GCC Press Review 30 Mar 2019

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‘Everything is up in the air’ as to consequences from the decision (on civil servant pay cuts)

The government cannot estimate at the time the cost to the state. A lot will depend on how many will benefit from retroactive back payments. The decision was expected yet the state seems to have been taken by surprise.

  • Turkish Cypriots: How many will vote?


A €2 billion fiscal bomb

Serious consequences from the Court decision on civil servants’ pay cuts. An appeal is being considered and a request for precautionary measures.

  • Provocation from the occupation army: Incident with UNFICYP officer in Strovilia
  • Demining starts mid-April
  • They (Turkish media) are analyzing war scenarios between US and Turkey in the Aegean


The (Court) decision raised alarm

The pay cuts were found to be unconstitutional. Appeal and adoption of precautionary measures. Possible €3 billion to €5 billion risk for the economy.

  • (Andreas) Mavroyiannis in New York and (Tasos) Tzionis in the post of the permanent secretary of the foreign ministry

Cyprus Mail

A new blow to public finances

Restoration of unconstitutional public service pay cuts could cost €200m p.a.


A €3 billion slap!

Serious risk to public finances after the pay cuts made to civil servants due to the crisis were found to be unconstitutional. The risk of a new memorandum is visible in the event the decision is implemented and the cuts are returned to the beneficiaries. The government leaves open the possibility of appealing the decision to the Supreme Court. Strong reactions by ΟΕV (Employers and Industrialists Federation), KEVE (Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry), parties and private sector trade unions. A serious issue is being raised as to equality between public and private sector employees.

  • It has been officially announced: Andreas Mavroyiannis is being transferred to New York but remains negotiator
  • Euroelections: The distribution of seats is stable, fluctuations in percentages
  • Ombudswoman: Injustice to refugees
  • Turkey: Ignores the Americans and goes ahead with the deal on the S-400

Main News

Mavroyiannis will remain GC negotiator despite new UN duties

Alithia, Cyprus Mail, Haravgi, Phileleftheros, Politis
Negotiations Process


The government on Friday announced that Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis would assume duties as Cyprus’ Permanent Representative to the UN in New York but would remain the GC chief negotiator.

Government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said Mavroyiannis’ new appointment changes nothing as regards his duties as the negotiator of the GC side. He was appointed chief negotiator in 2013. Mavroyiannis will succeed Kornelios Korneliou at the UN.

According to Politis, the government is trying to pass on the message that Mavroyiannis will now be closer to developments on the Cyprus problem talks. It remains to be seen how practical this will be while his transfer to New York raised more questions on whether there will be any developments on the Cyrus problem, it said.

The government may declare Mavroyiannis will act as negotiator if necessary but no date has been announced yet for UN envoy Jane Holl Lute’s next visit to Cyprus while Turkey’s provocative statements and actions in the Eastern Mediterranean cast shadows on the next steps on the Cyprus problem.

Prodromou said that the stance of the GC side is not defined by what the Turkish side says, while Nicosia now puts its hopes on consultations between Greece and Turkey, Politis reported. He also said Mavroyiannis will continue to act as negotiator, adding that it is possible and it has happened in the past. Government sources refer to the same practice during Tassos Papadopoulos’ administration, Politis reported.

Haravgi said the announcement on Mavroyiannis’ transfer follows reports presenting his new duties as a sign of no mobility on the Cyprus problem. The daily said Tasos Tzionis, who retires in 11 months, will assume duties as the foreign ministry’s permanent secretary.

Prodromou said the position of the president as regards the Cyprus problem was stable. He is willing to cooperate with Lute for the resumption of talks, wrote the paper.

He said Turkey’s provocative actions were due to the elections in that country and that some things that are being said are not helpful but that did not mean the government will stop seeking  what the UN made sure to secure, that there is time and space for a new initiative for the resumption of talks.

He said the government is also waiting to see the result of consultations between Greece and Turkey on the international aspect of the Cyprus problem. Anastasiades, he said, will be briefed by the Greek government on Turkey’s position.

Mavroyiannis will continue to act as negotiator. It has happened in the past and it is possible.
>> Anastasiades’ stance in the Cyprob remains stable. He is willing to cooperate with Lute for the resumption of talks.
>> The government waits for the results of consultations between Greece and Turkey on the international aspect of the Cyprob which would cast light on the Turkish stance.

TC votes could shape Euro-election results

EU Matters


It is yet unknown how many TCs will decide to vote in May’s Euro-elections, but given that around 80,000 of them have the right to vote, they have the power to shape the election result, Politis said, adding that TCs are not included in exit polls.

The TC vote could be decisive given the high GC abstention rates, the daily said, but that would depend on how many decide to cast their vote.

Of the 58,637 TCs who had the right to vote in 2014, only 1,869 did so, it said, adding that this time things are different since the prospect of the election of a TC through a party combination could urge more to exercise their voting right.

The candidacy of Niyazi Kizilyurek who runs with AKEL and of Sener Levent’s Jasmine combination, could add a different note, the daily said.

It added that 252 TCs voted for AKEL in the last Euro-elections and a big percentage voted for Drasy-Eylem while very few TCs voted for DISY, DIKO, EDEK and the Greens.

Most parties don’t seem to focus on attracting TC voters, the daily said. EDEK, DIKO and the Citizens’ Alliance are focusing on their own voters, while sources within DISY told Politis that despite the party having had contacts over the years with TC parties and business groups, it is not really counting on TC support.

AKEL, on the other hand, is paying a lot of attention to attracting the TC vote through Kizilyurek’s candidacy but also its ties with the TC community. The party has also made an announcement with practical advice on how to register and where to vote.

Sources within AKEL told Politis, based on data, TC participation will be increased this time but no one can really say exactly how many. Estimates say between 4,000 to 5,000.

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