GCC Press Review 3 Nov 2021

Front Page Headlines


A third gun with bullets was also found buried in Paphos

The arrest of the Azeri revealed an organised group and armoury.

  • Migration: The boat of rule of law is taking in water
  • Intervention by Parliament: Public servants in the morning, heads of companies in the evening
  • Poverty in Cyprus: 17.6% of the population on the edge
  • Foreigners: They’re leaving the fields and asking for asylum


They’re sewing Presidential suits

They began 16-month presidential campaigns and party leaderships are falling on their faces. The bet of cooperation at the phase of testing the water.

  • Mobilisation only through the envoy
  • Hand of cooperation to Turkish Cypriots for halloumi
  • Block by Erdogan to the summit in Paris
  • A second gun was found in the Azeri case
  • Qatar paying €1.2 million for the maintenance of a mosque
  • 500 million in investments for climate change


Citizens can’t take anymore nibbling from their income

Mobilisations against expensiveness and profiteering in all districts.

  • Politics: The President being pointed at internationally and Cyprus being disgraced
  • TC community: Erhurman and Ozersay asking for early ‘elections’
  • Measures against COVID-19 going from extension to extension. Concerns about the Delta Plus variant

Cyprus Mail

Forex fraud case ‘high value target’

Extradition sought of foreign resident, two companies ops get suspended

  • Getting booster jab, Archbishop calls on people not to mix religion and science
  • Cyprus allocates €500m to tackle climate change, president says


Coronavirus now targeting the age group 6-11 (primary school students)

Concerning. The epidemic grinding its teeth. On 29/10/2021 we had in the age group 6-11 three cases (2.91%), while on 1/11/2021 in the same age group we had 24 cases (9.30%).

  • President Anastasiades met with Jo Biden, Antonio Guterres, Boris Johnson, and Angela Merkel
  • Erhurman-Ozersay: They’re asking for early ‘elections’ in the occupied areas
  • Other tricks by foreigners: Though they come for the agricultural sector, they’re choosing undeclared work or to become asylum seekers
  • Army members: Yes they can express themselves, but not on matters regarding the National Guard
  • ‘No’ from the Supreme Court: A Turk that is illegal and dangerous for the land wants to stay free
  • Anastasiades’ intervention: Over €500 million for the climate

Main News

FM meets with British High Commissioner

Negotiations Process


A Foreign Ministry announcement said Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides met with British High Commissioner to Cyprus Stephen Lillie, with discussions focusing on Cyprus problem developments and bilateral relations, Phileleftheros reports.

The paper reports that in his own post on Twitter, Lillie said he shared a good discussion with Christodoulides on the climate change conference, the Cyprus problem, and opportunities for further developing bilateral relations.

The paper adds that Christodoulides’s recent contacts with permanent members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) found that all agree on the urgent need to see a UN envoy appointed for the Cyprus problem so that negotiations can resume.

The paper writes that the weight of the pressure falls on UN Secretary General (UNSG). Citing information, Phileleftheros reports that any developments are not expected from the UNSG until the end of November.

The paper adds that foreign diplomats take it as a given that the UNSC will be involved in the matter of the UN envoy. Though the envoy’s job of finding common ground is considered to be difficult, Phileleftheros reports that all agree that someone must be appointed to work exclusively towards this end.

Phileleftheros also reports that TC leader Ersin Tatar met with US Ambassador to Cyprus Judith Garber, mainly discussing the Cyprus problem, and particularly the New York meetings with the UNSG.

Anastasiades meets with foreign leaders in sidelines of COP26

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Phileleftheros
Negotiations Process, Regional/International Relations


President Nicos Anastasiades had the opportunity to discuss the Cyprus problem during short meetings with foreign leaders on the sidelines of the climate change summit, COP26, taking place in Glasgow, Alithia and Phileleftheros report.

In the margins of an event hosted by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Anastasiades had a chat with US President Joe Biden. Anastasiades also talked with UN Secretary General (UNSG) Antonio Guterres, the Prime Ministers of the UK, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, the President of North Macedonia and the Prince of Wales.

Discussions included Cyprus problem developments, as well as other issues of mutual interest.

Meanwhile, the dailies report that during his address before the conference, Anastasiades announced that Cyprus will allocate more than €500 million by 2026 to policies to tackle climate change.

The funds will go towards the adoption of new policies promoting the use of cleaner fuel such as natural gas and renewable energy sources, and the promotion of necessary investments in relevant areas of transport, agriculture, industry, land use and forestry and waste management.

House President thanks Serbia for undivided support

Alithia, Phileleftheros
Negotiations Process


House President Annita Demetriou expressed gratitude for the undivided support Serbia has shown to Cyprus in its struggle for a viable and fair solution to the Cyprus problem, based on international law, the relevant UN security Council (UNSC) resolutions and European principles, the dailies report.

Demetriou was addressing the Serbian National Assembly in the framework of her official visit to Serbia, in the presence of the Serbian government and Belgrade’s diplomatic corps. The dailies write that she was welcomed with a prolonged applause.

She underlined Cyprus’ clear position for the non-recognition of the unilateral independence of Kosovo and assured that the Republic of Cyprus (RoC), as an EU member state, supports and will continue to support Serbia’s European prospects.

Demetriou conveyed the appreciation of the members of the House of Representatives and the people of Cyprus, noting that her official visit highlights the common willingness and commitment to further strengthen and expand the existing excellent relations of the two parliaments for the benefit of both peoples.

She also expressed deep appreciation and recognition of the Serbian people’s contribution to Cyprus through its participation in UNFICYP with a Serbian contingent as well as its support to the inalienable right of the RoC to exercise its sovereign rights within its exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Referring to the Cyprus problem, Demetriou said that for over 40 years after the military invasion and continued occupation by Turkey of the RoC’s territory, the people of Cyprus continue to fight for reunification of their land, to get rid of the occupation forces and achieve the return of refugees to their homeland.

She said that the RoC continues to convey in every direction that its goal was and remains to achieve a just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem, on the basis of international law, relevant UNSC resolutions and EU principles. The goal, she went on, is a bizonal, bicommunal federation (BBF) without anachronistic guarantees and occupation troops, and a solution which will transform Cyprus into a modern, viable and functional state, whose citizens will determine the present and future of the island in conditions of security, stability and harmonious co-existence, as required by our European identity.

Demetriou said that the GC side’s efforts clash with Turkey’s expansionist policy and intransigence, adding that Turkey’s provocativeness is dangerously increasing not only against Cyprus and Greece but also across the wider region.

She said that the Turkish side is demanding a two-state solution, in violation of the relevant UN resolutions and the agreed UN framework for a solution to the Cyprus issue. She stressed that the GC side will never accept such unacceptable positions which are outright rejected by the UN, the EU and the international community, and underlined that Turkey is also creating new faits accomplis on land and in the sea.


>> Grateful for Serbia’s undivided support to Cyprus as regards UNSC-based Cyprob solution
>> RoC continues to convey in every direction that its goal is achieve a just & viable solution to the Cyprus problem, based on international law, UNSC resolutions & EU principles
>> The goal is a BBF without anachronistic guarantees and occupation troops & to see Cyprus turn into a modern, viable and functional state living in conditions of security, stability & harmonious co-existence
>> The GC side’s efforts clash with Turkey’s expansionist policy and intransigence
>> Turkey’s provocativeness is dangerously increasing not only against Cyprus and Greece but also across the wider region
>> GC side will never accept a two-state solution which is outright rejected by the UN, the EU and the international community

Halloumi not a means to achieve political goals, official says

Cyprus Mail, Phileleftheros


Halloumi is not the means to achieve political goals, Agriculture Ministry senior official Socratis Socratous said Tuesday after reports that TC leader Ersin Tatar tried to get the European Commission to appoint a competent authority in the north for the certification of TC producers, Cyprus Mail reports.

Citing statements made to Omega TV, Cyprus Mail reports that Socratous said the legal framework recognises only one competent authority, the Agriculture Ministry, and one control carrier, Bureau Veritas. Any other, supportive role by chambers of commerce, either in the north or south is welcome, he added. He said the chambers can help everyone achieve the common goals, noting that the Agricultural Ministry has not excluded anyone, GC or TC.

He said that since October 1 when the regulation was put in force based on which halloumi was approved as PDO, all documents were available in Greek and Turkish on the Ministry’s website and everyone could register. So far, no applications have been filed by TC producers, he said.

Socratous added that realising the difficulties due to the political situation on the island, the Agriculture Ministry had expressed readiness to meet with the TC chamber of commerce, which is recognised by the state as it was established prior to 1974, and Bureau Veritas, to look at the practical difficulties and the solutions. Phileleftheros reports that this fell through due to the negative response of the TC chamber.

Nevertheless, Phileleftheros reports that the Ministry will continue taking measures to support the TC chamber and producers. Towards this end, the Ministry will be publishing informative articles in TC dailies on the process that must be followed so that the necessary certifications can be secured at both the level of farms and products.

The GC side will also be organising an educational seminar in the north on correct, fair, and equal management. Phileleftheros reports that the Agricultural Ministry as the competent authority is bound by the requirement to provide equal treatment of all potential participants in the process, given that they meet the prerequisites.

Socratous also said that to facilitate TC producers, the Ministry has arranged for a meeting in the coming days with the European Commission including their representatives in the north, and plan on organising a seminar by Bureau Veritas for Turkish Cypriot producers to inform them of the process.

On Tatar’s letter to von der Leyen, Socratous said this was an attempt for indirect recognition of the north. Halloumi, he added, was not the medium to achieve political goals, Cyprus Mail reports.

Qatar to donate €1.2m for renovation of Limassol mosque

Human Rights


Qatar will donate €1.2 million towards the renovation of Kemi Kembir Mosque in the old Turkish quarter of Limassol, Phileleftheros reports.

The daily reports that it is the first time that a third country contributes to the maintenance of mosques in Cyprus. The news emerged during Tuesday’s House Refugees Committee session which discussed the budget of the TC Property Management Fund for the year 2022.

At the same time, UNDP will spend €800,000 to restore the mosque in the village of Peristerona which was recently damaged by thunder. An additional €220,000 will be spent from the TC Property Management Fund for the maintenance of Zouhouri mosque in Larnaca.

At the session, a representative of the Antiquities Department Giorgos Hadjigeorgiou also raised the issue of unpaid rent from people using TC properties, with the amount reaching €9.2 million. Some users have never paid rent, it emerged, with legal action to be taken who have taken advantage of TC properties.

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