GCC Press Review 5 Dec 2021

Front Page Headlines

Sunday Mail

Patients falling through cracks

Covid measures and other Gesy issues mean medical care may not always be there when people need it the most

  • Nouris lauds Pope Francis for taking in refugees


The Pope of the refugees

The Pope left yesterday sending messages of love, peace and brotherhood.

  • They’re ‘killing’ Erdogan with the Lira: The USA are organising a ‘coup’ in Turkey, on the basis of the strategy of gnawing away
  • DISY: And officially in the vortex of the… pre-election
  • Nikos Katsourides (opinion): The determination of aims and tactics agains the United Kingdom necessary
  • Andreas M. Vassiliou (opinion): The naming of Famagusta


Christodoulides’ candidacy brings Nicholas to the forefront

Presidential elections 2023: All parties are expediting their processes.

  • Study – Match Fixing: The first place of shame
  • Vaccination: Obligatoriness unconstitutional


The EEZ filling with drill ships

Ankara will respond to the drillings with her own in the… plots of the pseudo-state. Companies careful, Turkey putting Turkish Cypriots forward.

  • Checkmate move with Exxonmobil
  • Turkish crisis a barometer in the occupied areas: Confrontation with Famagusta and the economy in the background
  • Victoras Papadopoulos: Eye witness in Crans-Montana
  • Andreas Milidonis: The pros and cons of Erdogan’s interventions


Clouds in the relations of the two Nikos

The power game has gotten out of control in DISY, while the President is leaking the issue of substituting the FM.

  • Brussels: Russia is a threat, Turkey is not
  • EU draft: Prospects starting low


Struggle for the readjustment of labour relations

The insecurity and exploitation have brought workers to a very weak position.

  • AKEL GS: ‘The opposition is extending a hand of cooperation, but is finding the unwillingness of the government’
  • Cyprus problem: The Anastasiades government put the issue of Famagusta on the sidelines


Strict message from the USA to Turkey

They’re warning her after the threats for the hydrocarbons. “It is Cyprus’ right to develop its resources within its EEZ’. New American slap to Turkish threats for Block 5.

  • Analysis: The Turkish lira is collapsing, but Turkey is not

Main News

US backs Cyprus’ energy plans

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros


The US recognises the right of the Republic of Cyprus (RoC) to develop resources in its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the State Department said according to the papers.

According to the papers, in what was a response to Turkey’s reaction to the licensing of Block 5 of the Cyprus EEZ to ExxonMobil/Qatar Petroleum, the State Department announcement said the US is closely monitoring developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and calls on the parties to take steps to help reduce tensions.

The State Department added that the US policy for the RoC’s EEZ is long-term and has not changed, stressing that the US recognises the RoC’s right to develop resources in its EEZ.

The announcement further said that in areas of overlapping maritime claims, the US urges the parties to resolve their maritime disputes peacefully and in accordance with international law. It added that the US continues to believe that Cyprus’s oil and gas resources, like all its resources, should be shared equally between the two communities.

Meanwhile, in an analysis article on the energy developments in the Cyprus EEZ, Phileleftheros reports that dense traffic is expected in the Cyprus EEZ over the next few weeks as drill ships will make their way there. The paper writes that though energy companies are attempting to avoid any unforeseen circumstances, the mobility expected in the EEZ is expected to lead to tension and provocations.

According to Phileleftheros, three aspects behind the energy developments are expected to lead to increased mobility. First is that though the licensing of Block 5 to Exxon-Qatar Petroleum has been complete since September, Turkey believes that part of Block 5 belongs to it. Citing information, the paper reports that the energy consortium will drill near Block 10 and will not expand to the neighbouring Block 5. Seismic studies have found important findings that begin in Block 10 and continue into Block 5, though it remains unclear when drillings will begin in the latter Block.

Second, the paper reports that in December, Exxon-Qatar Petroleum will begin a confirmation drilling in Block 10, with this process to take until January and results to become clear in April or May. Phileleftheros reports that overall, companies will be steering clear of areas ‘under dispute’ by Turkey. The paper also adds citing information that Turkey is planning on conducting a drilling in response to that to be launched by Exxon-Qatar Petroleum in Block 10. The paper writes that Turkey’s drilling will take place in areas it believes belong to the TC side.

Third, Phileleftheros reports that the Total-Eni consortium is planning to begin in early 2022 with drillings in Block 6, where Turkey conducted drillings in the past.

Moreover, Phileleftheros reports that though Nicosia is eager to get its energy programme going, and is even trying to get other regional players involved, circles in Athens believe that this venture is of a too high risk at the moment, given the pressure Erdogan is under, which may lead him to try to export the crisis Turkey is currently facing.

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