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Search for murderers also taking place in South

Three of five murder suspects in connection with robbery and murder of Gökhan Naim still at large. Police identified the suspects last week, arresting Faiz Ul Hassan and Bilal Ahmad one after the other. The three other suspects believed to be involved in the murder are still missing.

Kıbrıs Postası

Britain’s problems are far more serious

Professor Jonathan Stubbs, chair of the Journalism Department at International Cyprus University, said: “Brexit is a tragedy for the UK.”

  • Trade unions must give up defending status quo – Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş emphasized the need for implementing the public reform bill.
  • Correct usage of electricity for up to 35% savings – Turkish Cypriot Electricity Company (KIBTEK) launched a new tariff system based on hours of the day.


Decreasing number of cattle to result in expensive meat

Due to problems in the livestock breeding sector, there is a serious fall in the number of livestock in the country. Experts emphasize low numbers of livestock results in very expensive meat, milk and dairy produce.

  • Trustworthy database on population to be established – Establishment law on the Department of Statistics, under EU harmonization process, is at the parliamentary ad-hoc committee now. Department to keep statistical data on many areas including population.
  • We fail to protect children against crimes – As a country, we have failed in children’s rights and did not implement international treaties or even our own laws properly to protect them. 



Shocking claims of torture at Central Prison: Outraged warden beats up two female inmates and a male inmate. Director of the Prison Metin Bilmem is allegedly aware of the incident but is trying to keep it from the public. 

  • Up to 35% savings on electricity bills – Turkish Cypriot Electricity Authority (KIBTEK) implemented a new tariff scheme with different prices on different hours of the day.
  • Circle tightening on murder suspects – Police continues its search for Ali Hassan as the third murder suspect in Naim case.


We are waiting for measures

TRNC’s female MPs are recommending more frequent police inspections, higher penalties and raising awareness in the face of an increasing number of traffic accidents.

  • Is this for peace? – Greek Cypriot side purchasing a large number of tanks, long-range weapons and an open-sea vessel from Germany, Serbia and France.
  • ‘Turkey determined’ – Greek Cypriot paper which reported on letter presented to Brussels by Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu on hydrocarbons warned that Turkey was determined in its stance.


Saving 35% in electricity

KIBTEK (Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority) to implement three tariff schemes as of 1 April. The aim is to offer cheaper electricity for consumers.

  • Newroz celebrations pass without incident – Celebrations for the annual Newroz took place in front of the Atatürk Stadium without incident and under tight security measures taken by police.

Main News

Search for murder suspects extends to South

Internal Security


Yenidüzen reported on Monday that a search for three of five murder suspects in connection with the robbery and murder of foreign exchange office owner Gökhan Naim was extended to the South.

The daily reported that police announced the name of a fifth suspect involved in the case who is believed to have escaped to South Cyprus. Two of the five suspects, Faiz Uı Hassan and Bilal Ahmad were arrested in the North shortly after the murder took place.

According to Yenidüzen, police have reason to believe the three suspects might have fled to the South and are currently hiding there.

The paper said that police shared information and intelligence with their counterparts in the south through the Bicommunal Technical Committee for Crime and Crime Related Matters.

The co-chair of the Bicommunal Technical Committee for Crime and Crime Related Matters Hakkı Celal Önen said that no trace of the suspects was found in the South.

He reminded that the bicommunal technical committee had cooperated on similar incidents in the past with success in some cases.

Önen said that a murder suspect believed to have killed a 53-year-old man in İskele (Trikomo) had been caught in Limassol.

He added that the process of handing over criminals was a whole other process as the suspect in question had not been handed back to authorities in the North.

Önen said that he wanted to believe the cooperation with Greek Cypriot police in the Naim case will be successful.

Önen (co-chair of Crime Bicommunal Technical Committee)
Intelligence shared with GC authorities on suspects.
>> Cooperation has taken place in past regarding similar incidents.
>> Returning criminals is a whole other process.