GCC Press Review 28 Oct 2021

Front Page Headlines


Shadows and investigation into Lebedev and the office ‘N. Anastasiades’

It has been requested that the investigation into the potential hiding of $115 million from the President’s friend is carried out with legal assistance.

  • Turkish mastermind of the network: Golden business by a smuggler
  • Panayiotis’ death: Three guilty for bullying at the party
  • On Wednesday: Akamas at the Presidential Palace by emergency


Black hole in checks

They left the Bar Association alone to investigate the Pandora papers, the rest are whistling indifferently. The client of ‘Nicos Anastasiades’ was reported was using Cyprus to hide 115 million dollars but no one knows.

  • British bridge with the removal of words
  • Milestone decision for the phenomenon of bullying: Three out of four guilty for Panayiotis’ death
  • 1,702 applications for political asylum in October alone


The supervisory authorities didn’t see, didn’t hear, didn’t say anything about the Pandora Papers

No other body or authority other than the Bar Association is conducting an investigation.

  • Karpasia peninsula: It should be used environmentally-culturally and not militarily, GCs and TC say
  • Varosha: Tatar: Works for its opening and habitation intensifying
  • After pressure and publicity, exceptional naturalisation granted to the two children
  • Court: Milestone decision on bullying, regarding the death of the 16-year-old

Cyprus Mail

Teenagers guilty over boy’s death

16-year-old died of alcohol poisoning after being bullied into drinking.

  • Bicommunal couple’s children granted citizenship on ‘humanitarian ground’
  • Bar Association to probe law firms linked to Pandora Papers


The first 40 people from Varosha asked to return

Statement-bomb from Tatar on the fenced-off town. Provocations without limits on the occasion of completing one year in the leadership of Turkish Cypriots. He wants a UN vote so that sovereign equality can be accepted. “It is possible for two states to exist within the EU”. “Varosha will slowly slowly open for rehabitation”.

  • Another show in Parliament: The Pandora Papers at the House Ethics Committee
  • In December: Pope Francis is preparing his bags for Greece-Cyprus
  • Catapult decision: Three young people guilty for the death of Panayiotis Stephani
  • Erdogan is asking Biden for F16 – Hard hit on Turkey’s credibility over the ambassadors

Main News

Efforts ongoing to break impasse in appointment of envoy

Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Negotiations Process


Efforts are still underway to break the impasse on the matter of the appointment of a UN envoy for the Cyprus Problem, with Politis and Phileleftheros reporting that current mobility is focusing on the title of the envoy which has been a source of disagreement between the two sides.

According to Politis, citing diplomatic sources, the UN Secretary General (UNSG) is now attempting to appoint someone who will not be named a special or a personal envoy.

Phileleftheros however reports that this new mobility regarding the envoy’s title is an initiative by Britain. Citing TV station Antenna, Phileleftheros reports that the British are proposing that the envoy is not referred to as either ‘special’ or ‘personal’, but simply as an envoy in an attempt to bridge the differences between the two sides on the issue.

Both Phileleftheros and Politis report that the GC side has consented to this, since for Nicosia the title of the new envoy is irrelevant and what matters is that their mandate and whether they will be granted the authority to continue working within the agreed-upon framework on the basis of UN resolutions. Both papers report that this position clashes with that of TC leader Ersin Tatar, who wants the envoy’s mandate kept to a minimum, as was Jane Holl Lute’s.

Politis reports citing informed sources that the UNSG is expected to exert great efforts to appoint an envoy, even without a title, so that he will have something to say during his next report on the Cyprus problem to the UN Security Council (UNSC).

Phileleftheros adds that the proposal tabled by the British also appears to include the wording of the mandate to be given to the envoy, employing terms that are ‘vaguely constructive’, so that each side can interpret the terms in their own way. The paper reports that though the GC side is not dogmatic on the envoy’s title, it is concerned about the mandate since the vague terms used in that instance could also then be employed in the mandate of the UNSG.

Haravgi reports that that there is nothing tangible in the information, claims and estimations currently floating about regarding the appointment of an envoy. The paper reports that Nicosia is currently on standby with hopes that the UNSG will at some point move forwards with the appointment. The paper also writes that some diplomats have said that it does not matter what the envoy will be called, as long as he helps to guide the process back to substantial negotiations.

GC, TC parties denounce plans for military base in Karpasia

Cyprus Mail, Haravgi, Phileleftheros
Negotiations Process


Representatives of GC and TC parties said Wednesday that the environmentally sensitive Karpas peninsula should not be used for military purposes and expressed concern over the stalemate in the Cyprus problem, the dailies report.

The parties met on Wednesday at the Home for Cooperation. In a joint communiqué, issued by the Embassy of Slovakia, which facilitates the meetings, the representatives said “that the Karpas peninsula, just as all other ecologically sensitive areas of Cyprus, should remain to be used for purely environmental and cultural purposes and not as military areas.”

The parties also expressed concern over recent statements and actions that undermined reunification prospects. The announcement said the parties expressed their disappointment on the existing negative political climate and the lack of common views between the two leaders as regards the restarting of negotiations for the reunification and federal democratic solution of the Cyprus problem.

The next meeting has been scheduled for December 1.

Bicommunal couple’s children granted citizenship by exception

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Migration & Citizenship


The Cabinet on Wednesday said it would grant Cypriot citizenship on humanitarian grounds to two children with a GC mother and TC father who had been deprived of one because their paternal grandfather was from Turkey, the dailies report.

Cyprus Mail and Politis cite Deputy Government Spokesperson Niovi Parissinou, who said on Wednesday that the Cabinet, taking into account humanitarian criteria, decided to grant by exception the status of Cypriot citizen to Christos and Theklia-Yesemina Ozturk, who live in Liopetri.

The dailies report that AKEL MP and head of the House Human Rights Committee, Irene Charalambidou, said on Wednesday that this matter had been brought to the attention of the Interior Minister Nikos Nouris at the beginning of September, and accused the government of taking advantage of an issue that ought to have been handled discreetly.

She said she had sent a letter to Nouris, attaching all the necessary documents proving that the children were entitled to what they had asked for. “I regret to note that two months later, not only did I not receive an answer as Committee President, but I see the issue being politically exploited and I am very sorry because we are dealing with two minors,” Charalambidou said.

Tatar: 40 people have applied to return to reopened part of Varosha

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros


TC leader Ersin Tatar said Varosha will reopen, but this requires time and strong preparation, noting that so far around 50 people have applied to the relevant body to return to the sections of the area that have been reopened, the dailies report.

Speaking on TC television on the occasion of his one year anniversary as TC leader, Tatar said that in the one year since part of Varosha was reopened, over 250,000 people have visited the area. He added that the investments made there have transformed the area into another Varosha.

Regarding the number of people who have so far applied with the Immovable Property Commission (IPC) in the north to return to their homes in Varosha, Tatar said that if the GC side wasn’t pressuring people not to return, the number would be higher. Overall, he said, over 400 GCs have applied to the IPC.

Two remanded for migrant smuggling, police seeking Turkish mastermind

Cyprus Mail, Politis
Migration & Citizenship


Two women, aged 25 and 29, were remanded for eight days on Wednesday on suspicion of assisting third-country nationals enter the territory of the Republic illegally, with Politis reporting that police believe that a 35-year-old Turkish man is behind the operation.

The 29-year-old, who Politis reports is the wife of the suspected mastermind, and her 25-year-old friend were arrested in Peristerona after officers received information regarding a vehicle that was spotted entering the Buffer Zone just before 3pm, the dailies report. They add that a person from the vehicle crossed to the north and then returned followed by a group of people who entered the car.

Politis reports that the person returned with some 15 people. Six of these, who were of Nigerian and Cameroonian nationality, got into the car. Police stopped the car in the government-controlled areas and found the six people. The group was transferred to the Pournara reception centre.

The 25-year-old driver and 29-year-old passenger of the car were arrested in connection with a case of conspiracy to commit a crime and assisting illegal entry and stay in the republic.

Politis reports that in statements made while under arrest, the two women have pointed to the 35-year-old man as being behind the operation, who is allegedly part of a network of migrant smuggling in Cyprus. The paper reports that police have already made steps towards securing an arrest warrant and is searching for the man.

The 25-year-old woman told police that the man had promised her €20 for every migrant they smuggled into the Republic, while the 29-year-old also told police that her husband has conducted several such operations in other areas of Cyprus.

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