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He put the issue of loss of use (of property) on the back burner

Anastasiades going back on his pre-election announcement in favour of the displaced. The archive is exhaustive, also records non-refugees who received aid. The president is unwilling to utilise the archive on occupied property and assistance.


Lute fills in the gaps

Discussion on terms of reference will be based on a comprehensive document. Security and guarantees pre-requisites for Nicosia.

  • Support schemes for the enclaved – Cabinet approved the amendment of two aid schemes to the enclaved. The first concerns financial aid and the second provides support to resettled farmers.


They want as (Central Bank) Governor someone taking orders from the Presidential Palace

The term of Chrystalla Georghadji ends in mid-April. Bank of Cyprus’ Hourican returns to Britain. The government is not taking the Central Bank seriously.


He cut off their liras

Turkey is punishing and blackmailing the TCs. The last tranche was over a year ago. Erdogan is using funding to the occupied areas as a lever for enforcing political control over the so-called coalition government, since he is unhappy with its attitude on issues such as daily Afrika and Hala Sultan mosque in Mia Milia.

  • Life will be more expensive in the case of a messy Brexit – The economic impact will have a domino effect on Cyprus and other member states. Significant price rises in British products in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
  • (Defence Minister) Savvas Angelides: “Efforts are underway for upgrading military relations with France.”

Main News

‘Defence agreement with France could harm Cyprob talks’

Negotiations Process, External Security, Regional/International Relations


AKEL on Sunday accused the government of being indifferent to maintaining a balance in the country’s external policy and that it does not seem to be concerned by the issue of demilitarization following reports of a defence agreement with France.

AKEL spokesman Stefanos Stefanou said in a written statement that the political parties have not been officially informed of this agreement between Cyprus and France for the conversion of the Mari naval base to a permanent anchorage of the French Navy.

He called on the government to explain whether such steps move toward the implementation of the goal of demilitarisation of the island.

Demilitarisation has been agreed by the two sides and is included in a 2009 announcement by the National Council, Stefanou said.

It seems that the government is not concerned by possible complications that could be caused as regards efforts for the resumption of talks, he said.

Stefanou (AKEL)
>> Defence agreement with France is not in line with the goal of demilitarisation.
Decision could complicate procedures for the resumption of talks.

Concerns over economic strangulation of TCs by Ankara

Economy, Negotiations Process


Alithia reports on an article of the Sunday Mail regarding the fact that the TC administration has not received any funding from Ankara for more than a year, which is deemed as a form of blackmail by Turkey to put political pressure on the ruling coalition.

The Sunday Mail’s article, ‘Turkey accused of starving north of funds’, has been translated in Greek by Alithia and is featured in its Monday publication. The original version in English can be read here: https://cyprus-mail.com/2019/03/03/turkey-starving-north-of-funds/?hilite=%27funds%27.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is using funding to the occupied areas as a lever for enforcing political control over the so-called coalition government, since he is unhappy with the latter’s attitude on issues such as daily Afrika and the newly built Hala Sultan mosque in Mia Milia. Erdogan believes that the coalition government did not back him on these issues, and is thus withholding funds to the breakaway regime, said the paper.

The four-party coalition – Republican Turkish Party (CTP), People’s Party (HP), Democratic Party (DP) and Social Democracy Party (TDP) – which came to power in February 2018, has been relying on domestic borrowing to keep the system running. It currently has an internal debt of about 6 billion Turkish lira (about 980 million euros).

Ruling DISY, commenting on the article, said that this was a clear attempt by Ankara to strangle financially the TCs and to fully control the occupied areas, Alithia reported.

Only after the guardianship of Turkey over the TCs is lifted will they be able to live without dependences and social and especially economic pressure from Ankara, the party said.

It added that this can only be achieved through a bizonal bicommunal federal solution, when the liberation and reunification of Cyprus would allow for a common European future.

>> Only through a bizonal bicommunal federal solution will the TCs be able to be rid of Turkey’s guardianship.