GCC Press Review 25 Mar 2019

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Non-parallel lives for Cyprob and energy

Nicosia does not favour a link between the Cyprus problem and energy. Trilateral summits with Palestine and Jordan in April. Tiny fragments of mobility on the Cyprob.

  • TCs working in the free areas: Included in GESY (National Health Scheme) with special arrangements


Aresti is throwing slaps around

(Head of investigation committee for demise of Co-op bank Giorgos Aresti) responds with resignation to the offensive comments of the government on the findings on the Co-op. (Finance Minister) Harris (Georgiades) was talking about Aresti’s prestige, experience and training until the latter announced the findings.

  • Announcements are expected on Cyprus from the US
  • Cypriot Hellenism honours the March 25 anniversary – Authentic testimonies and information on the participation of Cypriots in the 1821 struggle (revolt of Greeks seeking independence from Ottoman rule). Homage to Cypriot fighters and personalities of the (Greek) Revolution.
  • Shirts carrying the history of a century (Article on Armenian tailor Stephan Haroutunian and his family)


Turbulence due to Brexit internally and abroad

Theresa May called yesterday an extraordinary meeting. Ministers are plotting for her removal.  Concerns over possible side-effects.

  • The anniversary of March 25, 1821 is being honoured today with church services and student parades


From Brexit to May-xit

The immediate, possibly within the day, removal of Theresa May is considered a given in Britain. At least 11 ministers prepare a ‘coup’ and mutiny in today’s Cabinet , sending her the message ‘either you or us’. Early elections on the horizon, even possibly a second referendum. Deputy Prime Minister David Lidington is slated as her interim replacement.

Main News

US expected to back Nicosia’s idea on regional cooperation and security organisation

Phileleftheros, Politis
Regional/International Relations, Energy, External Security


Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides is in the US to pitch Nicosia’s idea on the creation of a regional organisation for security and cooperation and to discuss lifting the arms embargo imposed on Cyprus by the US.

Citing sources, Phileleftheros reports that following Christodoulides’ contacts, announcements are expected from the US in support of Nicosia’s idea for this regional organisation.  A move by which a new political pillar will essentially be created in the area which Washington eyes positively as it will allow it to have a new strong foothold in the region, a counterbalance to Russia’s foreign policy in the region, the daily said.

The interests of Nicosia and Washington seem to converge on the issue of energy as the Americans favour the creation of a liquefaction terminal in Cyprus, Phileleftheros said, adding that the implementation of this prospect further enhances the role of Cyprus in the region by further strengthening US-Cypriot relations.

Christodoulides is to make contacts with senators of the US Congress Foreign Affairs Committee on the issue of lifting the arms embargo imposed on the Republic of Cyprus. The strengthening of Cyprus-US bilateral ties creates favourable prospects so that, through its report, the Foreign Affairs Committee calls on the Trump government to end the embargo on arms sales. This basically would signify a new page in relations between the two countries, but also, in general, the significant upgrade of the role of Cyprus, primarily in diplomatic and military terms, the daily said.

Christodoulides’ visit to the US comes a few days after the Jerusalem trilateral summit where important messages were sent in relation also with Turkey’s provocations, it said.

Meanwhile, Politis said that Nicosia has made it clear it does not favour in any way linking the Cyprus problem with energy issues.

Citing diplomatic sources, the daily said that the dynamics and synergies in energy cannot be made a motive for Turkey to become more flexible on the Cyprus problem and cannot be used in exchange of anything else.

The daily also reported that summits with Jordan and Palestine are on the cards for April and that a meeting with Lebanon has been scheduled at the foreign ministers’ level. Sources told Politis thatif the dates are agreed on, there could be developments with the participation of France in the trilateral with Egypt.

As regards the Cyprus problem, the daily said that UN envoy Jane Holl Lute is expected to arrive on the island on April 12, which is the same day the Greek and Turkish FMs will meet in Athens to discuss guarantees and procedure. Sources told the daily that nothing much is expected as regards the Cyprus problem at the moment due to Turkey’s reluctance in shifting from its positions, but that talks between the Greek and Turkish FMs is a positive development as this is an opportunity to get a better picture on the terms of reference.

TCs working in south among GESY beneficiaries

Migration & Citizenship


TCs working in the free areas will be entitled to health coverage by GESY even if they reside permanently in the north.

Despite the fact, according to legal provisions the TCs are not beneficiaries of GESY, Politis said the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) decided that TCs working in the free areas and their dependents will be covered by the health scheme.

The existing law stipulates that beneficiaries of GESY are those who reside permanently in the area of the Republic and within the British bases.

A new regulation is being prepared to allow also coverage for the enclaved and their dependents, the daily reports.