GCC Press Review 6 Dec 2021

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Evidence and contradictions unburied his guilt

The Syrian man confessed to the double murder and showed the burial place.

  • Reactions in the occupied areas: Ban on the purchase of fuel from GCs


He executed them because they were mocking him

Cynical confession by the 32-year-old Syrian, that he took two lives because they were teasing him. He wrapped them in nylon and buried them. They’re searching for the role of two other Syrian men.

  • The road difficult for the options paper: Communication between Christodoulides and Borrell
  • They’re shouting to not lose the Euros of GCs: Even Tatar demonstrating


New increases to electricity bills coming

The weighted average price of fuels has increased by 50% over the past three months.

  • GS of the AKEL CC: ‘It is an illusion that there are margins for other types of solutions’
  • Occupied areas: Crisis deepening due to the Turkish lira and the shortage of fuel
  • International organisations are looking in Cyprus for evidence on Pegasus and the spy van


This is how the double murder was cleared up

He buried them in a 2-metre hole he supposedly dug to create a cooking pit. The 32-year-old confessed that he shot and killed the two women after he got angry because they were mocking him that they took his money for the sexual services they offered him. Chief: We would not have found them if the perpetrator had not confessed.

  • Alalum with fuel to GCs: Petrol station owners refuse to listen to the pseudo-Prime Minister
  • Green Line regulation: Ahead, unfair competition, and back, direct trade

Main News

Tatar says GC side trying to destroy economy in the north

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis


The GC side is taking measures to destroy the economy in the north, TC leader Erin Tatar said on Sunday according to the dailies.

Tatar said the GC side fines those who shop the cheaper products found in the north, some of which are confiscated at the checkpoints. He said the main aim of the policy was to hit the economy in the north and crush the shopkeepers there and that he would take action against the GCs.

Phileleftheros reports that Tatar’s statements show that though Turkey and the TC side’s policy seeks to keep GCs away from the north, they still want them to participate in the TC economy, since it seems that GCs’ Euros are highly valuable given Turkey’s financial crisis.

Meanwhile, the dailies also report on the decision taken by TC ‘prime minister’ Faiz Sucuoglu, who called on TC petrol station owners not to sell fuel to GCs until a problem with supply had been sorted out. Sucuoglu said he needed to protect his citizens and until this difficult time had passed, he called on petrol station owners not to sell fuel to cars with GC plates.

He said GCs were taking advantage of the even cheaper prices in the north with the fall of the Turkish pound and gave instructions to officials at the checkpoints to fine cars entering with empty tanks and leaving with full ones. He said with problems in the supply of fuel citizens in the north should not be put in a difficult position because of the sale of petrol to GCs.

The papers report that Sucuoglu’s announcement immediately received negative responses on social media and other members of the administration in the north, with arguments against the move describing it as discriminatory and lacking a legal basis. The dailies add that at least one petrol station, Damdelen, said it would not be implementing the policy.

Politis reports citing sources that despite the reactions to the decision, the north is facing a serious problem, since by late afternoon on Sunday, a new shipment of fuel had not arrived to supply petrol stations in the north. The paper also reports that due to the devaluation of the Turkish lira, many shops and kiosks are refusing to accept visa payments from cards of GC banks. The paper adds that Sucuoglu said that a new shipment of fuel is expected to arrive on Monday, when things might start to look up again.


>> Despite Turkey’ relentless Cyprob stance, we continue our efforts and boldly declare that we do not compromise with either the occupation or division of Cyprus
>> Efforts have intensified at a political, diplomatic and inter-parliamentary level to exert effective pressure on Turkey
>> UNSC resolutions on Varosha welcome but not enough
>> Goal remains the resumption of negotiations for a solution on the agreed-upon basis
>> A two-state solution cannot be accepted & GC side will continue to fight for a just and viable solution that will allow all Cypriots to live in peaceful conditions, without foreign armies and the outdated guarantee system
>> Missing persons issue the most tragic aspect of Cyprob & Ankara must cooperate

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