GCC Press Review 18 Dec 2021

Front Page Headlines


Blatant contradictions of the new decrees

Measures for coronavirus are clashing with common sense.

  • 2022 budget: ‘Yes’ but with a block at the Presidential Palace


On an EastMed decision course

Technical studies and financial viability are fundamental factors for the pipeline – 2022 definitive. Interests from France to become a member of the East Med Gas Forum. Jordan proposing that a coordination centre to deal with natural disasters be set up in Cyprus.

  • We have a budget, but the opposition played its part: With tens of amendments and committed funds


Shelter is an unattainable dream with increases of up to 50% in construction materials

The cost of shelter is rising even more for young couples.

  • Politics: Mustafa Akinci: Distance from a BBF solution is harmful for Turkish Cypriots
  • 47 amendments passed with a strong part played by AKEL

Cyprus Mail

‘A budget for the day after’

House gives the nod, Petrides says there was a will by MPs to move forward.

  • King of Jordan in Cyprus (photo caption): King Abdullah of Jordan arrived in Cyprus Friday evening amid tight security, for meetings at the presidential palace where he was given an official welcome
  • Migrants from Cyprus help Pope Francis celebrate 85th birthday


All prices are up

The Christmas table is expensive. Prices of turkey, meat and Christmas desserts high.

  • Visit: What Anastasiades and King Abdullah discussed at the Presidential Palace
  • 2022 budget: Towards a clash between the Presidency-Parliament
  • State Department: The Green Line a passageway for illegal trafficking of humans and drugs

Main News

Dendias calls on Turkey to change course

Alithia, Haravgi, Phileleftheros
Regional/International Relations


Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias spoke out against Turkey’s practice of creating faits accomplis by referring to Greek-Turkish relations and to the Cyprus problem, the dailies report.

Addressing the Greek Parliament during the discussion on the 2022 budget, Dedias said that Greece will not accept Turkey’s faits accomplis and will not bow down to Turkey’s threats. Referring to Greek-Turkish relations, the Cyprus problem, and memorandum reached between Turkey and Libya, Dendias said that the tactic of first engaging in illegalities before being ready to negotiate this illegality in exchange for something has come to an end. He said this is also the case as regards Cyprus and the Cyprus problem, where Turkey must return to the UN solution framework.

Dendias said it is time that Turkey changes course, so that our people can live securely, peacefully and so that Turkey can become a part of a peaceful and cooperative Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

10-day sentence for GC who put Greek flag on Varosha monument

Cyprus Mail
Internal Security


A Greek Cypriot man who was arrested last week while trying to wrap a Greek flag around a monument just outside the fenced area of Varosha was sentenced to 10 days in prison, the Cyprus Mail reports.

The man was sentenced on Tuesday to a 10-day jail sentence after reportedly admitting to conduct unbecoming.

He had been arrested on December 9 after being spotted by passers-by draping a Greek flag around a monument on a roundabout outside Varosha. They notified police, who arrived at the scene and took the man into custody.

Prior to the sentence announcement on Tuesday the man had undergone psychiatric assessment after he reportedly told the investigating officer “Jesus told me to do this.”

Three psychiatrists who examined him concluded that the man had criminal responsibility.

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