GCC Press Review 13 Dec 2021

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They’re ‘vaccinating’ measures after ‘Omicron’

The first five ‘Omicron’ cases in Cyprus are tightening the leashes even more.

  • Cyprus-Greece: Ferry link through… Israel
  • Double murder of Russian women: The second suspect was also there


The unvaccinated not even at weddings

Proposal by the Health minister today before the Council of Ministers to keep them excluded from ceremonies and events. The coming of ‘Omicron’ making restriction measures stricter.

  • FAC: Low prospects and concern from Nicosia
  • DNA from a condom burns the 30-year-old Syrian man: He changed his story after his arrest
  • Maritime link with Israel


FAC: Neither measures nor decisions, but pressure for Cyprus problem talks

Political discussion today at the Foreign Affairs Council on the basis of the options paper.


New measures are coming due to winter and ‘Omicron’

Coronavirus: Changes and stricter restrictions.

  • Options paper on Varosha on the table: Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides in Brussels
  • Colin Stewart: Another number in the long list?
  • Mosque vandalisms: What is the reason behind the Turkish President’s overreaction
  • Double murder: The 2nd suspect admitted that he lied

Main News

FAC to discuss options paper for Varosha

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
EU Matters


Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides was in Brussels on Monday to participate in the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC), though the papers agree that chances of securing agreement on substantial sanctions against Turkey in response to its actions Varosha are very low.

Phileleftheros reports that the chances of seeing sanctions imposed against Turkey at Monday’s FAC are very slim. The paper reports that in fact Nicosia will have several battles to fight, especially given Germany’s rounding up of countries under its influence to form a block that will stand in favour of alternative ways of de-escalating tension, such as the resumption of Cyprus problem negotiations and the proposition of confidence-building measures (CBMs). As such, strong measures are not expected to be taken against Turkey.

Phileleftheros reports citing information that Christodoulides has contacted the German and French Foreign Ministries, as well as the EU Foreign Policy chief Josep Borrell, in an attempt to achieve some form of agreement prior to the initiation of the FAC.

Politis reports that it will be interesting to see whether the official visit paid to Spain by President Nicos Anastasiades and Christodoulides last week will see a differentiation in Spain’s pro-Turkish position.

Haravgi reports that despite all the noise about the options paper, no sanctions against Turkey are expected to be decided at the FAC, mainly due to the opposition posed by Spain and Germany. The paper reports that given that the issue of Varosha is to be discussed under the ‘current affairs’ category, the FAC cannot legally take decisions, but can reach a political conclusion which will be summarised by Borrell.

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