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Foul smells and a state serving (party) ‘congresses’

The hearing into the case involving the video scandal which has been the cause of political pains started. The five suspects arrested last week were brought before the Famagusta District Court. The case on the video has turned into a settlement of feuds for the upcoming National Unity Party (UBP) congress. The hearing which focused on the charges of violating the right to privacy, unlawful disclosure and sexual harassment lasted for four hours.


It’s becoming tenser

President Ersin Tatar said he will give the task to form a new government to whoever wins the National Unity Party (UBP) congress and pointed to January 9 as a possible date for an early election. Prime Minister Ersan Saner said he did not want to continue to remain in office. Faiz Sucuoğlu, who is one of the four candidates for the UBP leadership, was shocked when one of the suspects in the “scandal video” claimed he had given the video to him months ago.”


They are all part of the scandal

During the court hearing held to extend the detention period for the five suspects regarding the ‘scandal video,’ Faiz Sucuoğlu, one of the four candidates for the UBP leadership, was brought to the agenda.

  • “The task will be whoever wins the congress”Nearly two weeks have passed since the resignation of the government. President Ersin Tatar, after meeting with the three independent MPs, whom two of them joined the UBP after resigning from the People’s Party, announced his plan. 


I will leave the country if these allegations are proven

Faiz Sucuoğlu reacted strongly to a claim that he had been handed the video recorded in December 2020 and recovered after being deleted on July 15, 2021. P.G’s lawyer said the video had been deleted and that his client had been called to Nicosia under threats on July 15, 2021, by two of the other five suspects. The lawyer claimed that she had been taken to a mobile phone repair shop belonging to C.S who had helped recover the video. He then said that his client along with two others and Faiz Sucuoğlu had lunch at a restaurant where the video had been handed over to Sucuoğlu. “This is a scam. Let alone withdrawing from the race I will leave the country if they can prove these allegations,” Sucuoğlu said in his defence.


Single man rule drags Turkey to ruin

Mustafa Akıncı gave support to the ten ambassadors that Ankara was preparing to declare ‘persona non grata’.  Akıncı said the antidemocratic policies that have reached the point of expelling ambassadors from the county is bound to end in disaster. The single-man regime in Turkey is dragging the country to an economic and political disaster at a fast pace.

  • “This is beyond your level”Fuat Oktay responded to Mustafa Akıncı. Oktay said: “For him to talk about Turkish foreign policy is unfortunate and beyond measures. Talking about Turkey is simply beyond his level.”

Main News

Tatar says Saner doesn’t want to serve as the head of a caretaker government

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa
Governance & Power Sharing


Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar announced on Monday evening that Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Ersan Saner had asked him to be excused from his duties as the head of the cabinet until a new government is formed. Tatar had earlier asked Saner to remain in office when he submitted the coalition’s resignation on October 13, as the head of the cabinet until a new government was established.

Earlier on Monday, Tatar, in line with protocol met with the independent members of parliament, Hasan Büyükoğlu, Mesut Genç, Hasan Topal and Bertan Zaroğlu. Last week he had met with leaders and representatives of the six political parties with seats in the Turkish Cypriot parliament.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Tatar said he would be giving the “responsibility of forming a new government to whoever wins the National Unity Party (UBP) congress, which will be held on October 30 and 31.”

He said the date for an early election could only be identified following the congress as well. “The earliest date for it is January 9,” Tatar said, adding that it is the parliament’s task to officially reach an agreement. Tatar also said it was unfair of the opposition to point the finger at him as it is parliament’s responsibility to agree on a date.

Tatar last week said he was throwing in the towel on appointing one of the parties to form the new government following his meetings with the National Unity Party (UBP), Republican Turkish Party (CTP), People’s Party (HP), Social Democratic Party (TDP), Democratic Party (DP) and the Rebirth Party (YDP) on October 20 and 21.

He had told reporters that none of the parties had a desire to form a new coalition and that the best option would be to identify a date for early elections.

Meanwhile, Tatar’s remarks were received with anger and criticisms by the opposition. People’s Party (HP) leader Kudret Özersay was quick to slam Tatar for his remarks. Accusing Tatar of not being impartial, Özersay in a social media post, said the north now must wait for another two weeks so that Tatar and the UBP can get done with their congress.

He also drew attention to the discrepancy in Tatar’s words, pointing that despite announcing he would not be appointing anyone last week has now changed his mind, stating that he will be appointing the new UBP leader to form a government.

Özersay speaking during his address of parliament, which convened for the first time since October 7, said “Having to wait for a political party’s congress to be over before an election is belittling.” He reminded Tatar that “there was a rule of law in the TRNC” and that the north was not some party-based state where laws and regulations could be disregarded.

Main opposition Republican Turkish Party (CTP) leader Tufan Erhürman also expressed shock over what Tatar said earlier in the day. Addressing the parliament, Erhürman accused Tatar of losing his impartiality by favouring the UBP.

“Neither the government nor the president is concerned about the people or what they are going through,” Erhürman stressed, arguing that the north is now forced to wait until the UBP congress is over.

Social Democratic Party (TDP) leader Cemal Özyiğit made a similar criticism. Özyiğit, addressing the parliament, said: “Should Mr Tatar find any spare time from campaigning for Mr Tayyip Erdoğan during his frequent visits to Turkey, he will be able to attend to matters that concern the Turkish Cypriots too.”

The UBP congress will be held this weekend under the shadow of the latest ‘sex’ video scandal involving Ersan Saner who is one of the four candidates racing for the top seat of the UBP. Despite rumours and speculation, Saner has made no indication he will withdraw from the race following the leak of a sexually-explicit video.

The hearing into the case of the video started on Monday with all five suspects arrested last week appearing before the Famagusta court. Charges have been filed against all five on violation of privacy, unlawful disclosure and sexual harassment.

The lawyer of the woman in the video claimed that his client had been coerced into recovering the deleted video with the help of one of the suspects and had handed it over to Faiz Sucuoğlu in July this year.

Famagusta Mayor Arter refutes news that Ioannou visited the municipality in the north

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Property, Territory


Famagusta’s Turkish Cypriot Mayor İsmail Arter on Monday refuted the media claims that Simos Ioannou, the so-called mayor of Famagusta visited his municipality in the north as part of his day-trip to Maraş (Varosha) on Saturday.

In a written statement issued from his office, Arter said Maraş (Varosha) has been open since October 8, 2020, for everyone who wished to visit and Ioannou’s visit should be seen in this regard.

Turkish Cypriot dailies on Sunday had reported that Ioannou had visited the fenced area of Maraş (Varosha) along with members of the municipal council to see first-hand the scale of the interventions carried out by the Turkish Cypriot side to the areas opened for visitors.

Some members of the group also visited the old town hall building which is located along the route of the newly opened section of the city.

However, there were conflicting media reports that the group had also visited the current municipality building during which they were received by the Turkish Cypriot elected Mayor of Famagusta.

According to reports in the Greek Cypriot dailies over the weekend, Ioannou had three reasons to visit the fenced-off town. “We have come to our town,” Ioannou said, adding that they decided to visit Maraş (Varosha) “to see how the Turkish Cypriot side has progressed, what they have done and what they have opened in the fenced-off town”.

The second reason, Ioannou said is to show the entire world that the “city belongs to the people of Famagusta. “The third, is to send the message that we’ve come in peace, and we are ready to live together, we are ready to resolve the Cyprus issue, we are ready to show that nothing separates the Greek Cypriots from the Turkish Cypriots,” Ioannou said.

Ioannou recalled the relevant UN Security Council resolutions on Maraş (Varosha) and said the resolutions show the way for the former inhabitants of the town to return to their homes under UN administration.

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