 1979 High-Level Agreements and to implement the UN Security Council Resolution on the return of the fenced  town to its legal residents and to show good will as a first step contributing to the efforts to resolve the Cyprus problem.

It also underlines the statement made by the UN Secretary-General on October 6, 2020 which calls on Turkey to avoid unilateral actions in Varosha and emphasises the unchanging position of the Security Council as recorded in its resolutions and decisions. The deputies also express their gratitude towards the European Parliament for its continued interest in the issue of Famagusta and call on the Security Council to intervene to avoid a new fait accompli.

They also call on the government to ask the international community to exert pressure on Turkey to put an end to its illegal stance as regards Varosha and the announcements to open up part of the fenced town. They also call on the EU and all the member states to support Cyprus and to condemn the Turkish provocations.

Alithia also reports that Anastasiades briefed the new Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, with whom he had a telephone conversation to congratulate him on his new duties, on the issue of Varosha.

A statement by the presidency said that the two men discussed developments on Famagusta, with Anastasiades briefing the Israeli president on violations of UN Security Council resolutions, threats by the Turkish president and the TC leadership regarding the implementation of the illegal Turkish plans in the fenced area of Famagusta, in view of Erdogan’s visit to the occupied area on July 20. He also asked his counterpart to contribute to the diplomatic efforts to exert pressure on Turkey. The two presidents agreed to remain in close contact in light of the expected developments.

Politis reports that the House four-page resolution does not refer to the bizonal bicommunal federation (BBF) as a form of solution, which sources within AKEL and DISY said was for the sake of unanimity. According to the reasoning of DISY and AKEL, references to the BBF solution were avoided but it is indirectly referred to in the text with sentences  such as ‘specifications of the desired solution as described in the relevant resolutions of the UN’ etc.

Calls on Varosha refugees to be patient as the government is closely monitoring developments on the fenced area & stands ready to react accordingly, depending on what Erdogan might  announce.
Nicosia did not have to use right to veto because EUCO did not adopt last June the positive agenda Turkey was looking for after the RoC & others said it would not be approved.
>> Thanks National Council for constructive stance & for agreeing to jointly deal with what might follow on Varosha.

Condemns Turkey’s attempts to change Varosha’s status quo & call on Ankara to terminate its illegal stance, respect High-Level Agreements, pay heed to UN calls against unilateral actions, implement UNSC resolution on the return of the town to its legal residents & show good will as a first step to contribute to efforts to resolve the Cyprob.
>> Calls on government to ask international community exert pressure on Turkey to end its illegal stance on Varosha & threats it will open Varosha.
>> Calls on all EU member states support Cyprus & condemn Turkish provocations.

Anastasiades: 1974 coup betrayal must always be remembered

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Governance & Power Sharing, Negotiations Process


The dailies report that Cyprus marked on Thursday the 47th anniversary of the coup of July 15, 1974 by the Greek junta against President Makarios with memorials.

The sirens sounded at 8.20 am on Thursday which was the time the coup started.

President Nicos Anastasiades attended a church service honouring the people killed during the coup, and later a special session of the House plenum marking the coup anniversary.

He later attended a memorial service at the Democracy Monument at the Presidential Palace Park.

Anastasiades said this was a day of remembrance that should never be erased because the betrayal of the Greek junta and its collaborators on the island brought an unspeakable disaster to Cyprus.

“Therefore, everyone should be taught from what preceded and what followed and how some Greek speakers carried out orders of foreign forces for the benefit of a specific country,” Anastasiades said.

House President Annita Demetriou said during the House plenum session that paying tribute to those who voluntarily defended democracy and the integrity of the country is an eternal debt “but also a reminder of the great responsibility we bear for defending our national interests and the survival of the Republic of Cyprus.” She said that the knowledge of history and drawing lessons from it will turn the older generations in the right direction and guide the younger ones in the struggle for the final vindication.

Party leaders too delivered speeches to mark the anniversary, referring also to the Cyprus problem and the issue of Varosha.

DISY leader Averof Neophytou called for a joint effort to avert new faits accomplis with most negative consequences for the fenced area of Varosha and insurmountable difficulties in the overall effort to find a solution to the Cyprus problem.

AKEL leader Stephanos Stephanou warned that the situation on the Cyprus problem is as critical as ever and Turkey as provocative as ever and called for reflection on what to do next given information for new faits accomplis in Varosha.

Leader of DIKO, Nicolas Papadopoulos said among other things, his party does not accept a two-state solution but neither a solution based on sovereign equality that refers to a confederation, or to two self-governed areas that upgrade the pseudo state and derecognise the Republic of Cyprus.

ELAM MP Linos Papayiannis, said the people of Cyprus and the entire Hellenism need to know the truth about what happened those days and help future generations not repeat the same mistakes. Papayiannis called for an in-depth probe into who was responsible, but also why the consecutive governments did not bring anyone deemed responsible before justice.

EDEK leader Marinos Sizopoulos said this year’s anniversary plenary session is marked by two events: the illegal activities of occupier Turkey, which, by using the occupation regime as a shield, promotes the settlement of the city of Famagusta and the second, the biological absence for the first time since 1974 of Vassos Lyssarides.

DIPA leader Marios Garoyian spoke of a heavy burden and a historic debt as regards the management of the Cyprus problem and reviving people’s hopes and expectations, which cannot be shouldered by the few.

Greens’ leader Charalambos Theopemptou, called for continuation of the efforts to solve the Cyprus problem and reunite Cyprus creatively and with good will. He also said Turkey must not be left achieve its goals.

Haravgi also reports that several events were held by municipalities and organised groups. In Paphos, a memorial was held at the premises from where the ‘free radio station of Cyprus’ was broadcasting on the day of the coup, and which transmitted President Makarios’ historic address. AKEL also held an event on Thursday evening at the Lakatamia amphitheatre in Nicosia to honour those killed during the coup.

The daily also reports that the government, ruling DISY but also ELAM, attended once more the memorial for the 22 commandos who attempted to overthrow democracy during the coup.

According to the paper, the defence minister, DISY leader Averof Neophytou and ELAM MP Linos Papayiannis laid wreaths at the ceremony, provoking the people’s democratic sentiment.

The Association of the Democratic Resistance Fighters reacted with a statement saying they will become a barrier to efforts for distorting historic truth. The group said paying tribute to the 22 commandos was a purely political act linked with the attempted erasure of the coup under the pretext these officers were acting under orders. They said this was an attempt to equate the defenders of democracy with those used by the junta to overthrow the legal government. They also accused the president of hypocrisy.

The coup anniversary should always be remembered because the betrayal of the Greek junta and its collaborators on the island brought an unspeakable disaster to Cyprus.
>> Everyone must remember & learn everything that led up to the coup & that some Greek speakers carried out orders of foreign forces for the benefit of a specific country.

Demetriou (parliament)
The sacrifice of democracy defenders is an eternal debt but also great responsibility to defend national interests &B the RoC’s survival.
>> Having knowledge of what happened & drawing lessons from it will turn the older generations in the right direction & guide the younger ones in the struggle until the final vindication.

Neophytou (DISY)
Calls for unity to avert new faits accomplis that could mean negative consequences for Varosha & insurmountable difficulties in the overall effort to find a Cyprob solution.

Stephanou (AKEL)
Calls for reflection on what to do next if new faits accomplis are created in Varosha, warning Cyprob is at most crucial point while Turkey is as provocative as ever.

Papadopoulos (DIKO)
DIKO will not accept two-state solution, or one based on sovereign equality that refers to a confederation, or two self-governed areas that upgrade the pseudo state and derecognise the RoC.

Papayiannis (ELAM)
Calls for probe into coup, who was responsible & why government so far did not bring anyone before justice.
>> People need to know what happened to avoid the same mistakes in future.

Sizopoulos (EDEK)
Turkey is using TC leadership to promote the settlement of fenced Varosha area.

Garoyian (DIPA)
The management of the Cyprob & reviving people’s hopes and expectations is a huge burden that needs to be shared by all, not the few.

Theopemptou (Greens)
Calls for continuation of efforts to solve the Cyprob & reunite Cyprus creatively and with good will to prevent Turkey from achieving its goals.

Calls on EU, US to act against Turkey’s moves in Cyprus

Haravgi, Phileleftheros
Territory, EU Matters, Regional/International Relations


Haravgi reports that AKEL MEP Niyazi Kizilyurek sent a letter on Thursday to President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, on Turkey’s interventions in the TC community and moves on Varosha and calls for the bloc’s involvement.

The MEP warned that Turkey is turning the northern part of Cyprus into part of its inland, and aims to partition Cyprus forever.

He referred to Turkey’s interventions in the electoral process for the election of the TC leader in October 2020 and presented the situation today in the TC community. After the election process, he said, there has been “an unprecedented hostility towards the Turkish Cypriots who support a reunited Cyprus.”

He stressed that at a time when Turkey is seeking visa liberalisation for its citizens, at the same time it is banning progressive TC EU citizens from entering the country “on the absurd argument” that they pose a threat to national security.

Kizilyurek also stressed that the opening of Varosha under Turkish administration will mean minimising any prospects for the future reunification of Cyprus. Concluding, he expressed hope that the EU would do more to reunite and secure peace on this small island, which is EU territory, the paper reported.

Haravgi and Phileleftheros also report that 14 members of the US Senate have sent a letter to US President Joe Biden, condemning Turkey’s continuing efforts to open the coastline of Varosha, in contravention of several United Nations Security Council resolutions and in defiance of recent calls from the UNSC and the European Council to immediately reverse course.

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez and Senators Chris Van Hollen and Marco Rubio, both members of the Committee, joined by 11 of their Senate colleagues, in a bipartisan letter to Biden. The senators urge the administration to utilise both bilateral and multilateral channels to pressure Turkey to halt its provocations in Varosha and to clearly articulate the consequences of Turkey’s illegal actions. The other senators are Dick Durbin, Jeanne Shaheen, Chris Coons, Sheldon Whitehouse, Sherrod Brown, Ed Markey, Cory Booker, Bob Casey, Ron Wyden, Jack Reed, and Ben Cardin.

They said the US and the EU should make clear to the Turkish president that continuing to violate UNSC Resolutions and the rule of law is unacceptable. They also raised concerns that Turkey’s transgressions in Varosha come as it blocks progress in the United Nations’ 5+1 Cyprus reunification talks.
As further evidence of its unwillingness to seek a durable political settlement on the island, they said, was reports that Turkey has established a base for unmanned aerial vehicles at Lefkoniko airport, in an effort to expand its military presence in Turkish-occupied Cyprus.

They noted that Erdogan’s plan to visit the north on July 20, will only exacerbate an unacceptable situation. “We urge you to work in tandem with the EU to make clear, in advance, that any attempt by Turkey to support the resettlement or reopening of Varosha will be met by multilateral sanctions,” they said.

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