The CDF Press Review aims to provide a concise overview in English of the main Cyprus problem-related developments, as covered by select newspapers in both communities.

The overall aim is to break through the language barrier and provide a service that helps build a better understanding of how the issues pertaining to the Cyprus problem, as well as other related issues, are portrayed in both communities, through the eyes of their respective media outlets.

The timely delivery of this service not only supports each community to better comprehend the context in which major developments are depicted in the ‘other’, but also serves to highlight the connections and relationships between key actors, as well as document their positions over time on the big issues. These positions are extracted from press reports that either quote key actors or attribute positions directly to them.

In the long term, the archive of the CDF Press Review will provide interested parties, including researchers, with the opportunity to explore and analyse the patterns of key actors’ positions and the recurrence of significant issues.

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