GCC Press Review 30 Aug 2021

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Incentives plan to attract high-tech companies

The aim is the transformation of Cyprus into a centre for tech companies.


List of deaths getting longer

Between August 1-28, 75 people died aged 37 and over – 118 over the past two months.

  • Lute’s mission and contacts in Cyprus a quiz: She’s waiting for the OK from the UNSG
  • They live day and night with the dream of returning
  • Turkish Cypriots are not being targeted
  • Countdown for halloumi PDO


Last in health and social protection

Data on how the budget’s expenditures are distributed.

  • Foreign Minister: Ready for whatever meeting the UNSG may call
  • Ersin Tatar: Anastasiades’ proposal for a return to the 60’s a ‘bubble’


Stuck in the past!

Ersin Tatar: What the Turkish Cypriot leader remembers in order to justify his partitionist policy. After Tatar went through all of Anastasiades’ old statements, yesterday he referred to statements which, as he said, were issued by Glafkos Clerides against Turkish Cypriots. The historical retrospective went back to… 1571. Christodoulides: Ready for for whatever meeting the UNSG calls.

  • Today Cyprus will honour Robert Menendez: Who is Cyprus’ valuable friend

Main News

FM: GC side ready for whatever meeting UNSG convenes

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros
Negotiations Process


The GC side stands ready to attend any meeting the UN Secretary General (UNSG) wishes to convene on the Cyprus issue, either between the leaders of the two communities or with the participation of guarantors, Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Christodoulides said on Sunday according to the dailies.

On whether there would be a meeting with the UNSG in New York late next month, Christodoulides said the government has conveyed to the UN chief that such a meeting was needed “and we hope that it will lead to positive results, thus the resumption of the talks”, he said.

Asked if UNSG’s Special Envoy Jane Hall Lute was expected in Cyprus, Christodoulides said the developments in Afghanistan must be taken into consideration. Phileleftheros reports that Lute is waiting for a nod from the UNSG before she finalises her trip to Cyprus, but Antonio Guterres is currently focused on other matters and particularly Afghanistan.

Speaking to the press following an event organised by the local authorities of Acheritou, Christodoulides also said that Turkey’s participation in PESCO (the Permanent Structured Cooperation of the EU), the visa waiver programme as well as some other requests by Turkey fall under the ‘positive agenda’ the EU wishes to promote as regards Ankara. Christodoulides said Turkey wants to participate in PESCO, and wants to see progress in a number of significant issues.

“This is something we welcome as we believe it could lead to positive developments.” said Christodoulides. But he pointed out that any positive developments in all areas depended on Turkey’s stance, adding that these were areas that needed a consensus and a positive vote by all members, including the Cyprus Republic.

Christodoulides said that Turkey`s participation in PESCO was a strategic goal for the country, following recent developments in Afghanistan. He added that if Turkey wished for relations with the EU to progress, Cyprus was ready to examine the issue, provided that Turkey fulfilled the requirements related to Cyprus. Christodoulides said these were also obligations towards the EU, most important of which is its contribution to the solution of the Cyprus problem based on the agreed framework of solution.

GC side ready to attend any meeting the UNSG convenes
>> Government has conveyed to UNSG that a meeting is necessary & that there is hope that it will lead to a resumption of negotiations
>> Turkey’s wishes to see progress in its participation in PESCO, the visa waiver programme and other things are welcomed and can be facilitated by Cyprus provided that Turkey fulfilled the requirements related to Cyprus

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