TCC Press Review 22 Dec 2021

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Bankruptcy everywhere…We’re in debt

The plummet in the value of the Turkish Lira has also hit industrialists in the island’s north who are trying to produce goods. The industrialists who are struggling to keep running with limited means say the economic situation is dire. “There is bankruptcy everywhere…we’re bogged down in debt.”

  • Omnicron variant in two individuals That variant has arrived. Doctors warn the public to stay away from indoor and crowded venues.


Implementation of Turkey’s new economic scheme in the north to be tabled

Economy and Energy Minister Sunat Atun is expected to travel to Ankara to discuss the economic uncertainty caused in our country and to table some demands.

  • Two people identified with Omicron variant of the coronavirus in the TRNCHealth Ministry announced.


The market will find its balance

Economy columnist Mahmut Sezinler and Assoc. Dr Erdem Öncü evaluated for Havadis the new economic scheme adopted in Turkey which will protect Turkish lira deposits against foreign currencies. Sezinler said this is an indirect increase in interest rates, adding that it is similar to the idea discussed in the north whereby all the financial calculations will be pegged to Euro but continue to use the Turkish Lira. Sezinler also underlined the need for the banks in the TRNC to adopt the new scheme as well otherwise the deposits in Turkish Cypriot banks will be transferred to Turkish branch banks.


This winter will be very cold

There were rotational power cuts yesterday following a generator malfunction at the Teknecik power plant. The use of electrical heaters and air conditioners has increased as winter arrives. There were power cuts across the country yesterday after a generator at the main power plant broke down. Many called Diyalog to complain that the power cuts had disrupted their lives. President of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Cypriot Electricity Authority (Kib-Tek) Turan Büyükyılmaz said that daily electricity demand exceeded 300mw during the winter months. “We are only able to produce 280mw at the moment so we will be experiencing power cuts in all areas,” he said.


New cases filed against our newspaper

The operation against Avrupa continues. The police, came to our premises yesterday and informed us about two new cases that had been filed against company director Ali Osman and company secretary Mehmet Levent. The cases are about our publication dated February 25, 2020, with a headline reading: “The orders came from higher up.”

  • Lena Melanidou passed awayThe bicommunal choir left an orphan. The sudden death of Melanidou shocked and saddened everyone on both sides of the island.

Main News

Tatar: “It’s not true that federal solution will bring peace & equality”

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa
Negotiations Process


Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar on Tuesday stepped up his arguments against a federal settlement claiming that a federation would not bring peace and equality to Cyprus as claimed by some. He said to the contrary Turkish Cypriots would be forced to submit to Greek Cypriot authority and control.

Speaking during a visit to the Turkish Cypriot Society for Martyrs’ Families and Retired War Veterans, Tatar said that the aim of achieving a federal settlement was to push out Turkish troops from the island and scrap the system of guarantees.

He also argued that the federal settlement will only ensure the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus (RoC) under a different name and that the Greek Cypriots will dominate Turkish Cypriots as the larger community.

“Unlike claimed by some, the federal settlement will not bring peace to the island. To the contrary, the Turkish Cypriots will return to pre-1974 days without Turkey’s guarantees,” Tatar argued, stressing that he will never allow it to happen.

Tatar also argued that the international agreements and treaties on Cyprus point to two sovereign and separate peoples. “Our efforts are directed at getting the rights of the sovereign peoples to be recognised,” Tatar concluded.

>> Federation will not bring peace & equality as claimed by some.
>> Aim of federal settlement is to push Turkey out of Cyprus.

Bicommunal choirmaster Lena Melanidou passes away, leaving peace songs orphaned

Human Rights


Greek Cypriot choirmaster of the famous bi-communal choir Lena Melanidou passed away on Tuesday. She had been in hospital for 15 days for an aortic rupture.

Kürşat Tilki, Turkish Cypriot choirmaster, in his remarks made to Yenidüzen, said the entire choir is shocked and saddened by Melanidou’s passing away.

“Lena had been a founding member of the choir. She has dedicated her life to the choir for the past 25 years. Lena was full of energy and always wanted to see peace on the island,” Tilki said, adding that the choir will organize a funeral for Melanidou in the coming days.

New crossing rules for British nationals living in the north introduced

Yenidüzen, Kıbrıs, Havadis, Diyalog, Avrupa
Internal Security, EU Matters


The British nationals living in the north of the island will be subjected to a 90-day rule implemented by the Greek Cypriot side as of January 1, 2022.

In a statement released on Twitter, the British High Commission (BHC) said the new policy has to be published but the Greek Cypriot officials have informed them of the new rule.

In this regard, BHC said Republic of Cyprus (RoC) officials will allow British nationals residing in the north to cross freely through the checkpoints for 90 days, starting on the date of their first crossing and at the end of that period, further crossings will not be permitted for a further 90-day period. After 90 days, crossings will again be permitted for 90 days, the statement read.

The BHC also noted that the new policy includes four exemptions for students living in the north and studying in the south; for people employed in the south; for people receiving medical treatment and for humanitarian causes.

“All exemptions must provide the necessary evidence,” the statement stressed. The BHC added that the UK nationals residing in the RoC under the withdrawal agreement can continue to cross as before and are subject to the same conditions as EU nationals.

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